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  1. David824

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    I'm on the R1 with dumaOS and I still get the "taking too long blah blah try again later" pop up....so does this mean by me not being able to flush the cloud still I'm not getting any of the updated servers you guys have added?
  2. David824

    2 Months Later Still No Cloud Update

    So I have the dumaOS milestone( on the R1) on ps4...and I cant flush the cloud which Fraser had told me they knew about it and were working to fix it maybe with the next update. My question is with the new tool added to the cloud, is it like the old R1 were it will be automatic now? Will I still get the updates without having to flush the cloud to kinda clear it out and get the more update to date add ons?
  3. David824

    Downgrade failed

    Open it up in another internet option...so if youre on google chrome...open it up in firefox
  4. Fraser...my ping asst was on when I booted it up, I never unclicked it...so maybe it was reading a different server or peer then what was showing?...but in game I would still read over 100ms with it...I have noticed that duma and in game around about 20ish ms from each other. Yes....the port forward opened everything up and I dont mind using port forwarding...so thats not a huge deal...I'm just curious as to why UPNP wouldnt work for me?....any ideas?
  5. Jack, I'm ok with the cloud flush not working I just noticed it hasnt ever when I have a few friends on the netgear verison who as no problems ( I get netgears is on a different platform so I'm not compairing it to the R1)....And I'm sure you are right...its prolly not a big deal about and its not killing me that it doesnt...it was just one of the many I was seeing is all. As, for the servers busy or unavailable...I get it..but when I go back to the R1 firmware and set it like Ive always have it...I either get in on the NJ or the Ga server on blops 4 and never get kicked back to the main menu. I never had fast search on because when I tried it the 1st few times once the download happened it put me everywhere so I unclicked it. For the ping asst I had it on and set to 30 just as the settings guide said to do. Will the ping graph show another peer or server and not the host of the game? I stayed in the game reading 120ms...and it was laggy...midway through when I just couldnt kill anyone I left and tried two or three more times and I got put in a high pint server in Cali or Utah. Thanks for forwarding it on to them also! As for my nat to get open I did indeed have to port forward my ports to get a open on my game finally. Please dont get me wrong I'm not complaining as in the new software sucks or anything...I get its still in a beta forum but these were just things I kept coming across that made me go back. As always Jack thanks for the reply back.
  6. 1. cloud flush still not working 2. geo filter on but cant get into a game because it keeps trying to put me on servers outside my circle. Then because its outside my filter I'm getting kicked back to the main menu. 3 when it does try to put me outside my geo filter range the ping asst isnt working because its putting me on west coast servers (I'm on east coast) with pings ranging from 90 to 120ms when my ping asst is at 30ms. I keep reading that thats the great thing about the ping asst that it will put you outside the geo filter on servers according to the ping setting and thats not happening. 4. UPNP isnt working....keeps me moderate not matter how many times I reboot my router and PS4. Yes my PS4 is type 2 but false readings or not...in moderate in the game I have trouble partying up and finding lobbies compare to the game when its reading open. When I go look under UPNP when I'm online and in call of duty its not even reading that I'm using a port. On the R1 when I used UPNP it would show me a port when I signed online and when I went into a game it would show me port 3074...if I look at the screen with dumaOS it shows no ports.
  7. I too had to go back to the R1 firmware!...I wanted to like the OS so bad but its just too buggy for me. The R1 still runs smooth even on Blops4.
  8. David824

    DumaOS issues

    To be honest there were two popping up side by side...and I didnt deny them at first I let it bring me into a game which is why my ping on my duma...not the game..but the dumaOS was like 120ms...so i backed out...and the map cleared ...when I tried to find a game again they both popped back up and I went into a game with the same group of people and same ping speeds ...thats when I backed out and denied them. There wasnt one server the whole time in the US that popped up for me. Before or after I denied them.
  9. David824

    DumaOS issues

    Joe I'm in the USA and I cant flush the cloud...I get the same error of taking too long. Fraser told me they do know about it and are working on it.
  10. David824

    DumaOS issues

    Jack...I'm getting the same thing but in reverse ...I'm in the east coast of USA but with geo filter on...strict mode on and off(im testing that still) fast search off and ping asst at 30....all morning its wanting to throw me into a UK server with 120ms ping ON the duma? Why would you think its doing that? And thats if its wanting to even put me in a game...after I denied two UK servers...I would just sit in the lobby and search and find nothing until I get kicked back to main menu. I have to finally go into spectate mode to find a game and then I'm fighting high ping peer players on the west coast. I'm all out of ideas.
  11. My ping reading was on the dumaos in the 80s.. And I stopped using fast search because it was throwing me into any game... But I did a factory reset on it since I upgraded.. And that clear out everything and I started getting both dedis and peers
  12. I'm on the dumaOS milestone upgrade and now all I'm pulling is peer to peer but the ping asst inst working cause I'm joining people with 80ms when my ping asst is set to 30. I can not pull any dedi servers like I use too and and with my filter enable I'm still grabbing servers outside my geofilter. Whats wrong here?
  13. David824

    Flushing CLoud

    Nice...thanks for the feedback Fraser!!
  14. I'm on PS4 and DumaOS on R1 and it will not let me flush the cloud....I keep getting into lobbies outside my geo filter on the west coast when Im on the easy coast in really high pinging servers so when I go flush the cloud to see if it helps it just spins. After spinning for a minutes it tells me its taking too long for the R-app to try later....I've been trying all day. Im bandwidth sliders are sitting at 85% since I saw someone mention that too.
  15. David824

    is it me or is it more peer to peer now?

    YES!!...Since the update I see myself and another friend who as good connections getting host alot more then normal. Blops3 I never pulled host (I'm sure because we grabbed more dedis) but Ive been in more lobbies where the lag was so bad it host migrated and guess who got it?? haha...Some people like grabbing host...with the lag compensation on call of duty games...its horrible for me.