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  1. ViciousSavag3

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    Yess thank you guys for making it possible before Launch of #Blackops4...Super Stoked to try this New Features out💯🔥🔥
  2. ViciousSavag3

    High Lag Spikes

    Hey there Jack or anyone out there i need Help on Solving whether is my isp line or the servers but ive been getting JITTER HOPS from 9ms to 35ms on Fiber Speeds also have the Netgear Cm1000 modem so idk wat could be the deal any ideas/help?
  3. ViciousSavag3

    Throttle on Fiber Speeds?

    Well just at least hope it performs better than Now because it does seem like its on its Needs for an Update Long Due.. lol
  4. ViciousSavag3

    Throttle on Fiber Speeds?

    I sure will do, thanxs again for everything and please keep up the Awsome work i love all you guys for making this awsome invention for us Gamers so thnxs again and please keep us informed about the DumaOs for the R1 hopefully would work alot better with my Speeds i got running
  5. ViciousSavag3

    Throttle on Fiber Speeds?

    Well yea im aware that the R1 is not capable of my speeds which it lowers it drastically but im not worried about that like i said i did just found out that with Turbo mode on and WITHOUT throttling my internet its Amazing. I believe my Base Ping for my internet or iSp is 12ms ping. So i just use the R1 for the Geo filter amd ts been working great so if u ever get any questions for fiber speeds thats would be the solution brother NO THROTTLE. I believe when i do get sum little jitters/spikes that it comes from the Cod Server i hope because my internet runs perfect. And also my ping to the game runs about from 12ms to 25 or 30ms maxx so its Insane Great feel me bro lol (2Ez) most of the times wreckin in COD ready for Bo4 Whoooo!!
  6. ViciousSavag3

    Throttle on Fiber Speeds?

    So guys curious question to know if its necessary to throttle my speeds from congestion control on the R1 if my speeds are 986 down and 45 up? Right now i just have it on super turbo mode and just using it with Geo filter and its been workin insane awsome just so u know i did just bought me the Netgear Cm1000 Modem to go wit the R1 and its Incredible good but sumtimes i do get sum little lagg spikes here and there its rare tho just hopin to know if it could be the Cod servers or anything else causin that please let me know thanxs again for you help. Still looking forward for the DumaOs Upgrade for the R1 Soon
  7. ViciousSavag3

    How does R1 handle bufferbloat at 400 mbs speeds?

    Yea Jack is right.. well i know because i have Xfinity Gig Plan and my Download is 986 and 45 upload also with the Netgear Cm1000 Modem and its Expectacular,Awsome Insane Great i do have it on Super Turbo mode with 100% Caps on Congestion and my internet is incredible with NO LAGG watsoever (Recommend for Fiber Speeds)
  8. ViciousSavag3

    Preemptive Fiber Gig Speed?

    Are you the talking about the DumaOs for the R1? U guys are close to the Release for it? Please tell me YES! SO HYPED LOL
  9. ViciousSavag3

    Preemptive Fiber Gig Speed?

    So hey guys im curious to know if u guys have FIXED the Preemptive Algorithm for the Fiber Speed on the R1 router?
  10. ViciousSavag3

    What is Broadcom?

    So i was lookin to buy my own modem cuz i think this one might have intel puma 6 or 7 i think not sure hope not but i was lookin into Netgear cm1000. So if i buy that modem would i still need the R1? Please be honest
  11. ViciousSavag3

    What is Broadcom?

    And for some how my PING STILL manages to HOP from 10ms to like 35ms any idea why is that? I know that my base ping in general is 0ms to 10ms stable i(dle) What would be a GOOD THROTTLE for the Sliders on my kinda Speeds? If u read my 1st mesaage ull know
  12. ViciousSavag3

    What is Broadcom?

    So hey guys i need a little bit of help with this situation.. So i have xfinity for my ISP and my speeds are 976mbps down and 45 up and im NOT sure what EXACTLY the R1 Maxx speeds are but i know its NOT really Compatible with those speeds... So my Question is since when i plug it wit the modem/router. Do i keep it in super turbo mode with 100% slide bars SINCE IT WOULD BE CAPPING the BANDWIDTH already i wouldnt wanna THROTTLE it even more right cuz it would cause any interferes? Or would it be okay if i still throtle the slide bars by taking Super turbo Off? Another IMPORTANT thing about my ISP Modem/Router im looking to buy my OWN Modem "WITHOUT INTEL PUMA 6 CHIPSET" FOR NO LAGG SPIKES and i currently have this NEW MODEM that Xfinity provided me with for 1 gigabit speeds and im Not SURE WHAT IS BROADCOM? is that suppose to be better than intel puma 6 or worst? Or is there any Modem that U WOULD RECOMMEND ME for this Case? Heres a LINK of the REVIEW for the CURRENT MODEM I OWN from Xfinity please HELP ME https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Technicolor_CGM4140COM
  13. ViciousSavag3

    i keep getting KICKED OUT of LAN?

    well i used "NAMEBENCH" for my the ULTRA BEST DNS servers and thats what i usually put...so the best way to set this up if im gonna do it manually is to have UPNP DISABLED RIGHT?
  14. ViciousSavag3

    i keep getting KICKED OUT of LAN?

    so guys im having this problem where i keep getting kicked out of LAN CABLE on my ps4 for some reason ive been trying to get this modifications right to STAY STABLE all the time but i just cant get around it? so i have my Gateway from xfinity set to Bridge mode for the R1 and now the only thing i need is how to have it setup right for it? like what would be the the CORRECT settings for the R1? im also trying to do everything MANUALLY with ports and all that complicated stuff i DONT want anything automatic unless it has to be like i DONT want UPNP enabled so it wont interact with any other devices thats why i wanna do everything manually since i know the IP addresses and everything just dont know where to CONFIGURE them on the R1? ANY HELP PLEASE WHAT DO I NEED TO CHANGE IN SETTINGS? LAN WAN DHCP PORT FORWARDING DNS servers ( Note) i do have the DNS MANUALLY NOT AUTO( what would be better auto or manual?) Also i noticed that theres (2) UPNP's to enable which one is (THE ONE) u gotta Enable if i decide to ENABLE UPNP?? Where and WHAT do i need to put in those Settings if i have 2? or what to do to keep it STABLE all the TIME
  15. ViciousSavag3


    thanx u guys alot and i will consider that... Go Duma! ps. Please keep us updated for the DUMAOS update please thank you