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    Help with ideal PS4 settings

    Thanks very much I've done all that, a couple of other questions which I'm not sure are important or not. In Netgears support it gave me a guide to calculating my best MTU (1488). I set this in my nighthawk settings, not sure to use Auto MTU in my netduma and ps4 settings. I used netbench to find my best dns server. Where should I enter this new primary DNS? Nighthawk, netduma or PS4 settings?
  2. sleepersolar

    Can't connect to Netduma

    Ah thanks, I'd already pushed the pin for a factory reset, not too difficult to get back to where I was
  3. I think I know what caused this, at the weekend I disabled DHCP after following some youtube guide without knowing what I'm doing. Right now I can connect to my nighthawk modem/router but cant connect to the netduma. I've tried wireless and wired and switching the netduma off and on. In windows 10 the lan says "unidentified network, no internet". When I try accessing it times out. All the green lights are flashing on the netduma itself. I tried following this guide http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022395-why-can-t-i-access-the-r1-interface- and found I have no IP in ipconfig. I got to where the article says "The most probable cause for being unable to connect is that you have disabled DHCP on the router. After following the steps above" but I can't see any steps to reconnect me to my netduma. Help please!
  4. First problem is my internet passes through my nighthawk (combined modem/router) first then my netduma. Beforehand I had turned on my nighthawk QoS to prioritise PS4, and also had PS4 in DMZ. I'm not sure if I need to go to nighthawk settings and maybe disable QoS and DMZ and enable UPnP in there. Also how to handle MTU? Following Netgears guide I found my MTU should be 1488, should I set this in the Nighthawk settings, Netdumas or in PS4? In the Netduma settings I've kind of followed this guys guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGv4d-4s7Kg I enabled UPnP, disabled ipv6, and (in gaming setting) gave the ps4 99% priority and everything else 1 (upload and download). It's preemptive as my speeds are 39 down and 5 up usually. On the PS4 I just chose wired setup > easy so IP address and MTU are both set to automatic. I couldn't see anything on the PS4 for enabling UPnP though. Everything is working and my nat type is 2, just wondering what best to tinker with and how to deal with my nighthawks settings. Any advice is appreciated
  5. Hi I ordered my netduma and it should be arriving later in the week. Just wondering where best to use it in my current setup in the attached image. The nighthawk gives bad wifi upstairs so I drew a cat6 cable up there and connected it to a wireless AP. I'm slightly technically capable but not entirely sure what I'm doing. I mean, can I just swap out the 5 port switch for the netduma? My priority is the PS4 which has a fixed IP and is in DMZ. Should I open ports instead or use UPnP? Thanks for any advice
  6. sleepersolar

    Considering Netduma for GTA Online on PS4

    Hi thanks for the reply! Unfortunately the D7000 is a combined modem/router version of the R7000 so I don't think I can use that setup.
  7. I play competitive PVP on this game and see a lot of lag, with my shots not registering, being killed before I feel it is possible, etc. Unfortunately with GTA there is no kill cam so I can't see any discrepancies. GTA online is P2P and I'm fairly sure it uses some lag comp system. But I'm not sure how much the Netduma can help me. My PS4 has a wired connection to a Netgear D7000 router, with fixed IP and DMZ etc. My broadband is 35 down and 6 up, 24ms ping according to speedof.me. There are about 10 devices connected wirelessly to the router but most are idle, I'm not streaming netflix or downloading torrents while gaming. Nevertheless in the routers settings I have set up QoS with the PS4 as highest priority and deleted everything else. It has helped somewhat but is still not perfect. Unfortunately the GTA deathmatch community is much smaller than CoD or Destiny etc so I will regularly need hosts from the other side of the ocean, I cant block them. I have read for CoD a large cause of lag is lag comp, which you can 'get on its good side' if you throttle the PS4 bandwidth. I would like to try this on GTA, but unfortunately my router will only let me globally throttle the upload bandwidth for everything, and won't let me change the download bandwidth. I was hoping the Netduma would let me alter both. I think I read somewhere that the Netduma doesn't let you put the PS4 in DMZ, is that the case? I was just wondering what benefits I might see from the Netduma over the Nighthawk router + QoS alone for my situation. Thanks!