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  1. MattyAu

    Firmware released

    I used Chrome. Will do, just a PITA re-identifying some certain devices again. Update has be working fine for me, UPnP and all. Cheers
  2. MattyAu

    Firmware released

    I tried this also, but couldn't recall the exact name I used, lol. Will leave as is now to avoid any future issues though. Good to know that's a workaround though.
  3. MattyAu

    Firmware released

    All my Device name changes reverted back to their original names after the update. Caused the 'Device not found' and 'Uncaught Unmatched device' errors also. Looks like it will require a factory reset as Geo-filter devices and Priority devices under the QoS won't load up to enable updating the device.
  4. Yeah, I've been trying to get clarification on that too as there are some on the forums saying the XR500 won't be getting the anti-spike and anti-jitter feature, but here in Ian's post it reads as thought it might just take longer to implement the feature pending NG's approval. I did see what it would cost to get the XR500 to Aus using a forwarding service; AustPost came at around $45-$50 to my door if you willing to pay the additional shipping. Decided I'm happy to wait for the software to release for the R1.
  5. In the comments you've quoted I see nothing about a 'promise', just mere forecasts, which unfortunately were wildly inaccurate. Arguing about what is, what isn't and what should be is pointless, how about we keep this thread constructive with legitimate questions and answers. Start another post in the 'Off Topic/General' thread for rants, or join this guy: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23327-i-need-to-rant-and/; those who are upset enough can vent there together.
  6. Hi Fraser, could I trouble you for clarification on that, I see a few saying that it won't be a feature on the XR500, which was probably assumed from your above comment (unless I missed a follow up post, I did have a few pages to catch up on which i skim-read); is the Anti-Jitter/Anti-Spike feature only going to be available on the R1?
  7. Any details on when the XR500 will be available outside the US? Aussie R1 user here, would consider upgrading if the price is right...
  8. MattyAu

    Destiny 2

    I've avoided using the Netduma host filtering for Destiny 2 assuming it wouldn't work, what with all the disconnection complaints since release, but fired it up the last 2 nights for some IB and quick play matches and it worked beautifully. Not sure if it makes a difference that I'm in Aus or not, but it was great to see only local connections showing up. Haven't played much lately though, unfortunately just not enjoying it like I did D1. Battle Royale in Fortnite is definitely free; was playing it in a squad with a few mates last night. Great fun.
  9. MattyAu

    DUMAOS Question

    Antithesis, I enjoy reading your posts on both these forums and the Xim forums. Lol
  10. I don't think it really adds anything whatsoever.
  11. If we use a bridged modem, will we be able to see our modem stats, ie. sync speed, snr, etc. with the new DumaOS? All the other threads have been locked and have been wondering this for a while.
  12. MattyAu

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    Any news or pics for us Fraser? Patiently, excitedly waiting...
  13. Interesting, I trialed IPv4 & 6 on TF1 & 2 and always had a higher ping to the servers on IPv6. I did not jump in to a game however.
  14. MattyAu

    New Duma update

  15. MattyAu

    Destiny - Questions before buying the R1

    Sure mate, though I generally only jump on when I've got an hour or 2 free from family life. And playing last night almost made me uninstall the game (gameplay issues, not due to connections), but I'll still play a card here and there. Any certain time you're usually on? I usually plan ahead and organise to run with a few mates that still play here and there.