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  1. can i put my ps4 mac address in clone mac of netduma
  2. tubeular


    ok i will try it
  3. tubeular


    my ps4 uses 9308 udp with the ip of the ps4 but 3074 uses DemonwarePortMapping
  4. tubeular


    its like their sync
  5. tubeular


    before i turn on my ps4 i look at upnp in netduma ihave set up like modem netduma devices, so my dauhter plays steam wow with discord i let her go on first no ports open yet for nat-pmp so then when i log in to ps4 9308 udp comes on then go to cod 3074 udp then her ports open nat-pmp 5464 tcp and 5464 udp. so then i start to lag so i tried disable the upnp my ports wont come on but hers do even with it off strange right
  6. tubeular


    even if i turn of upnp those ports still come in weird and cod starst to lag
  7. tubeular

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    hope their is better port control in my case
  8. i think discord conflicts with udp 3074,9308 this is why when i conect to 9308,3074 udp nat-pmp pops up after i connect i wait to turn on ps4 to see if discord or bittorrent ports come on but they dont till i am on my ps4 playing cod help please