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  1. Game is just poor, and the DumaOS dopes nothing to help - not that its there fault at all
  2. It dont work 80% of the time on Destiny 2, UC4, Killzone, Gears of war 4, Infinite Warfare , Adavanced Warfare, Last of us... also on Black ops 4 the DumaOS and geo-filter is pretty pointless at the monent as I have a better experience using my phones wifi. The lag comp on BOPS 4 has a massive ms delay as unless you have a poor connection you suffer big time in games.
  3. ive troed forcing connections but using the geo-filter just does not work on this game, actually it does not work on most games any more
  4. Ok please read what I was saying as when Netduma release the new 1.3 milestone update devs are not going to like it as it will show how bad their servers are. Also if the update m,oved the servers upto 60/60 (67/67) then how come on reddit there are post with vids showing more BS kills? As when I use my phones net I can dominate players as the game compesates for my shit phone connection
  5. Sci0n

    Bandwidth Allocation Problems

    Have you tried using the net without the R1 as part of your setup. As I had this issue a while ago and it turned out to be my ISP providers issue. Take the R1 out of the equation, so you are using just your own router and see how the speeds are then .
  6. You do know once you release that update game devs are gonna argue or dispute your info on the DUmaOS as ubisoft did this when they had 200ms deadicated servers.
  7. He should of died from a headshot as the smg is a 5 hit kill weapon but due to high ping plyaers COD lag comps for these players top give them an unfare advantage
  8. Sci0n

    ERROR - The lobby is not joinable

    on blackout it says its always a peer 2 peer server? Host Type Peer ID 2d5f8e59fcccaeb3 Domain Name 95-179-204-89.choopa.net
  9. Sci0n

    ERROR - The lobby is not joinable

    The Id is in the pictures. Also right now I can not even use the gee-filter at all and all i am connecting to is Peer2peer servers. Host Type Peer ID 1458602bf5b3c5ca Domain Name 58cab32b.setaptr.net
  10. Sci0n

    ERROR - The lobby is not joinable

    The game is beyond a joke now. it never connects to a deadicated server in the UK ever... also the XR500 does nothing to deal with the lag or poor hit detection
  11. Sci0n

    BO4 Ping

    http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/40419341 See I have more of an actualy cahnce in gun fights buy unticking the share excess feature. Which is so weird?
  12. Sci0n

    BO4 Ping

    Alos what I said was correct as I have provied proof that the DumaOS makes oput you have a good ping but that dont mean anything in MP gaming in day an age as it wont ever deal with lag from opther players at all and due to that fact. Other gamers get superbullets and poor hitdetection due to lag comp. I find having a strict NAT and ping over 200ms allows me to stand a chance against other player online, as having a good ping makes me an easy kill. Though I have found not sharing my nets excess when using profiles on COD makes the game play alot better which confused me alot.
  13. Sci0n

    BO4 Ping

    The DumaOS ping is very misleading. when you play MP games.
  14. Sci0n

    High Ping on COD Servers

    Its not just your ISP the DumaOS isnt all that, also COD supports very high ping players and trhe deadicated servers it runs on are still like 50-80ms, that with high ping = shit games.
  15. As right now i can see games like: Uncharted 4 Destiny Destiny 2 Last of us Halo: master chief collection Halo 5 Titanfall 2 These games dont work well with the Geo-filter, they either kick you out of the match or wont even connect to a game, Uncharted 4 has major issues it creates lag.
  16. Sci0n

    Destiny 2 XR500 hit detection test and gameplay

    I need to try your settings out on Xbox one versions as I usually just get booted from games
  17. I had no issues using the geo filter on ps4 or xbox one
  18. After testing the XR500, its clear it doesnt really change much, as there is still is lag, like shots not registering/dropping. As during the testing I noticed the ping would balance out as per your guide, http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-test-your-connection Yet at times it would just then suddenly spike, at one point I was streaming netflix, youtube, downloading a 9gb file surfing web & facebook, twitter and everything seemed good (see pics bbc.co.uk2b & bbc.co.uk2c) As you can see from the videos (fortnite) that it seemed all good for a while then towards the end of a match it spiked hard. I dont think this is down to the XR500, I do feel the unreal 4 engine has big issues at syncing and maintain a good ping during certain moments, Yet on the COD front the Ping was levelled out (some ping spikes) but nothing like fortnite, yes . I did use the profiles for fortnite. So with this in mind I test gears of war... (will upload videos if you want to see them) all i can say is, to me its clear the unreal 4 engine has some issues when it comes to either high ping players desyncing the server during gameplay so shots dont reg or it can not balance out a good base ping like Call of duty can? EDIT - I just realised, is it ok to post poics with my IP on it? Call of duty Black ops 3 https://youtu.be/rCwB2iP3ZYI Fortnite - MP https://youtu.be/_BYawZQpBOQ Call of duty Black ops 3 https://youtu.be/mKlfojvqdhE I am not being negative, I am just intrigued more than anything, is their any advice on what to try to level out the base ping while playing fortnite?
  19. Can you recommend any live streaming settings for the netduma. Maybe then I can set it up for you ro watch and see if I am doing anything wrong.
  20. I think youll find it doesnt really change much at all.