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    Sure - there's just a couple more steps to take, but at this stage it's extremely minor stuff. DumaOS is running extremely well on the R1. It makes us feel proud of the Mikrotik hardware if anything; it's clear that it still packs a punch! Just to clarify, we aren't going to release a launch date or build expectations this time. After the last delay I hope you can understand why - instead, we plan on dropping DumaOS very soon unannounced. It'll be ridiculously easy to upgrade, just like installing any new R1 firmware. Looking forwards, once you all have DumaOS installed you should consider it to be the beginning. DumaOS is cross-platform; any feature released for the Netgear routers should make its way to the R1 as well unless there are exceptional circumstances. This means fan-favourites like Ping Assist or brand new features will be released for you guys long into the future. There could also be unique features on the R1 version of DumaOS, such as an entirely rebuilt settings suite. Please don't take my word as absolutely accurate, especially later on - I'm just telling you what I know personally. I wish I could tell you an estimate of when it could be launched but it'd be defeating the purpose at this point!
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    Ring Doorbell Help

    Hi Make sure that your router is not on channel 13 only 11 or less. Ring does not support above 11, I had the same issue and found the router on auto, soon as I brought it down to 11 all connected and worked fine. Hammy
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    Check this link out for clarification. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000069627-1-03-6j
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    According to this, yes: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/11018-major-netduma-upgrade-now-available-v-1036j/
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    This is a great summary. Our Hybrid VPN feature allows you to use any OpenVPN provider (most are). You can then select which devices and applications you want to apply the VPN to. We can't give a release date because it's a big feature and is going through NETGEAR's testing right now. Hopefully it won't be long though.
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    Netduma Admin

    Xr500 priority stops working

    Hi Mik - could you delete the Xbox from the manually added list because it will already be detected by DumaOS classified games. Let's then see if that solves the problem.
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    Xr500 priority stops working

    You really only need to add the xbox to devices in Geo Filter and leave Duma classified games ticked and remove the xbox from the Traffic prioritisation section I would think.
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    I thought that was weird. I got online for the first time in a while since I'm waiting for my new ISP line to go live, and after randomly deciding to do a test it was like it ignored my CC sliders. Well, I got the loss of bandwidth but there was bloat all over the place lol. I wasn't considering the update because I was distracted while downloading that, so I forgot about it. Something else is weird. Normally you can use MTU as low as 1356 on the PS4 before getting a "router in use may not support ip packet fragmentation" warning. A Netalyzr test told me my line has path MTU issues and ever since then I've seen that warning come up on my PS4. My line type is FTTC (VDSL2) so the correct MTU is 1492, but the PS4 will only accept 1500 now and not anywhere between 1356 and 1499 as before. Interestingly when I remove the R1 from the equation, use 1492 on my TP Link modem (or set it up in bridge mode where you can't manually change the MTU) and type in 1492 on the PS4, the connection test completes quickly with no warning. I wonder if the R1 is struggling with MTU in general, both when set to auto and not. When I used to manually type in everything applicable to my network on the R1, setting 1492 MTU gave me 1484, and 1484 gave me 1476 etc. 🤔
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    R1 issues

    Ping assist is for outside your geo filter so if a game outside your filter matches or is below the threshold set. The ping can be any range within your filter and it will be allowed. Back when I used the geo (I do not feel the need to use it with dedicated servers games I only use it for P2P games) I would set my assist to 0 and only search within the geo or make my geo tiny and place it in the sea and use the ping assist so I only had games within the ping assist range (remembering to add about 30ms on top of my base ping)
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    thanks for the info bro. gonna check it out when i can. peace bro
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    XR 500 wired Disconnections

    Hi Big Dog, I checked my sync in the modem and its been up for 1 day and 17 hours which was the last time i reset all my devices. I have disabled instant on and will see if that works, and I have also turned off UPNP in the asus as well. I will see how that goes. Kind Regards, Rob.
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    XR500 + Netgear X6S Mesh Network

    Wow! That is super fast. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the update once it has been approved from both sides for us to get. Much appreciated for rectifying the issue as fast as you can.
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    VPN Users Required

    I'm with Big_Dog. Go ahead and get the community a stable release and continue to do testing behind the scene with any other features.
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    VPN Users Required

    It may be a good idea to release R1OS and then test the hybrid VPN as there's already rumblings of this being seen as a further setback in the release. Just saying as I am starting to see 1 or 2 posts starting to emerge!
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    Destiny 2

