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  1. SomDeVIL

    NAT Type Moderate

    I hope you meant hard reboot. I don't want to reset (and erase) my console Anyways, I thought I had done a hard reboot already but I must've just did a simple reboot. Hard reboot seems to have fixed it. NAT Type 2/Open again. Thanks for the response and suggestion!
  2. Since the latest firmware V2.3.2.22 I've consistently been showing in COD WW2 as NAT Type Moderate and previously I was NAT Type Open. XR500 is in DMZ. UPnP enabled and populating port map table. Port 3074 to the correct IP address of the console. No error messages.
  3. SomDeVIL

    Strange. Explain?

    Oops... ID: c9b9b37e56681d22 Thanks for explaining. When you start seeing odd things like that, you can't help but to question the integrity of security.
  4. SomDeVIL

    Strange. Explain?

    I said it twice already. stun.eu.demonware.net I highly doubt Activision is using an EU based authentication server when the majority of their dedicated game servers for CoD WW2 are US. Why do you have whitelisted servers on my setup? Huh... interesting... stun.eu.demonware.net is Demonware. Demonware is an EU subsidiary of Activision. But why??? More importantly why do you have servers whitelisted on my setup? It isn't on my list. Thanks.
  5. SomDeVIL

    Strange. Explain?

    I still see the EU dedicated server on my geo filter map (outside of my radius) and it's icon is that of a whitelisted server. Auto-ping host off, I'm pinging it and it's saying 14+/-ms response. I don't have any servers or peers on my allow and deny list yet. How is this server whitelisted? Yesterday I was able to see it as the stun.eu.demonware.net domain but now it's saying Unnamed. I'm keeping geo filter strict to my radius currently and connecting to my local server but this unknown makes me weary.
  6. SomDeVIL

    Strange. Explain?

    Update 2: reconnected to what geo filter says is my local dedicated server... and it's back to 20+/-ms ping. Like I said, strange... but it looks like it's been righted. Hopefully. ---- and thanks BIG__DOG. I will try to remember that next time.
  7. SomDeVIL

    Strange. Explain?

    Update: either there's a problem with the Duma cloud for server locations or...? Back on, what shows in the geo filter as my usual local (east coast USA) Vultr dedicated server is still 100+ms and giving me an empty HQ. I've turned my geo filter to spectator mode now and I've connected to what it says is the Washington state (west coast USA) dedicated server. It's saying I'm pinging 30+/-ms with it. I don't typically ping that low to there. What's strange is why didn't I connect to the Ohio or Georgia dedicated server before Washington? Both of those would be closer and usually lesser ping than clear across the country. I see the peers in my HQ lobby on the geo filter and they are predominately east coast peers. As if their recognized names and clan tags as being east coast peers wasn't obvious of that enough. So I'm questioning if we are actually on the west coast dedicated server but rather on an east coast dedicated server regardless of what geo filter indicates and the duma cloud is quite possibly corrupt. I've "flush cloud" multiple times. Rebooted the router. Rebooted the console. I am NAT type OPEN. Full 4k bandwidth. Wired. Not experiencing any network or internet distress here... we are actively streaming Hulu, streaming NHL Stanley Cup game, 2x PCs gaming, .. and more This started today. For no rhyme or reason. No change to our network configuration. Still on the last stable DumaOS firmware (not the most recently recalled firmware nor was it ever). ...
  8. That makes perfect sense. Thank you. I just wanted to raise the question in case it was a bug.
  9. So I'm on CoD WW2 and I noticed I got put into an empty HQ lobby. I look at my geo filter and it's now saying the dedicated server I normally use is pinging at 100+ms. Umm ok. Thats strange but for various reasons it can happen. Just sitting here watching over the geo filter page I notice another server pop up outside of my radius. An EU dedicated server. I wonder... so I ping it on the geo filter. 14ms? That can't be right. I'm on the east coast of the USA. There's an entire Atlantic ocean between us. So i flush my cloud. Turn off/on my PS4 network connection. Restart CoD WW2. Look again... same thing. My local dedicated Vultr server is saying 100+ms and this stun.eu.demonware.net dedicated server clear across an ocean is giving me 15+/-ms. Lets not stop there.. Let's try and connect to this supposed server. Moved my home location to right on the EU pinged server. Went to HQ. Empty HQ. Geo filter not saying what I'm connected to. So I'm assuming it failed and that was it forcing me to self-host my own HQ/lobby. Tried to join the most popular playlist right now (probably), Hordepoint. No games. I'm at a loss for words. If any of the Duma staff can explain that would be great. I don't have time to play right now anyway so I'm going to leave it be and come back later. Hopefully my dedicated server will be back to its -20ms self again when I return. -tried to attach a photo of the geo filter but apparently it's too large.
  10. That doesn't explain why auto update didn't update when it went live in the first place though. How is the next release going to be any different?
  11. SomDeVIL

    Xr500 vs Original R1

    yeah, I know.. just poking fun. That tiny feature single handedly disrupted my excitement when first firing up the XR500.
  12. SomDeVIL

    Xr500 vs Original R1

    Geo-filter variable zoom lol *sigh*
  13. Is there a reason my firmware didn't auto-update to this? I have it agreed/enabled. Just curious. I mean I'm glad it didn't now but for future updates I'd rather not have to keep checking here or on the router manually. Isn't that the point of agreeing to the "Router Auto Firmware Update"? heh
  14. I have the firmware downloaded from before it was taken down but I'll wait... Got my hopes up.
  15. I'm so torn! I really want the variable zoom on my geo filter... Are only those reporting problems having the problems or are the problems happening to everyone? I see the "recommend" to wait but yet the firmware is still there and the option available. Which leads me to believe theres the possibility for a successful upgrade.