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    Upnp problem

    This is something that is known bug with the DumaOS. What I usually do, I would power down my console. Then I would head into the DumaOS settings and disable UPNP. I would then reboot the router. I would wait about a minute or two, and then once it's fully booted. I would head back into the settings and Enable UPNP. Then power on my console, and go to the playstation or xbox network settings and click "test internet connection". Then I would boot up said game i.e. COD, and check if it's open NAT. As you mentioned, original OS works, so this should work. - Tray
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    Bonjour J’écris ce petit mot afin de remercier tout ceux qui m’ont aidé. A résoudre mon problème. Je tiens à remercier tout particulièrement Cécé pour sa gentillesse et pour la patience dont il a su faire preuve afin de m’aider. Merci Bon game à vous !!!!!
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    Rebooting R1 for Modules to work

    After working with DumaOS on the R1 for a little bit, I've noticed that I have to reboot my router everyday in order to get the various modules to run. At some-point during the day they will not load anymore and the only thing I can do is to reboot the router. The Modules that don't load are: Device Manager - Full page QOS - Anti-bufferbloat loads but nothing else loads Geo-filter - Map loads but the devices don't. Network Monitor - Nothing loads System Information - Everything Loads Network Settings - Wan loads but nothing else. I don't know if someone else posted this. Thanks
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    R1 and 1000 mbps connection?

    "Netduma R1 Owners: the maximum speed you can achieve on the Netduma R1 with all features enabled is around 200mbps". link- http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-speeds I have the same speed on my fiber isp 1G down and 200 up, with QOS off i have 600~700.
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    2 questions on ping assist

    Glad to hear it working. As this reminded me of the old way some would do it on the original OS. Ping Assist v2, is too smooth. - Tray
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    R1 and 1000 mbps connection?

    The speeds with the QOS will be hindered, but you will be able to use the R1 with those speeds if you disable the QOS and enable "Super Turbo" feature.
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    Hope this Helps

    It's quite interesting to me that when you change the router DHCP address, you will get a different experience. You mentioned the iqrouter having it's Lan Anddress being one thing, your home router and Duma being another. Seems like to me that much of the information that being different from each of the routers is also the mac address being used, with the possibility a change in the actual dynamic address that is sent from the IP to the modem then to the router. Reason I say this is because, ISP know the name and model of the router just based of the mac address that is input into their database. So as you was cycling through the various routers(of course mac associated with them), you was given a IP for that device. I find it quite interesting just changing the LAN address the router connects, would be a significant change in what is happening here. I would say this would be quite the rarity that I heard about such a case, but as you mentioned about the actual location showcasing false information i.e. fort polk. Just my hypothesis, but if the change in router address and DNS is helping, that's great news to know you're experiencing fun gaming. - Tray
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    Rebooting R1 for Modules to work

    Hi there As requested, my dashboard froze and you can see that the CPU is running at 100%. Was using Netflix at the time Look forward to hearing your thinking.. Stuart
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    Hope this Helps

    Yes sir im in the us Louisiana. i've basically have been change routers to see which would give me the best game play and just comparing them in general but the duma was on dumos was horrible it was showing that 143ms ping game in us i couldn't even see servers in the us i also couldn't get into a game unless it was the server. So i switched to the iqrouter and i notice the game play got noticeably better but there was no consistency i might have a good hit registration one game the next 10 horrible. I initially thought that i was being put on another server the games where the bullet registrations was horrible so i would just check the in game network stats and compare the from game to game and i noticed the ping would be consistent but the game play wasn't. So would i then did was compare my in game pings between the two routers and on the duma i was receiving 100ms to 140ms on the iqrouter it was 25ms to my 50ms. (note: on the duma the ping was also corresponding with cods in game stats just a few ms off). from the i looked at my network setting on both router and compared them side by side threw pictures and everything was similar only main difference was the addresses. it also hit me the before i had the duma and iqrouter my isp modem router combo would have an address different from both the duma and the iqrouter and also instead of using 192.168._._ as and default gateway and dns my isp supplied modem router combo would us 192.168._._ as a default gateway and the dns would be 208.180._._. and that's what made me try changing the address.Just to put a little more info out there i have tried almost every possible fix you can try manual port forwarding, throttling connection,dmz, playing on wifi (lol) although i play wired, buying new lan cables, new montior, etc nothing made a difference.The Iqrouter was and their company is based out of Seattle i believe becuase the cod network showed that for the location and when i hook up the duma it show my correct city it could be wrong because sometime it show my city as fort polk the military base that is 5 mins away but close enough. But i put the iqrouter's address in to the duma and played awhile like that and i was finally able to see us servers because before the servers wouldn't even show on the map but the ping would be 50 ms sometimes thirty and it was never a dedi so may on the iqrouter alone i wasnt playing on dedis seeing that i wasnt able to find one using that address while on the duma. the minute i switch the address the difference was night and day i was to dedis one north east and one on the west coast in call both 17ms to 22ms the gun fights were amazing some won some loss but i wasnt being killed by a lagging bullet sponge. also threw testing i kept my filter setting the same with the different addresses using the default address i couldn't get in a game until i turned the filter of and it would show a uk server and on in the ocean. with the iqrouter's address i got games in the us that were peer to peer but with ping assist the pings were decent. But the change to my isp address have made all the difference. I do plan to change my dns to the isp also but right now im enjoy the game too much im not ready just yet.But i will sometime this weekend dont know if it will make a difference but default gateway has really made a HUGE Difference.
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    Honest Opinion/Answer? please

