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  1. David824

    Bo4 please please

    I'm on the old R! firmware and normally on every COD I get around 33ms...this game since the night it opened I get nothing but 80 to 120ms....and still using the same servers that I always seen on my R1...so it has to be the game. at the range I'm in now...I don't have terrible games but its turned into a shoot first die first every other battle.
  2. David824

    Only one place i can connect with bo4

    haha...fair enough...I was in another section of the forum so I didn't even realized I moved into here...try taking the range down and put that server on the outside and reboot the router and your game...Ive had to do that before...also have you unticked the geo filter to see if it shows other servers then?
  3. David824

    Ping problems

    Quality of service ...helps smoothes out the traffic in your connection
  4. David824

    Only one place i can connect with bo4

    what game are you playing? When I'm on blops I wont see the NJ or the GA server until I go into the games. Have you tried a temp ban on it to see if it will grab another? I believe temp bans only last for a short amount of time.
  5. David824

    Only one place i can connect with bo4

    I'm in NC and I'm always seeing that server pop up....if I were you I would move your "home" down to like southern Indiana and it will pick up the NJ and Ga server...that's who I play off of a lot. Also, do you have your auto ping and strict mode on?
  6. David824

    BO4 Ping

    OH WOW....I fixed all my auto corrections...that's what I get for responding on my cell phone. haha
  7. David824

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    I am just curious though, How many batches will there be and whats the wait time? Will there be a few weeks in between each batch? I just signed up a little later then the other ...does that mean it could be like December before my batch gets reached?
  8. David824

    R1 not showing friends ip

    HAHA..nevermind Jack I gave in and filled out the form...so if I get an email I'm going for it to check it out.
  9. David824

    R1 not showing friends ip

    Jack do you know how long the open beta will last? I'm not sticking you for the actual date but maybe ballpark? I wasn't sure how buggy it would be so I'm not doing the beta yet..thought I would wait for all the bugs to be worked out. Or should I fill out the form for the beta and allow the bugs to be fixed through updates which is how you would fix them correct?
  10. David824

    High Ping Dedi Servers

    Yes monzo...we all are I actually normally run 30 to 50 but now I'm at 80 to 90 but I believe it's on treyarchs end
  11. David824

    BO4 Ping

    I also believe it's treyarch servers..with my r1 on blop3 I ran a normal of 33ms to MAYBE a 50ms here and there. Since blops4 has released...I'm at a 80 to 90ms every game... Sometimes 100 to 135ms... And my r1 is showing the same servers..because of this.. Im getting the shoot 1st die 1st alot. Reason I think it's the game is because I'm hearing everybody talking about it and no matter what party I run it jump in at.. same high pings
  12. David824

    R1 not showing friends ip

    It's a hit and miss...I was in a party if 5 and it only showed 2 friends...the one it's not showing is the guy with the new dumaOS Netgear
  13. David824

    R1 not showing friends ip

    It's been doing it on blops3 and fortnite also..but I was on blops4 last night..one of my party members who has the xr500 and he was seeing me and the other lobby friends...wasn't sure if it's something that was catching but I know blops3 and fortnite use to show
  14. I noticed the past few nights when playing online and I get into parties...it's not showing my players and friends IP circles in the states they live in like it normally does? Anyone know what could be happening? I haven't changed anything ...any ideas or anyone seen this happen? All it's showing me are the servers inside my Geo filter
  15. David824

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    Thanks alot guys...When I signed onto my PC I could see everything how it is. For some reason when I signed on through my galaxy it wasnt showing anything at the top. I'm good now.