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  1. Vader

    ISP Talk

    AAISP hands down with their business grade internet using the new Talktalk broadband backhaul with service and packet priority over everyone else
  2. Does this mean that it will be released in april with the duma OS or in a mystical time on the R1 Roadmap? Also as for the features does the anti spike still buffer incoming ping spikes and increases ping to compensate? or have you guys just renamed the congestion control algorithms?
  3. Vader

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    ethtool is an great program for tuning parameters for devices.
  4. Vader

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    Volunteering for beta testing as im in UK have lots of technical skills to test for bugs and can offer comprehensive feedback. Also i am an early adopter.
  5. Vader

    New Duma update

    Because they clearly think that we dont deserve one! Pure and simple!
  6. Vader

    Adel75 up down wan lan thread

    Ah right i see, the only way to process incoming jitter would be with an Adaptive jitter buffer similar to what Astriek VOIP Application uses but implementing it into the tcp/ip stack through the source code could be problematic. i would be interested in seeing what scripts you run and doing some experiments between us see if we can improve on the current solution. Modifying fq_codel parameters is a thought or implementing a AdaptiveJitterBuffer could be another.
  7. Vader

    Preemtive-Reactive question

    id like to know that aswell.
  8. Vader

    Who do you have your broadband with ? (UK Guys)

    ordered gaming isp yesterday be activated on 15/02 thats idnet with prioritized gaming traffic cant wait.!
  9. Vader

    Who do you have your broadband with ? (UK Guys)

    Open a youtube video and play it then post results, this will put your network under stress.