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  1. My range is in my country, stretching to Japan and Aussie mate. Yeah my map is clear but keep seeing the exclamation mark in the Middle East side
  2. The game keeps connecting me to the Middle East servers.cant even connect to Aussie or japan servers
  3. I mean I can't even get into the page where u seee the opponent when I have the host filtering enabled lol
  4. I'll try it again tonight when I'm home. Sooo, just the ticking on and off of the enable button on host filtering page? I tried disabling it and I could get games. But when I enable it, not only I couldn't get games. I couldn't even go into the page where u can view the latency. May I know why this is happening? Do u have twitter or sth? Maybe I can communicate with u better @adiethan
  5. Adiethan, I think it's your ISP provider being myrepublic, I've asked some Singapore players who has these problems, all said myrepublic is good, while singtel users gets 1 bar all the time. But I don't think disabling host filtering works, if it works I don't even need to get a netduma router right? @adiethan I think it's just my ISP connecting to the EA servers. Can't change because of mio tv ffs
  6. But prob is I didn't have problems before the new patch, so if I were to be connecting to UK/US servers before that, I'm still good and wouldn't be getting 1 bars now. @fraser, u got Japan servers, but did it come up more than that one time? Futchamps mode?
  7. When I play seasons, I'm able to match up against players even outside my region and I get 3 bars. I'm able to find opponents for futchamps, but it's either Middle East players or US players. Which is when I'll get 1 bar. Not really a prob to find opponents
  8. Hi Fraser, when I try to get in a futchamps qualification game, I don't see servers popping up. I do not see any servers popping up when I start up Fifa either If you're referring to the red dots when an opponent is matched with me, I usually match up with Middle East servers/ USA servers. Don't even see Australia/Asia server
  9. Hi guys, recently bought this Netduma router in hope of getting my futchamps latency back to normal, im from Singapore(Asia), and i have been getting 1 bar games ever since the new patch of FIFA 17 dropped. My netduma's Wifi is working well. I get 3 bars in online seasons but 1 bar in futchamps. Anyone knows why? it should probably be EA taking down a server near me imo. Thanks! Appreciate any help