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    Gaming, Snooker, Swimming, Football & Tennis. That's sport for me.

    Like to read blogs, books & magazines a lot.
  1. GMDA

    Which VPN setup is better?

    PIA for this purpose. If you have netduma router. Otherwise, you can go with any option you want. https://www.bestvpn.co/will give you a hint. I had R1 and was using Ipvanish with it, performance was okaish. Its a bit of a speed choker but never had any leaks and it does not keep logs too.
  2. I am getting skins manually. completing all the agendas.
  3. GMDA

    I'm curious...

    Destiny1 and 2 is fun. I have played it. Doing PVP in D2 now. yeah its fun. If you like FPS, I'd say try it. The story line is huge though, but its actually a lot better than some Hollywood Sci-fi Movies Not a big fan of D2 though but I kind of like that game now, probably peer pressure played it part coz a lot of my R6S pals are playing D2 these days.
  4. GMDA


    That bitch tweet just made my day better
  5. GMDA

    Not a lot of sports

    I would really like to discuss football here. Any Football fans here? Do you guys follow LA LIGA or EPL or any other league?
  6. Try VPNs which don't choke speed and are quickest while browsing and as admin has already said, the server location is of sheer importance here otherwise it will not affect on latency. Fastest VPN for PC will surely help you to sort your mind for browsing, streaming or gaming purpose. But specially for gaming purpose, don't buy any vpn untill you have spoken to their support first about their servers locations. The more the servers the better for your gaming purpose. I hope I am being clear and helpful here.
  7. I believe it's the connection route problem. I used two routers and it choked my internet, games starts jittering. Use Duma only.
  8. GMDA


    And, in case he wants to keep it and pay me back the amount, should I go for Asus again? or anyother brand that you'd like to mention and is actually best at 4k display than Asus.
  9. GMDA


    I have not experienced it on my 4k monitor up till now. I really wish to test it on it.
  10. GMDA


    Oh yes. But right now I am playing at HP full HD LCD. I have a Asus 28' 4k monitor but my uncle has it with him for a few weeks. He's an interior designer so he took mine for rendering purpose.
  11. GMDA


    Recently downloaded and played Rb6 from steam on full ultra setting! I don't know how to write that feeling in words man!
  12. GMDA


    That is true. I was sort of regretting that why I chose i7 over the choice of going to Ryzen. But then I installed a few games and did some rendering on 3d Max and my regret went right outta the window. The experience I am getting is truly mesmerizing. I just want to upgrade my gpu. I am using Gigabyte Radeon Rx 480 8Gb. I really wish to move to Titan
  13. GMDA


    Also, intels are being taken as number one again!
  14. GMDA


    Yes, ryzen are new. Intel is still more preferred for gaming.
  15. GMDA


    I have recently built an i7 system and before it I had an i3 3rd gen I can feel the big difference!