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  1. Everything is working. Thx Fraser.
  2. Hello, you know already that I can do update?
  3. Yes, i talked with my ISP operator and finnaly got login and password to my router, i wrote to my modem wan ip from netduma r1, now dmz in modem and wan ip are the same. Disabled Upnp and port forwadwarding, remote acces is also ticked. Maybe we need make 1on1 session. My rouer language is english so it wont be problem for you.
  4. Hello Fraser, i wanna update my router got 1.03.3 version, can you check i can update?
  5. Hello, can you check my netduma is ready to upgrade? Please
  6. Maybe i do this wrong way. I press on your profile "Netduma Fraser" then "send me a message"
  7. I cant when i try send you a message i got this "The member Netduma Fraser cannot receive any new messages"
  8. Is it posibility to send the netduma r1 to factory to upgrade router? I dont wanna damage it and i cant make your instruction becouse of my ISP
  9. Hello how can i send you 1 on 1 message? When i try got message that i cannot send you a message.
  10. Ok. I understand. 1 on 1 when you are online
  11. Ok, i made the settings as you said. Can i upgrade?
  12. Ok, i call to my internet operator, and they gave me advice what to do to my modem had the same wan as my router, (I had connect the router to the modem, then unplug the modem from the wall outlet and connect after 10 seconds. the operator said in this way the modem and the router will automatically pair so i did this) now i need to know what should be disabled UPnP or Port forwarding. And what do next ?
  13. why only one is to be disable, in a previous post you said that UPnP and port forwarding should be disabled?
  14. Is connected to some kind of fiber modem (its mixed modem incuded tv telephone and internet) but i cant connect to him, i dont have password and adress to connect him. I think that the only way to write netduma wan ip is to connect tp link router and write the number in the router. This is what i think