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    Bonjour, juste un petit message pour remercier car je trouve que l'ont voit beaucoup de personne se plaindre et trop peu remercier pour ce magnifique produit. Voici un petit aperçu de mon expérience de jeux sur cod grâce a ce produit sans fibre optique J'en profite aussi pour faire la petite pub si vous voulez le voir en live twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/wewantthewin Bonne fêtes a tous
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    XR700 and sx10 switch

    Yes I got it thank you
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    Have you tried a factory reset, also Destiny should be not set to strict from what i remember. P2P games are a pain and Destiny is one of the worse networking wise. Saying that it seems to be working for me.
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    Please read this everyone

    I recently upgraded to new dumar os fw and think its great but its missing one thing important i think In network monitor it now does not show you what ports the game you play is connected to uses In cod bo4 i used this feature all the time In cod bo4 everytime you would join a new lobby it would show us new ports it was connected to. You would always be connected to two ports in every game this first port is always port 3074 udp the second was always diffrent ever new lobby you join uses diffrent ports If you stayed in the same lobby for an hour the two ports would be the same for an hour or how long you stayed in that lobby . Once you change lobbys the game changes ports it uses so you need to put new ports in traffic priortaztion I think this is why the connection keeps varying HERES WHY ITS IMPORTANT when i put in the ports it uses for that game in traffic priortization my hit registration would get a lot lot better i did this before on cod ww2 and it helped my hit registration .And on cod bo4 Somtimes i would do this during a game. i would be playing a game and struggling to get a kill then in same lobby same people playing i would enter those port number in and the hit registration was great easier kills EVEN IF YOUR NOT PLAYING COD you still might need it for other games. i used it for all my other games to help get a better connection and i would like to use it in the future for new games I really dont wanna downgrade to an older fw just to use this feature as it was so GREAT SO ANY GAME YOU WANNA SEE WHAT PORTS IT USES YOU NEED THIS As some games it dosent tell you all the ports it uses I would love to use this for red dead redemption 2 online when its released soon Fraser told me if enough peole want this feture back in the firmware they would put it back in SO I JUST PUT A POLL UP SO PLEASE VOTE THANKY YOU So i am asking any who might use it before or might wanna use it in the future please post a comment here saying they would like to see it in i future update I hope i made sence sorry for any typos And please post to say you would like it the more people who say they want it they saidthey would reinstall it if the demands there Thanks
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    Netduma Jack

    Future features

    These are some fantastic suggestions, thanks for sharing. We plan to blow minds in 2019, there's a lot lined up. I wish I could tell you exactly what's coming, but that'd be telling I think in 2019 you can expect R-apps to come to the forefront of DumaOS, and the power behind them should become much more apparent. Thanks for the feedback
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    So true. In strict mode you will be disconnected out of games etc. I play Destiny2 on Xbox and have tried just about everything this router has to offer to make Destiny2 PVP experience better. Remember the P2P experience that Destiny netcode gives us is frustrating at best and the DumaOS does a good job of helping us. I have been back and fourth with using ping assist and geo-filtering I really like to have both options. I am doing a bunch of competitive PVP right now and the geo-filter has been rock solid for me to help weed out the sweaty players and 4 stacks
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    Foedus Gratiae

    Maddening Inconsistencies

    Ha, not really. Maybe a bit of emotional support. A shoulder to cry on. I'm sure the duma helps some, but you can only polish a turd of a netcode so much.
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    Geo filter problem

    Just a thing to mention, after a factory reset don't restore from a backup, if there are issues they will just come back too. Always put all settings back in manually, I know its a pain but you have a clean sheet then so to speak.
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    Please read this everyone

    Hopefully all of this talk on the subject will keep Kinel's thread bumped for visibility and encourage more votes. It's truly a great idea 😏
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    Joyeuses fêtes de Noël

    Joyeuses fêtes de Noël a tous
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    Imagine if a router company could legally develop a way to minimise the effects of lag comp and bad netcode, now that shit would sell like hot cakes. 😉
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    XR700 and sx10 switch

    It is plug-in and play when you set up everything connect everything you have to disconnect everything from the power and just plug back in and I wait you need cat 6A Cable and up
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    PPPoE and VPN

    Awesome, if I end up getting it which will probably be the next time it's on sale, I'll try this out and let you know how it ends up working. Appreciate the quick feedback.
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    Please read this everyone

    I've added ports 9307 and 9308 as well as both wireshark and the XR500's upnp reported these in use. Even the previously listed servers that i have tagged as bad and even tried blocking/denying (which never worked from day 1) are now giving me alot better gameplay. I dont want to jinx anything but this work around will help alot of guys. Cheers to even better connections and gameplay.
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    Thank you NetDuma Fraser. That worked. Have a great day.
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    Ok, things are running smooth and no problems so far. Forgot to say earlier my thanks for your outstanding support on this. Thank you guys and Happy New Year!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Return defective router

    Thanks for that and sorry that happened, certainly wouldn't have been sent out like that from us. If you email us with the info from above we can take care of it
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    Netduma Fraser

    help back firmware r1

    It doesn't let you in to the interface? Did you change the username/password ever? It doesn't sound like it downgraded successfully. Factory reset using the button in the back of the router then access the interface - if DumaOS it'll be admin / password. Downgrade and wait 5 minutes after doing so, clear cache/cookies and access the interface without all the extra information after that DumaOS adds usually.
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    Netduma Iain

    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks Stu, I've been reading up on topics I'm weak on. Leaning loads! Hope you and the family are having an amazing holidays. I assume there has been a lot of 4-way owning Thanks mate, and happy successful new year to you! Thanks And to you too BD!
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    America Will Ban Supply Drops...?

    I believe there a several other EU countries (or the EU in general) that are in the process of changing the law regarding supply drops, as they've already decided that it's straight up gambling. What remains to be seen is whether Activision / EA et al are so arrogant that they will just leave the supply drop mechanism as is in games and simply put a block on it in countries that ban them. Just like how you can't have red blood in video games in some countries, so those countries get green blood instead. We could find that in countries that don't ban supply drops the games remain the same, whereas people that live in countries that do ban them won't be able to unlock those items at all as a lazy FU from the games companies. I expect that they will try to get around the issue by using the argument that some of these games have 18 ratings so they should be allowed to have gambling due because it carries the same age restriction in most countries. In my opinion it should go the way you suggested, so if you see a skin you like then you can buy it straight up. They'd get more money from me that way as I'll never pay for a random crate but might pay for something that I could choose. That will force them to put more effort into the extras as well, rather than just make all the random boring filler icons and flags that we see in crates, very few people are going to buy a horrible plain murky brown camo for their gun or a little picture to sit in the corner of the screen.
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    Successor Netduma R1?

    If or when an R2 or whatever they call it is released I have every faith it will be as good as the R1 and better than the XR500/700. The reason being as it will be developed by Netduma and not have Netgear software running underneath dumaOS which is the case at the moment with XR500/700. Netgear hardware is good, but I find their firmware to be sh!te. Have a great new year
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    i 100% agree my man
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    You spend lots of money on hardware and plenty of hours setting up your network, just to find out that the game has hit registration issues even with bots. This is sad. hit-reg.mp4
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    Ok so putting the R1 in the DMZ has worked a treat. I now have an Xbox One connected directly to the R1 and an Xbox One X connected to the R1 via a powerline adaptor and both have an open NAT 🙌🏻 Glad I’ve got this sorted because now I can concentrate on learning how to find my way around the Duma OS interface.
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    Netduma Admin

    New Community Section

    Hi Duma Army - this is a new section for everyone to talk about anything community & forum related. For example: Forum upgrades & improvements Forum staff changes Community news & events Introductions Feedback about the forum etc So if you have anything to say that's related to the forum or the user community, post it here!