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  1. IDNet_Nikos

    Static IP, Superior peering and Port-Blocking...??

    What difference does a static IP have on online gaming, if any? None, unless you are hosting your own gaming server - if you give out the IP address for other to connect to you, you will always have the same one or can setup a DNS record for it if you have your own domain name. We have direct peering links to major gaming networks so the route to their network/servers is as short as possible Different applications use port numbers to communicate on. If port blocking was implemented, it could be used to prevent specific applications from connecting to servers. This would not usually be used to stop someone online gaming however. We do not block any ports across our network
  2. IDNet_Nikos

    Changing ISP

    Without getting too technical, when you think about changing ISP you might want to bear in mind the following: The limiting factors of the actual speed that you will be get is not limited to the distance from your house to the cabinet..So many other factors are involved such as the quality of the copper from the cabinet to your house, your internal wiring, interference, this can go on and on and on.. No matter which ISP you choose, they should be able to give you an estimated speed that your line might support before you place an order. This is not guaranteed. The actual speed that you would receive can only be known once you have an active service. Along with the usual checks regarding the ISP reputation, price and customer service record (because it would be nice to know they answer the phone and emails ), you should also try to find out the status of the ISPs Network. Ideally you want an ISP with an under-subscribed network to be sure you are not getting delays before you even leave the ISP out to the Internet! As a gamer, you should also check what kind of peering agreements they have in place. Hope that helps
  3. IDNet_Nikos

    Who do you have your broadband with ? (UK Guys)

    Great to see so much support for our Gaming packages and service in general! Thanks, Guys!