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    Netduma Admin

    Mobile App Survey

    We are making a mobile app for DumaOS! If you have 3 minutes spare, please complete this survey to help us make the best app for you. Your answers will remain anonymous. Begin Survey
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    Hi Duma Army, All DumaOS users can now use your Geo-Filter to guarantee the best connection in Apex Legends game. See this guide to get setup Please let us know your experience in this thread so we can continue to optimise DumaOS for all Apex Legends players. Thanks, The ND Team
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    You internet going down is probably down to a small outage, or a drop by the router, its NOT a DoS attack. I have the same logs all the time I had them on my R7800, my R7000, my R6300v2 its nothing to worry about They will happen every day at some point, just ignore them. You are looking for a an issue that is not present. This is just internet noise, my logs are filled with them now and then. I have PPP dropouts which happen occasionally, small outages in servers that connect you to your ISP or even your exchange can happen and there is always work going on on each countries broadband and telephony infrastructure, its not a DoS attack. Please just ignore them. As to your computer if you have swept it with your AV and a stand-alone scanner like malwarebytes and its shows nothing wrong you are probably just fine Just to show you here is a capture of part of my logs last night while steaming 'The Expanse' series 3 on Amazon Prime. Its normal. Also there is no point in trying to trace the IP addresses as they are generally spoofed, or more than likely just mislabelled traffic as the firewall has a tendency to think everything is a DoS attack. DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9640, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:58 [DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9640, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:58 [DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9699, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:35 [DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9699, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:35 [DoS Attack: UDP Port Scan] from source:, port 9699, Saturday, March 02, 2019 22:05:34
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    [DoS Attack: Ascend Kill]

    I totally agree Fraser. This one seems quite common though and I’ve seen quite a few users mention it even though some of them think it’s an actual attack when it’s not. xr500user noticed this amongst others so maybe getting more than one set of logs could be useful.
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    Hope thing turn out well for you fpsabe! There has been new firmware out to help with the puma 6 issue.. Hopefully that will give you great gameplay again! Good luck and let us know how this all turns out for yah!
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    Please look into QoS: - Device Independant Type of Service prioritization, capable of re-ordering various common ports/traffic types as needed. Allowing a "custom port" option would go a long way as well. - More common protocol types in the prioritization fields than just tcp and udp, as sctp has become a common protocol for gaming, for example. As well, "all" or "0" would be a useful option for full device prioritization. NAT/Port Forwarding: - Real full cone support (I can link the patches if it helps) or a dedicated console dmz would be very helpful. - Again, more protocols supported for forwarding. Thanks and have a good one! Edit: For QoS, device prioritization as a separate option from bandwidth slice would be good too, as often the services whose packets we need to go out first don't necessarily require high bandwidth. Also, offline devices NEED to be removed from QoS calculation AUTOMATICALLY. Frankly, I was surprised to see that I needed to remove an offline device from dhcp reservation and manually update the distribution table when a device leaves the network. You guys need to base distribution solely on connection status because I don't want to have to manually update router settings every time I turn off a computer.
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    UPnP Drop and Not Working

    Keep having the issue with after adjusting QOS a bunch to find sweet spot the UPnP drops everything and will not pick anything up. Turning it off and rebooting and turning it back on will not work. Only way i have got this to correct is to factory reset. I have also noticed the ports do not drop after use like it should unless immediately after a factory reset. Ports Black Ops 4 uses with 3075 pick up and will not be released sometimes for atleast 12hrs. I have adjusted time to live to around 5 mins to experiment, hops to 25 to see if they are failing to make it to destination in time. Nothing seems to work after a period of time as per say, a week.
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    Device Prioritisation

    So excited thanks guys for the work
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    Beaver error on Destiny 2

    Absolutely I'll do that tonight
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    Thanks Jack, I'll sit tight for now then but if I find anything else I'll let you know.
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    We agree - this would be a great addition. 100% on our Roadmap to get done, which will likely be wrapped up as part of a bigger feature upgrade we have planned (will reveal more when we can).
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    If you're now on DumaOS, head to Settings, look at the WAN panel and click on the 'Network' tab. In there you'll see DNS Override - enable that and enter your primary and secondary DNS
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    Hmm, okay. It's definitely down to the CPU on the R1 - this is why we're pushing to get a mobile app complete so you can access DumaOS faster and set it up on the fly. I can't wait for those times to come!
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    Got my router setup today thanks for you kind support muffintastic works a treat on sky fibre 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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    I think this is correct as-is as far as identification since each connection is correctly identified as a unique NIC, however I strongly support your idea of a "merged" bandwidth control mechanism for pairs or groups of devices, rather than everything individually. The option to group them for identification might be a plus (it's funny to see my desktop both online and offline), but I wouldn't want it forced upon me. It looks like you can customize the names of things already, so you can label them to help keep them distinct.
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    Thanks for staying on top of the new games! Have had no issues playing Anthem on my xr500.
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    XR700 Wifi drop out

    I see you are in the UK and that you say your isp supplied router is in modem only mode, I take it then you are a virginmedia customer and i will also assume you are using the hub3? When was the last firmware update performed on that modem/router? You are aware of the faulty intel puma6 chipset that is installed on that device? Could you try removing the XR700 and using just your isp supplied device please? I can understand it is a pain in the a$$ but this is a process of elimination and at the moment the suspect cause looks like that modem/router. 1 last thought........................swap the lan cable from your hub3 to the xr700 as this is also a potential problem as all your issues still happened when removing the s8000 switch so the only direct link through to your hub3 is via that lan cable! Let us know how you get on
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    If it does it again I will since i've already rebooted the router, SO Far, it hasn't done anything YET🤞🤞🤞🤞 BUT If it does, I'll make sure to do that.👍👍👍
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    [DoS Attack: Ascend Kill]

    seen this from time to time from google dns also, mostly happens on router first boot. mis-identified dos attack
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    Thanks. I should have the modem in 2-4 days so hoping the modem will work good.
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    That's really great news! Puma 6 used to have issues but I think they've since been fixed so fingers crossed!
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    Beaver error on Destiny 2

    Ok. I'll do that tonight
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    The results of DSL reports do matter, but we don't recommend relying on them due to the DPI system of DumaOS. Due to a quirk of our DPI, DSL reports will never score an A+ by default when QoS is enabled. This isn't actually a true reflection of what is happening, which is why we always recommend Pingplotter to thoroughly test your connection quality, accurately. The results of DSL reports and the results of Pingplotter effectively show the same data, just in a different way. If you run a Pingplotter test and find your line to be entirely stable, with no bufferbloat happening, then it's likely that the DumaOS router is doing its job effectively. The inaccurate DSL test results won't be the cause of your gameplay being off, if Pingplotter is telling you a different story. I hope this helps
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    Anderson Silva

    QOS Question

    Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated.