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    It’s a known issue. Here’s the tweet from Activision Support.
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    Please look into QoS: - Device Independant Type of Service prioritization, capable of re-ordering various common ports/traffic types as needed. Allowing a "custom port" option would go a long way as well. - More common protocol types in the prioritization fields than just tcp and udp, as sctp has become a common protocol for gaming, for example. As well, "all" or "0" would be a useful option for full device prioritization. NAT/Port Forwarding: - Real full cone support (I can link the patches if it helps) or a dedicated console dmz would be very helpful. - Again, more protocols supported for forwarding. Thanks and have a good one! Edit: For QoS, device prioritization as a separate option from bandwidth slice would be good too, as often the services whose packets we need to go out first don't necessarily require high bandwidth. Also, offline devices NEED to be removed from QoS calculation AUTOMATICALLY. Frankly, I was surprised to see that I needed to remove an offline device from dhcp reservation and manually update the distribution table when a device leaves the network. You guys need to base distribution solely on connection status because I don't want to have to manually update router settings every time I turn off a computer.
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    UPnP Drop and Not Working

    Keep having the issue with after adjusting QOS a bunch to find sweet spot the UPnP drops everything and will not pick anything up. Turning it off and rebooting and turning it back on will not work. Only way i have got this to correct is to factory reset. I have also noticed the ports do not drop after use like it should unless immediately after a factory reset. Ports Black Ops 4 uses with 3075 pick up and will not be released sometimes for atleast 12hrs. I have adjusted time to live to around 5 mins to experiment, hops to 25 to see if they are failing to make it to destination in time. Nothing seems to work after a period of time as per say, a week.
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    NETGEAR have released a new firmware for the XR700 which includes stability fixes. You can download the firmware from here: https://kb.netgear.com/000060660/XR700-Firmware-Version-1-0-1-10 Change log: USB driver update to support Apple File System (APFS) Login password enhancement DHCP option 60 support for Internet configuration Bug Fixes: Improves system stability Fixes security vulnerability issues Fixes the issue where Orange France IPTV does not work with the new UHD TV decoder
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    Netduma Jack

    PS4 SDD broken?

    Yeh it'll probably be dust, I agree with Big Dog. It'll be outside of warranty anyway so you don't need to worry about voiding it when you open it up, just don't lose any screws!
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    If it becomes popular Netduma should look into their protocol from game packets so DumaOS can prioritise them over the streams packets. It may introduce frame drops / stutters though.
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    I am not trying to be negative but I would not pick a cloud gaming service as a primary gaming platform over an actual console or PC that I can control and view locally. I'd rather wait a short while for game downloads and updates so I can have those privileges, thanks. Stadia is being marketed as being "better than having the hardware in your home because you don't have to download the games" like that's more important than input lag and diluted image quality. Sure it would be a convenient service to some but it's not a better gaming platform than a local system. It may be a fit for some but not for me.
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    For the pro gamer and those that play a lot of fps games cloud gaming will not work due to the lag. In the article it says that the controller will connect to googles servers via wifi, we all know what wifi does for online shooters!!!!!! I will be giving it a miss and won't be spending my money on it!
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    Your ISP Speed input

    well I'm gonna take back what I said, and put it this way. with Qos set to minimize my speed or adjust it to lower than %100, results in a much better bufferbloat, and jitter spikes are way less.
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    Netduma Fraser

    300mb con netduma y plc

    It means with QoS enabled - Anti-Bufferbloat, Bandwidth Allocation & Traffic Prioritization/Deep Packet Inspection then the maximum is 150mbps. By disabling these features by disabling QoS in Anti-Bufferbloat's 3 line menu it will allow you to get higher speeds
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    Hey Ted, I just attempted to replicate this issue on the R1 with the latest firmware. I put my geofilter in the ocean and set my ping assist threshold to 10ms and I was repeatedly successful at getting a game in black out. I also set it to 2ms and failed to get a game ever. This seems to be the correct behaviour. Based on the information you have provided, the geofilter does seem to not be working for you. I recommend a factory reset to get it working again.
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    Hallo zusammen, mit Link hat es geklappt ... aber ich komme nicht mit den Zugangsdaten in meinem Router ... mit der Installationssoftware ubdate hat es funktioniert, weil ich im Internet bin ... Aber die angegebenen Login-Daten werden Sie nicht akzeptieren ändern ... bitte eine E-Mail oder eine private Nachricht an mich ... Vielen Dank Hi, have the router reset button reset back and then it worked with the login ... You are a great team thank you
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    Ok Netduma!

