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  1. One87

    strict nat type BO4 PS4

    oh okay thanks for the help bro
  2. One87

    strict nat type BO4 PS4

    its open now lol idk bro its weird..i literally did not do anything
  3. One87

    strict nat type BO4 PS4

  4. One87

    strict nat type BO4 PS4

    yeah that did not work and when i put it directly to the modem/router combo which is a nighthawk it changed to type 3 which i never seen before. Im about to plug it back to netduma.
  5. One87

    strict nat type BO4 PS4

    got it ill try after this game
  6. One87

    strict nat type BO4 PS4

  7. One87

    strict nat type BO4 PS4

  8. One87

    strict nat type BO4 PS4

    no i dont have anything like that setuip. its said to non gaming basically. but i have all the nat open settings setup.
  9. One87

    strict nat type BO4 PS4

    i have type 2 nat type and had open nat on bo3 but its strict for ps4. any help is appreciated
  10. One87

    Netduma Interface issues/ Deleted Devices

    Ive had the same settings for years and i go into the interface and everything is gone. ill try a reboot later today..this never used to happen. ive had the netduma for over 3 years.
  11. This is the second time my netduma interface has basically reset all my settings. It deleted all my devices and i cant add them back at all. it just select in bold but you cannot select a device. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  12. Nevermind just found out how to . gotta love google!
  13. How do you factory reset the all in one? so if i dont factory reset and just do bridge mode that does not make it true bridge mode? i have already disabled that wifi hotspot feature as well. Make & Model: Arris Interactive, L.L.C. tg862g