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  1. David824

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    Thanks alot guys...When I signed onto my PC I could see everything how it is. For some reason when I signed on through my galaxy it wasnt showing anything at the top. I'm good now.
  2. David824

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    Am I just missing the Pvt message box if I want to Pvt message someone?
  3. David824

    Ping issues

    Are you on XR500 or R1?
  4. This sounds of track here.. But in the pic.. Everything is green...circles and all.. my board is red.... Different theme maybe?
  5. This sounds of track here.. But in the pic.. Everything is green...circles and all.. mines red.... Different theme maybe?
  6. David824

    Double Nat

    Ok...I've always read that online gaming isn't even set for ipv6.. Which is why I assumed it didn't matter if it was on or not
  7. David824

    Double Nat

    So if I have a stand alone modem I should keep my ipv6 enable? I have a stand alone but have it disabled on my r1... Well it make a difference keeping it on or off with playing online?
  8. Youre suppose to see type 2 on your console...type 2 means you are open but behind your router so you are good to go there. As for fortnite...I play that every night...and I believe that's the game because I have the same thing happening to me....sometimes we just have to start a pvt party so we all can hear each other. Sorry I cant help you with spectating mode question since I have the R1
  9. David824

    Bufferbloat Help

    I know a lot on here will say go to pingplotter which I did and I always get good readings, however it still as yet to help me fight the lag in COD (which lag will always be with COD) but I too mess around on DSLReports with my speed throttle which is the joy of owning the R1 because the sliders make it very easy and quick to throttle. At 70/70 I get and " A+ A A+ across the board. but when I slide my download slider to 30 and actually move my upload slider to 80 (as you can tell Ive played around with it ALOT) I get an A+ on all 3 and I get really good games...like 50+ kills and under 15 deaths. Also I also turn off my hyper traffic. Just keep messing with your settings until you find what works for you. 30/80 might not work for you...70/70 might be perfect...it just depends on how your speeds and R1 is working together.
  10. David824

    CC Flower

    You are correct...theres on my PC and my PS4 connected to the flower...and yes I am on the lastest version and default theme and I use Google chrome as the browser. Also, I have cloud and bleed checked..so I won't bother with that then Thanks for the help
  11. SO I had to do a factory reboot on my R1 the other day, everything is working fine but the flower (I think that's what people call it) all black. I have rebooted the R1 a few times to see if it would catch back and its just staying black and all I'm seeing are the number in little white circles. Also, on my cloud setting (whitelist and the other two) my numbers went back to 1's...should I change that or do they reset on their own?
  12. David824

    Hyper Traffic

    IIIRL....100% agree!...if I'm running really good its 17ms and no one can touch me. normally I'm 33ms...some days 50ms...however when playing and I start feeling like im behind and bullets aren't touching I have checked it and its like 67ms or 100ms....I back out....so though I agree its very inaccurate it still can help if your in a lobby that's trash and pinging high. IMO
  13. David824

    Hyper Traffic

    haha I wished I had a 7 ping...but I do normal get between 20 to 25ms ping when I do twitter...which I guess in my area 20 to 25 isn't that bad. Anywas, thanks as always Jack for the feedback.
  14. David824

    Hyper Traffic

    Jack I was just about to ask you but Dan just said it. Is there a small chance that if my connection with duma is at the best it can get maybe using hyper traffic isn't needed? I was always under the assumption hyperlane was mostly to help low bandwidth connections? Whoever I read it from could be wrong also. Dan I too have also played with it in-game where I started off with it and just felt a tad behind and was breaking even and I ended up deleting it and taking it off and actually started doing better and getting my hits faster. In all, I was more just curious about it. As Fraser said its about what works for us and I just don't use it and placebo or not I get great games..haha.
  15. David824

    Hyper Traffic

    I have only added ps4 and sony network when I do it...I havent added another rule...and I havent really ever dug deep to run test Also, I'm not saying im laggy as in my guy is rubber banding or anything...I'm just noticing my bullets dont feel like they register. So when I turn it off...after a game or two I notice I drop guys faster.