    All right guys just when I was losing faith that this router was just a good paperweight you completely redeem yourself! It was brought to my attention last week that maybe I should try setting my Geofilter location out in the ocean. I figured sure I'll try anything once. Well I play D2 and the results were dramatic. First match and every match since, hit reg is on point, enemies feel sticky, no ghost bullets, no being shot through walls, no more getting insta melted and the radar is accurate. Here's a vid of The Recluse in action post new settings. I had to raise my ping assist to 80 instead of the suggested 40 because it wouldn't find anyone to play with. Easiest setup in the world. I do have a couple questions though. 1. First of all, is there anything I can do to filter matchmaking when I'm not fireteam leader? 2. Is it in my best interest to have my ping assist # set as low as I possibly can while still finding matches? 3. Is it safe to assume that if I'm experiencing no lag with this setup, my fireteam members also benefit when it comes to lag?
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    Open nat on ps4 and xbox one s

    Ok, I will update you as soon I can do that. Thanks
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    These are some great suggestions. I'd love to see diagnostics make a return, and there's a whole lot more diagnostic capabilities we could build when we do it. Built in speed test is also something we'd like! We'll see where future milestones take us; 2019 will be an exciting year for new features, so keep an eye out for 1.4!
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    Netduma Admin

    Rebooting R1 for Modules to work

    Thanks for all the info. Yes, could you try and downgrade back to the original R1 firmware and let us know if it's then stable for you. Guide here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000085792-downgrading-back-to-the-original-r1-firmware-from-dumaos
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    Even if they have implemented game input traffic prioritisation from game stream traffic (which I am doubtful) WiFi is half duplex 😆
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    R1 WiFi dying

    It is quite a trooper, I've moved it to a different part of the house now to see if it improves.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Open nat on ps4 and xbox one s

    I'm responding to RehivaE, your post didn't say anything. If you're having the same issue please make a new topic and we can help you there.
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    I have never been able to get my ping plotter to look good while using DumaOS tbh. My line looks great when idle, but even at 70/70 I still don’t get even an A quality rating, and my line looks like the one you showed where it’s jittery kinda. Only reactive algorithm ever gave me A’s all accross, that or using something like fq_codel on ddwrt.
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    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.10

    It’s been stable so far. No connection drop🙂
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    300mb con netduma y plc

    Hola Zeru, bienvenido al foro! Has configurado tus nuevas velocidades en el R1? Al estar conectado tambien atraves de un Plc puedes sufrir algo de perdidas, sobre todo si no los tienes bien conectados o si la red electrica de la casa tiene algun problema. Los Plc siempre tienen que ir enchufados directamente a un enchufe de la pared , ninguno de los 2 receptores debe estar conectado a una regleta o similar. Un saludo!
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    restart router, that will allow you to delete it.
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    Might consider this since I think I'm gonna sell the XR500. On Amazon its only £20 cheaper than the XR500. Maybe not then...
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    New Cloud update is out with more accurate server location for Apex. Please click Flush Cloud to install this new database. Reminder on how to do this: Go to the Geo-Filter In the Geo-Filter Map options, click Flush Cloud - wait about 45 seconds for this to complete. If you own a Netduma R1, a message will probably appear that says "The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App." Don't worry if you see this, just click OK and wait a further 15 seconds. The new Cloud will have installed in the background Before you boot up the game, we recommend you set your Geo-Filter range around your favourite server region for Apex. If you want to be stricter, you can just put the range around one server, but this will result in more games being blocked. Then boot up the game - the Geo-Filter will both encourage the game to give you a server within your range and if the game gives you one outside of it, the server will be blocked. One final point - in testing we sometimes would not be able to join the pre-game lobby after completing a game. If this happens to you, please restart the game. Please let us know how you get on with this latest upgrade. ___ Full setup guide here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000091840-apex-legends-geo-filter Reminder on server locations: