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  1. As right now i can see games like: Uncharted 4 Destiny Destiny 2 Last of us Halo: master chief collection Halo 5 Titanfall 2 These games dont work well with the Geo-filter, they either kick you out of the match or wont even connect to a game, Uncharted 4 has major issues it creates lag.
  2. Sci0n

    Destiny 2 XR500 hit detection test and gameplay

    I need to try your settings out on Xbox one versions as I usually just get booted from games
  3. I had no issues using the geo filter on ps4 or xbox one
  4. Can you recommend any live streaming settings for the netduma. Maybe then I can set it up for you ro watch and see if I am doing anything wrong.
  5. I think youll find it doesnt really change much at all.
  6. I am finding it to be hit and miss each game i play really.
  7. But does that stop other slagging and having hit detection issues? no it dont so being closest to a server makes not much difference if other players are same distance as you but have high pings.
  8. After many test and errors I have come to realise that MP gaming is based off helping the guy out thats got the bad connection, as most times opther players with high pings etc drop bullet damage as COD as allways been good to high ping players. the XR500 wont make a difference at all sadly.
  9. its not, the XR500 isnt actauly helping you ping in anyway.
  10. Sci0n

    Xr500 vs Original R1

    Yes the DumaOS and the hardware are obviously the key differences, yet again that right now make no real difference, ehrn playing online. I did forget to put the XR500 is clearly future proofed, as you can see it was built to run alot more R apps. Right now there is no real reason to upgrade, you need to make the Xr500 to have major advantages over the R1 or users wont see the need to upgrade.
  11. Sci0n

    Xr500 vs Original R1

    I see no real difference right now between the R1 and the XR500 e3xcept the DumaOS,. yet the R1 does excatly the same thing the XR500 does, its not worth the upgrade if i am really honest.
  12. Sci0n

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    ill be honest I dont think it will as they are getting streamers to promote the XR500
  13. I was mate, as you can see - It feels though as shot are either not reg or being dropped when playing.
  14. When its without DumaOS I mean its with it not put at 70/70 on the anti buffer bloat Also the videos take a while once ive shared them with you, so try again. It does seems even with the settings set as per your guide, there is still lag from together players which really doesnt anything for a player who has a XR500.