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    Hey Fraser, l just posted that information for Jack, everything is working for me now with ping assist, thank you for the advice and reply.
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    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    Yes, when SFP+ port works as Internet port (WAN port), the original Internet port will work as "LAN" port.
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    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    The 10Gtek 1000Base-T SFP works like a charm for $20 on the XR700. For the first time in a long time, no packet loss or WAN drops tonight, very happy, cheap and easy fix. 👍 Forgive the size of the pic, I have an ultrawide monitor. Does the old WAN port act as a LAN port if SFP is used? At least thats what it looks like.
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    Just plugged the SFP right into the SFP slot next to the WAN port while powered off. DumaOS recognizes it and uses it as WAN port automatically. No setup needed and for $20, still stable. The LAG I created between the XR700 and my S8008 nighthawk switch, however seems to be going down every few hours for 3 seconds then back up again, log says LAG inactive then LAG active 3 seconds later. So I disabled the LAG and am just using using a single connection between it and the switch to see how it acts. But the WAN issue looks to be resolved with the 10Gtek SFP adapter.
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    Xr500 Geo-Filter Legend

    Thanks for the explanation. I'll try out the settings you suggested.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Xr500 Geo-Filter Legend

    They won't necessarily have a ping over 40ms. They're showing because they're within the radius. Reduce your radius to just cover that server, turn ping assist to 0 and you should be able to force it. You won't always see the player icons of those who are in the game. That one may be out of your radius but connected to the server, you can't influence who connects to the server
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    Netduma Fraser

    Change Router IP Address

    That's odd, does it work if you do Is your subnet still
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    Netduma Jack

    Question on dns R1 duma OS

    I think what Admin is suggesting is that you should downgrade to the version where DNS is working, set up your DNS, then upgrade again and ignore the DNS settings. The DNS settings should be applied despite what it says. It's not a 'fix' (i.e it's not fixing the button turning on / off by itself) but it will allow you to configure your DNS even without a fix. I'm thinking this whole issue will be resolved soon
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    Hi, welcome to the forum! I'd recommend Ping Assist as well - try setting your Geo-Filter radius to the smallest value, then put your home location in the sea. That effectively turns off the 'Distance' filter. Then, set Ping Assist to 50ms. You'll now only connect to games below 50ms
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    Duma OS Logs

    Thank you for your advice Pollutionblues! Would you recommend I activate the VPN in the NetDuma OS, or would I be ok without it? Thanks again.
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    Duma OS Logs

    Don’t worry about the logs, they are only for developers and are perfectly normal. if your only getting lag when you ADS or are in gunfights then it sounds like it’s your your opponents who have high pings or the servers are poor. You could try forcing servers in different locations to see if that helps. If you wanted to rule out any issues on your end you could run some PingPlotter tests.
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    Xr500 Geo-Filter Legend

    Icons with the dashed circle are players/ servers that have been found by ping assist. the icons with solid circles are whitelisted servers, they are either authentication servers (servers the game needs to get you online) or you have added them to your allow list.
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    Thank you for the reply Fraser, l will leave my settings here just for future reference. Settings; xr500 firmware V2.3.2.40 isp speed- 75 down, 7.5 up qos anti-bufferbloat- always 70% on both geo-filter- on playstation 4, radius 1000 kms location- calgary, alberta, canada ping assist- 50
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    For a start I wouldn't be using DSLReports. Bufferbloat only occurs when your network is saturated and that test won't do it so the results you're getting may indicate the settings you have are perfect when they're not. Would recommend following this guide in order to test it properly http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-test-your-connection The PS4 browser will be old technology so the test isn't likely to work as well as on a PC. Cables are relatively cheap so I'd go up to Cat6 if you can
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    Hey Jack good news, after l have downloaded the new update for black ops 4 l tried looking for a game with filter mode on and it seems that everything is ok now, things to note though that when the game first came out everything was working fine until treyarch patched something and everything went bad. I believe that netduma users that was suffering from "lobby not joinable" error should be fine now like I am, thank you for the support netduma team, l believe we are in good hands in your watch.
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    Netduma Jack

    P2P on bo4

    The way BO4 is coded now is causing similar problems for others too. Since the game runs a vital network check at the start before you get into the game, it'll put you on a great lobby at first but then your situation could change. There are folks who reload the game every time to get a dedicated server easily at the start. CoD used to run that same network check every time you search for a game. No idea why they'd want to change that.
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    Netduma Jack

    No full speeds on DumaOS

    That sounds promising! Lets not jinx it though if anything else happens just let us know.
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    Netduma Jack

    WiFi issues with R1 on dumaOS

    Thanks George
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    if you purchase what you need from amazon you can always return them for a full refund.
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    Netduma Fraser

    No full speeds on DumaOS

    What're the settings you use for it? As long as you used the same WAN IP it should work just fine. What changed between when it worked and when it didn't, it was setup optimally as far as I'm aware. You shouldn't lose connection on the R1 if you set a static IP (preferably keeping the same IP it had) for the Netduma on the ISP hub, did you do that?
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    Welcome to the forum It's possible that there aren't any servers in that location but Ping Assist should mitigate that issue. Could you screenshot the Geo-Filter when you're searching for a game? What results do you get, or do you not see servers on the map when you search?
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    Netduma Jack

    XR500 internet connection drop

    Hi Mai - I'll forward this on to our testing team just to see if there has been any progress with this particular issue, and I'll update you on what they say
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    Could you follow these two guides please and after that, reboot your game. Should play great after this: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000077072-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-geo-filter http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087579--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-ping-assist if not, could you take a screenshot of your Geo-Folter page and post it on here so we can take a look
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    Please read this everyone

    I recently upgraded to new dumar os fw and think its great but its missing one thing important i think In network monitor it now does not show you what ports the game you play is connected to uses In cod bo4 i used this feature all the time In cod bo4 everytime you would join a new lobby it would show us new ports it was connected to. You would always be connected to two ports in every game this first port is always port 3074 udp the second was always diffrent ever new lobby you join uses diffrent ports If you stayed in the same lobby for an hour the two ports would be the same for an hour or how long you stayed in that lobby . Once you change lobbys the game changes ports it uses so you need to put new ports in traffic priortaztion I think this is why the connection keeps varying HERES WHY ITS IMPORTANT when i put in the ports it uses for that game in traffic priortization my hit registration would get a lot lot better i did this before on cod ww2 and it helped my hit registration .And on cod bo4 Somtimes i would do this during a game. i would be playing a game and struggling to get a kill then in same lobby same people playing i would enter those port number in and the hit registration was great easier kills EVEN IF YOUR NOT PLAYING COD you still might need it for other games. i used it for all my other games to help get a better connection and i would like to use it in the future for new games I really dont wanna downgrade to an older fw just to use this feature as it was so GREAT SO ANY GAME YOU WANNA SEE WHAT PORTS IT USES YOU NEED THIS As some games it dosent tell you all the ports it uses I would love to use this for red dead redemption 2 online when its released soon Fraser told me if enough peole want this feture back in the firmware they would put it back in SO I JUST PUT A POLL UP SO PLEASE VOTE THANKY YOU So i am asking any who might use it before or might wanna use it in the future please post a comment here saying they would like to see it in i future update I hope i made sence sorry for any typos And please post to say you would like it the more people who say they want it they saidthey would reinstall it if the demands there Thanks
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    No worries, we'll get an email over to you, likely tomorrow!