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  1. jayb962k10

    I want to buY this but I don't know if it will help me

    Thank you all, I managed to stop the lag spikes (caused by windows system updates) by setting my connection to a metered connection (even tho its not). The experience has been very good so far, can't wait for DumaOS
  2. jayb962k10

    I want to buY this but I don't know if it will help me

    Ok thanks guys , I will try this to hopefully solve the background tasks issue I will still get the Netduma anyway for some of its features such as bandwidth limit/bandwidth, geo-filter and ping stats
  3. I'm a PC gamer and my issue is I experience connection lag spikes in-game when playing any steam game. The problem is causes by Windows 10 and other background tasks often connecting to the internet to perform updates. Very often there is a process called svchost (netsvc) which causes my problems, I've managed to disable most things causing the issue but occasionally something else will use up my bandwidth (like googleupdates, windows updates) causing lag spikes then I have to manually kill the process (only for it to start again an hour or so later). Can the Netduma router help with minimising bandwidth usage of non-gaming packets or so? I read its features but it seems to focus on stopping others in your household from contributing to your ping spikes, not your own PC... Lol If it can't (in its current firmware release), could this be a feature request, to prioritise your connection based on a port number? (E.g. UDP Port 3074) As I know the ports of all my games, thanks