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  1. SwiftCookie

    High Ping When Downloading

    Sorry for my slow reply. When I run a speed test on DSLreports it doesn't show me the bufferbloat anymore? It usually doesn't give me any grades at the end....Is this a Chrome thing or?
  2. Hey Duma Fam! Could anyone knowledgeable in conjunction with telecommunications please tell me why my ping goes from 6 to 36+ when I start downloading? Is this normal or is it something to do with the modem/router or maybe my line quality? It would be lost packages yes? T.I.A
  3. Really? Can you screenshot the dedi in Adelaide for XBL? Looks like I'm getting an Xbox lol PS4 use to utilise the one in Adelaide back in Blops3 but I haven't seen it since
  4. SwiftCookie

    WW2 p2p Host >>> Here is How

    Yeah I feel ya haha mine was good for about a week there but the last 3-4 days have been shocking again!
  5. SwiftCookie

    WW2 p2p Host >>> Here is How

    I wouldn't read into this mate, I think it's quite a spurious solution hahaha
  6. It's legit gone back to the way it was when it released, pathetic effort SHG and Activision!
  7. Hey! Had my Netduma busting it's little heart out tonight but to no avail! Kept getting either US, UK or JP servers all night! I feel like they had the servers working "incredibly" for the last week up until the last couple days. Not sure what they've done but they better fix it ASAP, feels like the release month again! I think I've had just about enough of this game tbh, already can't wait for the next one lol https://imgur.com/xvFNkuT
  8. SwiftCookie

    Need some routing tips!

    Hey mate do you have any tips on how to set the distribution? I now have 8 devices connected, is it best to just leave them equal and share excess? Or give more bandwidth to my pc and console for gaming? Cheers!
  9. SwiftCookie

    Need some routing tips!

    Cheers Lads!! Will switch everything over asap
  10. SwiftCookie

    Need some routing tips!

    Have to use the ISP Router for VoIP Telstra don't allow you to use anything but their modems on FTTN if you want VoIP > Found out the hard way when I went and bought a $600 Nighthawk lol
  11. Hey Duma Fam! Just wondering if I'm better off running the entire house's WiFi devices through the Duma or my ISP's modem/router. I currently just have the ISP's modem/router first with all the homes devices using it's WiFi and then just my PC and Console through the Duma (which is just plugged into ISP router, not bridged) Wall Socket>ISP Modem/Router>Ethernet to Duma>Ethernet to Console/PC v Other Devices In Home Via WiFi Would I be better off leaving it as is but turning the WiFi off on the ISP router and just using that as an access point to the net and then running everything WiFi and Ethernet related off the Duma? Would this in turn improve quality of gaming connection or not really? Cheers!
  12. One in Aus (Sydney) Pretty certain there's only one in Australia (Sydney) so I'm not sure how accurate that map is :/
  13. SwiftCookie

    Reactive vs pre

    DslReports never shows me Bufferbloat anymore, not sure why :/
  14. SwiftCookie

    WW2 Dedicated Servers Suck!

    Damn that sucks aye! But at least you're not in Australia playing people from overseas every CoD haha i.e. New Zealand (We share the dedicated server in Sydney) Bout 3400kms between us lol Plus we get tonnes of players from all over Asia as well, it's a real shit show over here
  15. SwiftCookie

    WW2 Dedicated Servers Suck!

    Everyone from AU, NZ and half of bloody Asia filter through the "Dedicated" server in Sydney, it's a bloody mess! ATM if you enter a lobby and see a player on a 1-2 bar they're generally top of the leaderboard because they've been assigned an insane lag compensation aid. I say if you're going to implement "Dedicated" servers at least plop enough around the world to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. I do miss P2P connections though so I wouldn't even be mad if they took a step back and switched back whilst doing an overhaul on the servers. They made 500 million in the first 3 days, surely they can afford to buy/rent more servers ffs!!