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  1. Munky Force

    Good luck with the Christmas noobs

    Managed to crack 40+ a few times in a row on Christmas Eve. They didn't even rage quit so good on em! Sadly it's back to sweaty prestige lobbies.
  2. I record clips for the same reason as Boom. Sometimes it's legit and my aim wasn't as good as I thought but a lot of times I'm on target with missing hit markers (or there's a delay then a bunch all at once) or the guy drops me the instant he pops round the corner. I've also noticed my aim sometimes randomly gets pulled off target and a few times it's pulled up to 45 degrees when coming up to a room of enemies. I've tried both options on and off and for the most part aim assist is very subtle or not working as I don't notice it. I completely understand people dropping out mid match. I usually try to hold out till the end and just play as sneaky as possible without being too campy. Not my preferred style but 6 on 2 when your at a connection disadvantage is the only way to avoid getting slaughtered haha
  3. Does WW2 feel any different to anyone else since the winter theme update? If seems like every update I get a little more lagged in the action but now it just feels janky, like my movements are delayed from the controller. I think they've been messing about with something as I've noticed nearly all games one team absolutely dominates. Whenever I've been on the winning team it seems like I'm playing complete noobs but they're a few prestiges up and I know I've been in a lot of situations where I should've died. But when on the losing team I can't seem to hit anything or I have no time to react. I would say people in the lobby are noticing it as the losing side are quitting out of most matches which didn't happen that much until now.
  4. I haven't had any trouble connecting to the Sydney servers but it's very hit or miss with how the games play. Geo filter in ocean and PA set to around 50 (any lower and it won't ever connect). My biggest issues are missing/inconsistent hit markers, being disconnected post and sometimes mid game and negative KD players having God like reflexes against me.
  5. Munky Force

    WW2 server location and PA issue

    I've never done it as there is only one server in Australia but from what others have said you tick strict mode, set PA to 0 then adjust Geo filter range so servers you want are inside the sweep and those you don't want are outside. There is also temp banning that blocks that particular host for 5 minutes I believe
  6. Munky Force

    Reactive vs pre

    I've had this problem for the last few months. The graph /dial pops up for a second then disappears.
  7. Munky Force

    WW2 server location and PA issue

    Thanks Fraser. Congestion control is good, usually stable ping no matter what other devices are downloading/uploading. Unfortunately I believe there's only one server bank in Sydney for us Aussies so out of luck there.
  8. Munky Force

    WW2 server location and PA issue

    Geo filter in the ocean and PA set at 39ms is working today but honestly it's not much better than when I disable the host filtering. Some games will be ok but the majority are still terrible. Ran ping plotter over different times during the week and today and my line was always super stable with no packet loss. After the first week of decent games I thought this would finally be the COD that didn't screw me.
  9. Munky Force

    WW2 server location and PA issue

    I couldn't get into a lobby so just disabled host filtering. Same experience as you.
  10. Munky Force

    WW2 server location and PA issue

    Will give that a go, thanks. The P2P lobbies weren't that bad actually apart from the one untouchable guy in each match who I assume was host.
  11. Munky Force

    WW2 server location and PA issue

    My base ping is usually 24-26ms. It was working all week until Friday when the latest update dropped. Not sure if that was a coincidence. The dedis also had padlocks on friday even though I was pinging them at around 26ms. The padlocks were gone Saturday morning then later it was P2P so assumed servers were down like you say.
  12. Sorry if these have already been reported, was meant to post during the week. My location is Australia. 202dfdacabf1b20 16053km 23ms da2d7641ca79474c 17863km 24ms I've also started having issues with ping assist. I set my Geo pin in the ocean and PA between 35-45 and majority of games have been good since WW2 all week however yesterday and today PA is blocking almost everyone. When I click on the blocked hosts/players (yellow triangles) their ping is well below what I've set. I can only get games when I raise PA to 60+. Only thing I can think of is the initial ping to blocked players is over my set limit then settles down as I have seen that happen a few times when bringing up the ping graph. I haven't run pingplotter yet but I ran the netduma diagnostic and all seems good with exceptional ratings for jitter and spikes with no packet loss. The game isn't unplayable but hit detection is no where near what it was before with the lower ping margin. Any help or insight would be appreciated.