    R1 cannot handle gigabit speeds, best you could possibly get is 800mbps. Are you testing wirelessly? If so then that maybe your problem. Do a wired test from a pc/laptop to get a more reliable result. I have all 3 routers but you should get 100mbps no sweat. Also what version FW is your R1 running?
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    XR500 Firmware V2.3.2.32 released

    Thank you all for responding and valuable feedback
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    gigabit internet

    Yeah, DumaOS is much easier to run than the original firmware, so you can get pretty good speeds. That's the R1 with DumaOS, running behind my Verizon G1100 router, with QoS disabled.
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    Optimal settings for Netflix and gaming

    A spare 30mbps? I can only dream that we'll even get to 10mbps... Stuck on 6 since the aughts. Thanks for the advice. Worked great last night.
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    Netduma Jack

    Patch 1.06 (148 megas)

    Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing this, hopefully someone can benefit from that set-up. We believe port forwarding improving gameplay is a placebo, but even if it is, it doesn't matter. If you're having a better time because of it, that's fantastic
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    As it stands Netgear users are very frustrated with their current duma OS due to: The Geo Filter Currently doesn't work as it should due to cloud server misplacement issues The Allow and deny servers doesn't work either as it should due to whatever issues etc QoS kinda works better on the download then the upload (for me anyways) These core components of DUMA OS are the reason a large majority of the people bought this gaming router in the first place These problems should be treated with highest of priority by Netduma within a timely manner there is no need to keep passing the blame on to netgear or avoiding peoples questions regarding these matters There needs to be more transparency with your consumers acknowledging what the current problems are because everybody I see coming to the forum at this current time is asking the same set of questions Please dedicate a pinned thread telling people of known issues and workarounds if any Not doing so is just adding to the frustration of the consumers as well as yourselves its wasting a lot of peoples time Also What is so wrong in offering us ping assist in beta at this time if you unable to offer any respite with the current problems it may help We may be able to work it out together Some how there must be a way to solve the current divide that is starting to become more apparent as the days go on What I'm failing to understand is the R-apps where initially created for a specific reason by Netduma and that is ease of expandability Most of these DUMA OS features are an R-App and are Independent to Netgears actual router firmware Quotes from this link - https://rapps.dumaos.com "R-Apps are independent features on your router. Just like an app on your smartphone, each R-App solves a problem to give you the best connection possible. It is so easy to add new R-Apps to your router. This extendibility means you will always have the latest, powerful features to take control of your network. Yet as Netgear DUMO OS Users we are unable to test the new R_apps in beta ourselves or even experience them or have our issues fixed without having to wait for them to be implemented by Netgear as part of their annual/ seasonal router firmware update whenever that may be The current issues are unacceptable and even more-so with the new features being released on the R1 that Netgear users may find beneficial right now
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    Wake On Lan

    I think it would be a nice feature to have a built in wake on LAN within the DumaOS device map. The way I could see it working is if the device type is set to PC and it is in the offline section when you click on the device it could show the option to Wake Up. The router could then send a magic packet destined for the computers MAC address and if properly configured the PC would power on.
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    Sadly ive gone back to the R7800. I miss DumaOS but streamboost works well enough and I'm using Voxels firmware so I know the GPL packages that he can change will be much more up to date than either the XR500 and XR700, both which are using old versions of OpenSSL to begin with yet again <sigh> Tbh I have a great line, without QoS I get pings to London of 7ms from he south coast and 33ms to Germany, I live on my own so things are more under my control, and I have very low latency, in fact I started getting better results on the XR500 with everything turned off towards the end. None of this is the fault of the Neduma guys, but Netgear should realise you cant run a gaming router with quarterly (ish) updates and now the XR500 is at the back of the line behind the R1, a router with a 600Mhz processor that seems to preform better than the Qualcomm/ Annapurna units with their bigger more powerful cores and more powerful wifi. I just need a router that I can game with and stream with and the XR500 was not really good at being a gaming router with the issues it has any more for me, and its way to buggy after being out 9 months as a home router too. I cant even have basic access control, let alone work out what's online and offline as things get stuck in the Network monitor sometimes and when I'm not gaming I would like to be able to use IPv6, no matter what it is 2018 and my ISP natively supports it. IPv6 may not help gaming much but if DumaOS can't use IPv6 maybe it should recognise non gaming traffic and let IPv6 work when its just being used as a non gaming router. Maybe this could be possible in a future update? I'm not sure about Netgear though as their IPv6 implementation filters ICMP, which it shouldn't. They wont change their mind and i'm guessing it would mean maybe a major overhaul of their firewall code maybe, who knows but they are certainly not bothered about it as its been going on since way before the R7000 was launched. Asus routers manage to deal with IPv6 this just fine. Netgear are way to slow with updates too, they even left in a bug using the '/' symbol that effects passwords that I found and reported on the R7800 which was fixed last year. ( The R7800 has exactly the same internal hardware as the XR500 with 128 MB less flash memory as its not running DumaOS, so it has 512MB ram 128MB flash compared with XR500's 512MB ram 256MB flash) You can see really see here that a smaller company that cares about its product can push out updates very quickly, unlike Netgear, whose firmware in my opinion feels like its just getting worse with each update. I'll go back to Netduma when they make a more powerful router, I need wireless 802.11ac to stream 4K but I don't want a three box set up (Modem, router and another router as a access point) but for me at least the XR500 is underperforming, and Netduma cant really do anything about it as their hands are tied and now they are up and running with the R1 (good for them) I think Netgear is starting to look like are fading memory in some ways. Netgear have fragmented DumaOS basically as I see it.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Nat type