    No worries, I've got to say things have improved significantly from when I first used this in late D1 and early D2 on console, where I was constantly getting kicked from games etc. I had to stop using it. So far on PC I've only been error coded/kicked 3 times in over 100 hours, and been able to make full use of the geo filter, which on PC is essential due to the smaller playerbase.
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    Could you perform a line test please and upload your results here: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23881-ping-plotter-quick-guide/
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    I've moved this post and Oleg's previous one into this thread, so it can be managed in one place. @OlegP - please could you read KillHippie's great advice above. The first step is to factory reset your router after the upgrade to see if that fixes your issues. Then could you bullet point the issues that are still present and we can take it from there. Thanks.
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    I got the same results when I did some speedtests on dslreports via playstation. I dont know which one to believe the ones made with the pc or the ps4. On the pc I get triple A+ from CC settings 80 down and 90up all the way down to 20 and 40. 18ms ping to the server but gameplays still suck and lag is everywhere.
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    Trying to figure out why some people are getting disconnects. I have my xr500 running on a separate notwork to my main network and it has been running fine for weeks untouched. Not sure it is a firmware issue or not but it should be happening to a lot of users if it was i imagine........I always do a factory reset whenever I install new firmware on a router whatever the manufacturer!
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    I already gave it and talked about it...been a month i'm telling it !!! You are the same person that told me almost the same answer couple of days ago....and i'll tell the same again...that doesn't make sens since We Already Can ban dedis and peers....except when there is a problem...and now it's been more than a month that we have this problem which affect Everybody and All platforms and All os since it's the Cloud having these huge problems for over a month and affecting everybody...and as you know they all share the same Cloud !!!!!!!!!! Every unwanted dedis are all on my deny list and never shows up !!! The only times i temp ban a dedi is when it's a new one and i then set it to be in deny list...followed by a temp ban which Always succeed....except with problematic ones like this one and also when one of my usual allowed Montreal dedis is not running optimaly aka at full speed ...and even then i always can temp ban them successfully !!! So original os or duma os and duma os beta all do the same...and if i can't temp ban this problematic id: ccb9b580566b1d22 .... it's because it's a Cloud Problem and duma os will not overpass this !!! With this problem also come the problem with auto cloud and the problem with bleeding edge...problems that firstly start exactly at the same time you guys did add this : id: ccb9b580566b1d22 which is a day before the ps4 second weekend of bo4 beta and it was the first weekend of xb1 !!! I've gave you guys lot of infos and screenshots on a multitude of places including here...also i found a way to overpass these problems while you guys fix this Cloud and i shared it with others also as helping them directly with my working solutions !!! Still some of my posts got deleted and modified even if i was helping !!! PS: It affect all platforms aka R1 XR450 XR500 XR700 on all OS since i repeat it's a CLOUD PROBLEM not an os problem !!! With your delay duma os will come out and everybody will be complaining thinkin it's the os fault while it will still be these Cloud problems...wait a minute...everybody is alreay complaining everywhere against Netduma thinkin it's related to the Os or to their components aka r1 og os and duma os beta xr450 xr500 xr700... 😂😂😂 but they all wrong (except the rare ones with real defective components) and i've proved it by giving them my working solutions !!! So fix this before releasing Duma Os guys cause it will have a fatal impact while in fact the new Os will be flawless...but not the cloud 😐 ...till you fix it !!! I also take screenshots of everything i post in case of abusive people modifying or deleting my posts....and/or for proofs and/or references !!! 👽🍻✌
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    DMZ on Smart Hub

    Excellent, I will give it a go later thanks
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    XR 500 wired Disconnections

    does it do this with just the asus you said? Have you checked your dsl log under system tab to see if it is resyncing with your isp network to rule out a line fault? It will tell you how long your connection has been active for! The dsl active uptime is different from your router up time. EXAMPLE >>>>>>>>> you loose connection again make a note of the exact time if it occurs while you are there. Then, go to your system log in asus and go to dsl and let's say it happend 1hr 42 mins ago if you have a dsl line issue your dsl log should say uptime 1hr 42 mins which will mean you lost isp connection and is probably a line fault or maybe a faulty asus dsl ac68u or even it is not quite configured correctly for your isp causing connection drops and resyncing! I personally think you have a line fault as I also just checked and you had a netgear modem also which it did it too. If i am correct in my thinking your dsl uptime log will prove it. Therefore it is an issue for your isp/phone company to fix for you. Sorry for late response but I have been in meetings all afternoon here in the UK.
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    Anyone else struggling to find WW2 lobbies

    Hey DMC_81 Some great advice. I always do all of "Also look in dhcp lease to lease every devices hooked so they all have their own ip instead of sharing the same ips !!! And don't use profiles !!! Set your radius to your needs and set ping assist at 0 aka OFF !!! Test like that first and when ya'll find out that it work better ya'll then be able to use that ping assist if ya want or need it !!! Auto ping host should be On and auto ping peers should be OFF !!! " this as my standard set up so no change there. I previously have tried playing with the Whitelist, Game server and Map but was using 42,40,28 and it made no difference. I tried 43,41,29 and online connection and fetching profile happened almost instantly. Cap off to you man!
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    constant issues with QoS not working

    I was told by Fraser on twitter to post in the 1 on 1.... My question is why bother setting a ping limiter if im still going to connect to services with pings well over 100ms? Also this happens to all games, CoD, R6, Fortnite, H1Z1, no matter what game I am playing i get high ping with no control. Also with the use of QoS, no matter what settings, percentage, reactive/ preemptive, share excess on/off, reducing the amount used on all other devices in the home to 0 and Hyper traffic my console is constantly being throttled and gets lower speeds which is shown in the network monitor graph. This has been happening since the day I got the R1 and i already reached out for help, and nothing got fixed but I was told to get better internet, even though before purchasing the device i specifically asked if it worked well with the internet speeds i was getting and was assured by both yourself and Fraser that yes the R1 and the QoS is excellent for lower internet speeds.
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    There are 2 types of ethernet cables, STP and UTP. STP (shielded Twisted Pair) are the better choice of the 2. They help protect the data flowing through them from electrical and radio interference. A lot of folk just pick up cables without checking if they are STP or UTP. UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) are mainly used in home networks mainly shipped with devices that come with ethernet cables (like a cheap ass isp supplied modem/router).