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    Sudden R1 Problems.

    Well....nevermind. of course my luck would be that the second I post this, everything starts back up without a hitch.
  2. I've had my R1 for about 9 months. Never had any issues with it, until a power outage a couple days ago. There were some funky connectivity issues, but eventually had everything working again. At least, until last night when my internet shut off entirely. I figured it was due to some maintenance from my ISP, but this morning I still couldn't access the internet. I had a tech come to my house today, replace my modem, and double check that it was working. I plugged my R1 back in, and now I can't even access the interface. My PC only shows an unidentified Network instead of 'Netduma R1' like it usually does. I'm not well versed in computers, so I'm pretty perplexed at what to do. Can anybody help me to troubleshoot my problem?