    Follow this first please: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000076587-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-open-nat likely need to DMZ or use modem mode
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    Did you try Jack's suggestion? Once updated it's admin / password, if that doesn't work factory reset using the button at the back of the router, then it'll be admin / password
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    just downloaded and updated the new firmware. everything good so far. when trying to view duma homepage from console or phone its stuck on a authorization required squeen. use to be able to do it on the older version before duma os. geo filter still dropping the whole lobby back to the main menu and dropping everyone. have to restart game got geo filter set to 500mi, home pin set to where i live. and the lobbies so far are really bad ping 50 to 350 also keep getting this error when trying to flush the cloud (The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App.)
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    Foedus Gratiae

    Rebooting R1 for Modules to work

    Yes, the speed in which the interface loads. I have a 2011 mac mini. 750 GB SSD, 16GB ram. It's not my computer. I use Chrome. The new OS takes a long time to load. I often receive errors when it's attempting to load. I have to restart far too often since I upgraded. Yes, I like the design and features of the new OS, but I've had more crashes, stalls, and hangs ups in the week with the new OS than my entire two years with the old OS. And in another post, someone mentioned the inconsistent NAT readings. with new OS I was OPEN on xbox but showing moderate in game. Someone said that doesn't matter, but it was taking me a long time to get into lobbies and even with a limited GEO filter the lobby was a mess. Downgraded and the NAT issue is resolved and I am in lobbies faster and they are still not as good as they were before Treyarch bumbled things with the latest update, but they are better than before. I also was constantly getting the unable to join message with new OS.
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    Foedus Gratiae

    Rebooting R1 for Modules to work

    I always though original R! OS was slow. After downgrading back to J I realize how much more stable and quicker it is than the new OS. Ugh...
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    Unfortunately, I don't think I can do this test for you, unless I reconfigure another device as a router, which, at this point in time, isn't possible. Hopefully the other guys here can assist with that test, although each case can end up being different. Based on what I'm seeing, I think it is an issue with the R1. I'll have to do some further testing to confirm, but I believe there are 2 reasons for that: 1) In-game voice chat doesn't seem to work when the in-game NAT is 'Moderate'. Xbox Live party chat works fine, but then again, the console NAT is reported as 'Open' so that makes sense that there is no chat issues there. Since the in-game NAT is different (different UPnP ports), it might be interfering with the in-game voice chat. Could it be that the UPnP stack in the R1 is tying up the port that CoD wants to use, from a previous session? Stabbing in the dark here... 2) To further my thinking that this is an R1 issue, and the strongest evidence so far, is that last night, after seeing an in-game 'Moderate' NAT, I rebooted the R1, rebooted my console, and afterwards both console and in-game NAT reported 'Open'. I did not reboot my Internet modem, so I think that immediately eliminates that from what may be causing the issue. With that evidence, I'm not sure your proposed test will be successful in eliminating the R1. If other testers report that both console and in-game NAT remain open over multiple days and gaming sessions, then that firmly points to the R1 as the source of the problem. On the flip side, finding games doesn't seem to be an issue, mostly because the game is so popular right now that there doesn't seem to be any shortage of multiplayer games, so finding one even with a 'Moderate' NAT seems to be working just fine. You wouldn't really notice this as an issue unless you knew there was only 1 MP game running, and you couldn't connect to it, or, with the sheer number of games running, finding a lobby took multiple minutes instead of less than 5 seconds the way it is right now. I'm sure some of my assumptions are way off, in which case, please correct me . Just glad we can work together on trying to get this resolved
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    You can pin whatever you want to the dashboard. Go to the page of the feature you want to pin i.e. GeoFilter and click on the pin icon, this will add it to the dashboard. If you want to remove anything from the dashboard clicking the pin icon will remove it. all the pinned features on the dashboard can be resized or moved to your liking.