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  1. N3CR0

    xr500 plus r1 together

    I used to go with Modem>R1>XR500. Had too many problems with the XR so packaged it away and just use the R1 now. Always found more consistency in CoD with the R1 alone personally.
  2. N3CR0

    CTRL + Windows Key + R Scam

    Never heard of this scam before but since its still in use, thought I'd post on here to raise awareness to it. I just got attempted scammed. They tried taking over my laptop to steal my bank details LOL. Idiots. If you guys get a phone call and a guy with an english name but indian accent tells you you've been hacked and asks you to enter CTRL+Windows Key+R on your keyboard... hang the up. Its an old scam that clearly is still working since they still running it.
  3. N3CR0

    BO4 was it any Good!

    Its weird that I never had any resolution or frame rate problems. I only really played it on the friday though, maybe the other days that problem came in? Imho, BOps4 looked the same as BOps3 to me, no better, no worse. Since they've been using the same engine since what... CoD3??? They defo need a new one within the next year or two.
  4. I've gone back to using the R1. I had alot of issues with the XR500, one of them being that I couldn't find any consistency in CoD, the games seem to play much better on the R1 and many other issues non gaming related. I still have the XR500 and will give it another run maybe in the future.
  5. N3CR0

    How can you be a level 1000 in BO3...

    The BOps3 leaderboards were hacked from day one. Same with the IW and WW2 leaderboards. Since Craptavision or the game companies, whoever runs them never seem to wipe the fakes off, it makes the leaderboards pretty much pointless.
  6. N3CR0

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    If a game has bad servers, it has bad servers. No router is gonna fix bad servers and anyone who buys a Duma thinking it'll fix bad servers is a complete idiot tbh. This person would clearly have no idea, even the basics of networking.
  7. Moderate NAT has always been best for me on any CoD game, even when I was on Virgin Cable, mod. was best.
  8. N3CR0


    Base ping of 12 is very good. Mine is only 5ms less and I'm on fibre. As for your congestion slider settings... experiment. 70/70 has never worked for me on any CoD game so maybe not working out for you neither.
  9. N3CR0

    Elder Scrolls Online Support?

    I also play ESO. I don't believe that it is a game thats supported.
  10. N3CR0


    UK servers are fine for me on CoD but not on WW2.
  11. N3CR0


    Quite surprised you can find games with it there. I have my geo here for WW2 and struggle to find matches of Domination at times.
  12. N3CR0

    4k gaming monitors... talk to me...

    Too big, not 4k, not even a gaming monitor... Anyways, I'm happy with my new Asus VP28UQG
  13. N3CR0

    Any help appreciated...

    I'd say that looks just fine. Pretty much no jitter, no spikes.
  14. N3CR0

    Pingplotter results - need feedback

    Putting the PingPlotter test setting 'interval' on 2.5 will give you a better idea on jitter. Anyways, it can be seen you do have alot of jitter. Might you be on cable internet? As it sure looks like it.