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  1. TheMack_Is_Here

    The biggest issue with WW2!! (besides connection)

    for me, they simply need to increase the ads speed time. It's to slow to defeat a head glitcher/campers. At least bo3 and iw I can get my gun up as quickly as possible to get that kill. Idk why people aren't talking about it.
  2. TheMack_Is_Here

    Router crashing every 15-20mins

    Do you still use the stock power cable? Sometimes the cord you use can cause it to do that. Trying plugging it into the wall instead of an extension cord. Factory reset your modem, then reset your duma. I know these steps may seem simple, but they may work.
  3. TheMack_Is_Here

    DNS Servers on Ps4 network

    They can make a small difference somewhat, but it depends on your networking circumstances. Go here https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htmland download the dns benchmark software. Once you finish running it, it will tell you which dns servers are the best for you. They will indeed help load your pages faster as kevo stated and increase your internet speeds depending on your situation. They can either increase or decrease your up,down when you run internet test on ps4. There are hundreds!!!! Alternatively, you could throttle your connection just from dns servers. go to https://public-dns.info/and select the dns servers from the country furthest away from you. Place it into the ps4 and bam, your connection speeds should be crawling. Take it from someone who has ran every test there is to run in the world, there is no one stop shop when it comes to getting the upper hand on the guy trying to kill you. I've yet to find that magic setting. Happy hunting!!
  4. Game has been messing up man. Still things you can do though. Manually port forward port 3074 udp if you have open nat type regardless. Helps with communication with other players. If you have the Geo filter on, make sure your range includes your friends location or allow them through in allow & deny.
  5. TheMack_Is_Here

    Drop your WWll setting for ps4 & Xbox

    Think someone said they were doing maintenance to the servers right now. They do use Dedi's just down at the moment!
  6. TheMack_Is_Here

    Drop your WWll setting for ps4 & Xbox

    Upload pics please. I have had some dedi's as well as p2p even with those settings above. It's not every time but I have played on them
  7. TheMack_Is_Here

    Drop your WWll setting for ps4 & Xbox

    They don't show up every time, I have definitely had several p2p games like you!
  8. TheMack_Is_Here

    Drop your WWll setting for ps4 & Xbox

    nah, there are Dedi's bro. I have been playing on them trust. Thing is, you have to have the right combination of settings to be placed on one. Or the frequency that players are on them is less. To get on a Dedi, place your ping assist to 0, then place your radius over the selected area of the closest Dedi to you, with strict mode on. Start out at about 500 mi radios. Could go lower or higher depending on players around you. I do however, get p2p when I place my radius over my state and surrounding areas. Along with sometimes getting host migration from times when over the Dedi
  9. TheMack_Is_Here

    ww2 god mode setting

    I asked my wife after struggling. I forgot she was a Spanish major in college!!!!
  10. TheMack_Is_Here

    ww2 god mode setting

    Thanks for that bud!!
  11. TheMack_Is_Here

    Drop your WWll setting for ps4 & Xbox

    So I wanted to create a thread for those out there in the community who have found a process or particular settings that "ACTUALLY" work for them in WWll. Yes, we cannot control isp, line through home, or modem etc.. I'm strictly referring to setting within the Netduma or mtu and dns settings entered directly within your system. If you have "secrets" to unlock the magic or what not, don't be afraid to share your knowledge please. I think this could be beneficial for those who are struggling to have something they can at-least try so they don't break anything in their homes due to frustration!!!! lol (I'm serious though 0_0) Thanks!!
  12. TheMack_Is_Here

    ww2 god mode setting

    Could you translate for English please if possible? Thanks!
  13. TheMack_Is_Here

    United States Players!!!!!

    True!!!! everyone in my house hates me because as soon as they get settled on the internet...... Whops, I have got to try a different setup. Hold up guys, give me 10 minutes!!!! lol
  14. TheMack_Is_Here

    United States Players!!!!!

    That is so weird. How does that even happen??
  15. TheMack_Is_Here

    United States Players!!!!!

    hahahaha wow man!!!