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  1. SwiftCookie

    Dedicated Server In South Australia?

    Tonight was literally the first time I've seen the Adelaide dedi since owning a Duma, It was so painful to play on. I was so excited I had finally found a game on it haha But yeah either that server isn't actually in Adelaide or there's something terribly wrong with it. The fact that the lobby was full of Asain PSNs and my ping was about 130-140 on the R1 makes me think it's not in Adelaide 😕 If you manage to find a game on it let me know what you think
  2. SwiftCookie

    Dedicated Server In South Australia?

    Update*** Got onto the dedicated server in Adelaide tonight, it's absolute trash. There's no way that server is actually in Adelaide, my ping was like 130ms and the lobby was full of Asians. It's definitely a SEA server that's being miss located in Adelaide. Even the in game ping read as like 170ms 😕
  3. SwiftCookie

    Dedicated Server In South Australia?

    Found it for the 2nd time upon start up. Still says my ping to the Adelaide dedi is 25ms. If I ping servers in Adelaide it's always about 5ms 😕 Weird. If it appears upon start up how come I've never joined it in game? It'd be awesome if I could connect to the server in Adelaide rather than the Sydney server all the time Please explain it to me you beautiful DumaDevs
  4. SwiftCookie

    Dedicated Server In South Australia?

    Yeah In that second photo of yours I saw that dedicated server once out of numerous start ups. Only issue is, I've never joined a lobby on that server 😕
  5. SwiftCookie

    Dedicated Server In South Australia?

    Already have tried in that 1st picture 😕 This is where the Duma thinks the dedicated server is in South Australia upon start up of the game when it displays all dedi's. Something not right going on 😕 Also 1 time out of like 20 game start ups I saw the dedicated server in Adelaide for a split second. It appeared in Adelaide along with that random one In this picture here.
  6. SwiftCookie

    Dedicated Server In South Australia?

    Keeps making me join these Japanese servers, about 5 of them I've blocked now. But the weird thing is that when I ping them they're only about 25ms ping. Way too low to actually be Japanese servers I think. After blocking all of them I can't find any games now, keeps trying to join them and then the R1 kicks me out of the lobbies. FYI 25ms is what I usually get when joining the Sydney dedicated server from Adelaide. I see that Adelaide server when I start up the game but I can't remember ever joining it in a lobby. Not sure what;s going on haha
  7. SwiftCookie

    Dedicated Server In South Australia?

    Tried that just now and no luck at all
  8. Hey DumaFam! I noticed in a photo that the devs posted, it showed that there was a server in South Aus but I haven't seen it once yet. I live in Adelaide and thought I may have seen it by now. Anyone else seen it yet? Cheers!
  9. SwiftCookie

    Think I Bricked Her!?!?! :(

    Bit buggy sometimes but mainly because I was having issues with matchmaking in Blops4.
  10. SwiftCookie

    Think I Bricked Her!?!?! :(

    All good, Google wasn't clearing my history and cookies etc properly. I'm back up and running :)
  11. Hey DumaFam! Tried downgrading from DumaOS by following the instructions given in the email but now I get a 404 Error when accessing after downgrading. I still have internet though. Have I stuffed my R1 up?
  12. SwiftCookie

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    NordVPN user here.
  13. So after playing a few games in blops4, I've noticed that no players appear on the geo map when connecting to them. Also noticed that when joining a game I was being connected to a dedi server in the UK and then back to the dedi in Sydney Australia. Also noticed that a good number of people would sponge my bullets and then the killcam wouldn't even show me shooting yet 😕 Ping sat at a stable 25ms to the Sydney dedi which is normal from Adelaide.
  14. Update*** Just gave my PC a Reserved IP on the R1 and noticed an instant drop in ping. Dropped from 40-80ms to 4-6ms. Not sure if things suddenly settled or if this actually worked..... Edit*** Still seems a little spikey every now and then, possibly just my internet being a little unstable atm. May not be the routers fault. Will keep checking
  15. Disable any ad blockers for the router settings page too, I found that always caused issues with the old firmware.