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  1. Comcast/Xfinity IP: We pay for 200/25 internet speed, but average 200-250[Daytime] 125-150[Evenings] Brand new Cat6 Ethernet Cables on everything plugged into Netduma router Cable into Lynksis modem [HUB]>Cat6 into Netduma port 1; Ethernet Ports on Netduma #2-4 Cat6 Ethernet Cables from Netduma> PS4, HP Desktop,Vizio TV Hit me up if you need something else. Mauler57 aka: Matt
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    Thank you Fraser. We've been down this road already. You suggested "0" for Ping Assist, Strict Mode, a tight area around me for that no outside the area players can join. I will resend everything again if you wish.
  3. **THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY REVIEW OF THE NETDUMA ROUTER. So, i've mastered the interface, prioritized, and listened at the masters feet to be enlightened on all the cool, nifty, features of my new router. The first thing was the in your face claim to have killed gaming lag. A tall order for sure. DSLReports test showed all 4 tests as Green A+ results, perfect alignment required to kill that horrible lag. Call it a fluke, first time luck, whatever. My first game i went an amazing 31-9. and than everything went south. I sought and received generous offers of help. My thoughts on 90% failure rate.. The whisper of why such high percentages of losses were common in COD Infinite Warfare was quickly labeled as Manufacture Error. My thoughts wondered the possibility of the Netduma failing in extremely heavy populated areas. My area in the NE USA is has 10's of millions of residents within a 175 radius of me. My IP gives me 200 megs DL amd 25 UL. I played BLOPS3 with same issues,, Battlefield 1, nothing noticeably wrong other than it seems to run slow FR and struggles to play the game via Netduma. There are other bells and whistles made to which enhance the Netduma. A $200 doorstop?? Paperweight? Not giving up yet...Send help, Mauler57
  4. I apologize for the shoddy editing. Truth be told, that was the FIRST video I ever tried to edit...and it shows. Anyway, in your opinion, things seemed normal. I wish I had the entire video. I definitely was firing rubber bullets,and was killed with 1-2 from my opponent. The old, way to familiar, feeling of boiling up with anger and helpless frustration as you get shredded...... knowing, most of those kills should have been yours. I appreciate all the help that's been extended to assist me. Thanks to all!
  5. First things..Happy Easter to you and yours my friend. Ihumbly apologize, i checked forums and the manuals to see how to "force a server" Could you please enlighten me to this procedure?? Thank you.
  6. here's a gameplay action ping assist set to 35, distance 500KM
  7. --- ping statistics --- 20 packets transmitted, 20 packets received, 0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max = 11.829/12.982/16.208 ms--- ping statistics --- This was done wid game. assist was set at 30.... Still had rubber bullets
  8. Here is a few minutes of video from my optimized Netduma router. Not a great edit, Actual game starts 3-4 minutes in https://youtu.be/2cAnThYYqUg
  9. ime (last 24 hours) Test Results Comment.. download upload Server Your Domain IP 14-04-2017 12:50 PM line quality 0% loss latency 17.1ms comcast.net Average Ping 17.1ms
  10. https://share.pingplotter.com/WDC3Zgf6zjM I hope this helps...
  11. After 45 minutes of rubber bullets and me dying with one shot. KillCam shows me not even shooting. This isn't IW. It BLOPS3...Same shit..HELP ME...PLEASE!!!
  12. You are correct my friend. I live in the NE USA, within 100 mile radius is 6-8 million people. NYC, Philadelhia, DC, Baltimore and a lot of 100-200K smaller cities.. Not an issue per say..I just recieved router 3 weeks ago, sometimes, very little, I stand on my own. You know, i haven't tried BLOPS3 or AW or any of my BF's. I'll keep you posted on results playing other titles. The Netduma guide "How to Fix Lag in Infinite Warfare" was far from a fix...but still good general info.
  13. Tests on DSLReports and Netduma give me excellent grades. Pinging 08-15ms, keep my Geo search to 300-350 miles, on reccomendation from Fraser, ping assist is set to 0. I'm still getting bitch slapped. Rubber bullets from me, one shot kills on me...WTF is going on??? 1 out of 10 games are just tolerable.....
  14. FYI, my profile picture is a still taken from the latest Terminator movie. The spiked, green hair punk who tells "Arnold" it's washday, is none other than my oldest son, Christion. Here's a YouTube link to the scene if you want to take a look... Mauler57 AKA: Proud Papa <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/OhQcwku3DEg"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>