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    Fix for LAN disconnects

    Thanks Fraser
  2. Is there a fix for this yet or am I misreading posts?.....if there is I would be grateful for a copy.
  3. I hope the pics are clear enough. I had geo filter turned off both times. One pic shows a dedicated server in the States with a 30ms ping and the other a dedicated server in Spain with a 274ms ping and I live in southern England. Not a major issue but thought you should know.
  4. I have exactly the same experience with WWII. I get poor "laggy" games if I set my home to my actual location so, as another thread suggested, I aim for 40 ms ping so my home location is NW Italy (I wish) and I also have to turn off the Geo Filter to get games but I thought it might be the time of day I play. Funny thing is that when I get the East Coast US server at about 120ms ping I often have good games , much better than if my home location is set to the UK. Out of interest, what would turning Auto Ping off do and what is it for?
  5. xAngryNeilx

    Default DMZ?

    I had entered my console address into this but when I looked at the help icon it said not to...so what is it for?....I ask mainly because my XR500 has not disconnected my LAN (see other post) since I removed the address from it as I panicked when it said it may be a security issue.
  6. Happened again this morning, internet was only on for an hour.... using laptop.
  7. Done...thanks, will monitor.... using Virgin not BT etc if that makes any difference.
  8. Well that's a very specifically targeted router then......I have updated, yesterday morning... will do the other thing when I work out where it is.
  9. Just happened again, still watching football on Sky on Xbox.....is the XR500 not Pompey friendly?
  10. Will do, thanks for the replies.
  11. sorry.. meant geo filter
  12. Totally random I'm afraid although when I first reset it would not let me add device to get filter, I got an error message. Thanks pollutionblues for that info.
  13. I've done two factory resets now but I'm still getting wired disconnects but Wi-Fi still working, the last one while watching Sky on Xbox One X. Have to switch off/on. I've have updated. Also my XR500 led flashes orange on one wired connection but white on the other.
  14. I have the same problem on my XR500, it disconnects my wired connections and uses Wi Fi. Only started Saturday, happened three times now. Only way to correct it is to switch off/on
  15. xAngryNeilx

    WW2 on WiFi

    Because I've seen a couple of people mention this on this forum I thought I'd give it a go.....and for me it is noticeably different, better hit detection etc. OK it does jump occasionally but for the past 4 hours it has been quite enjoyable. I am in the UK , I have A+ on bufferbloat using 4 up and 4 down ....maybe worth a try!!.......I know @SimJC74 has mentioned the game seems to "punish" you for having a good connection. p.s. Sim is worth a follow on youtube