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  1. i dont know why but its randomly started working again
  2. My internet is working through ethernet but not through the WiFi so it cant be down
  3. ive already tried that and i factory reset it, changed the settings again and still its not working *It was working last night and i woke up this morning and its stopped working completely, usually a reboot fixes the problem but this time its not even changing
  4. When connecting with an Ethernet cable my internet is working. Although when i am using my phone it shows up with the WiFi logo with an x in it meaning its connected but their is no internet access. Can anyone help in trying to fix this as there are no wireless devices that are working in my home? * When i go onto the misc page on my computer it says please post issue in the forums on netduma
  5. Any one know any reason why it might occur and any help would be appreciated? It does work when connected via an ethernet cable just not through wifi
  6. thank you it keeps saying timed out
  7. You solved this before and its about getting HMA working with Netduma it was a piece of code that i had and thne used it to solve someone elses issue as well
  8. I know im not getting 200 on ethernet im not bothered about that its just that the wifi around my house keeps dropping and everyone is complaining about it since getting the netduma
  9. yeah they occur every few days and my connection still keeps dropping out between 5pm and 8pm gmt The settings were changed when i unplugged the router by the plug. On the xbox it say dhcp server with an error cant quite remeber and on the wireless devices it says obtaining ip address but after a reboot it works again although my brother keeps getting kicked offline while playing games Could it be due to the dhcp? Congestion Control: Reactive 100% 100% share excess i have 4 devices in hyper traffic. VPN: Fine WIFI: WPA-PSK2 Port forwarding: i have it set up for PS4 only UPNP: ENABLED LAN: host address filled DHCP enabled 100 250 12 hours DNS enabled MTU enabled DHCP LEASE PS4 141 XBOX 24 mtu enabled MISC cookies enabled wifi workaround enabled turbo mode enabled My wifi has gone out twice in the last hour but both ethernet cables i am using are still on the internet
  10. My settings of my netduma keep getting altered by itself i dont understand whats going on with it
  11. Now my wifi is slow i should be getting 200 download and im getting 38 on dslr reports
  12. nope my phone is the only device that is the close to it
  13. you did all that in the 1 on 1 that happened with the vpn
  14. My wifi connection randomly drops out for my whole house it just happened about 10 minutes ago