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    About two years ago we made the biggest decision in our company’s history. We knew we had the best router software on the market, but we were not developing at the speed we wanted to. Every time we made a change, we were forced to repeat the same steps each time. Not to mention, a single change risked breaking other features. Netduma Dev Team c. 2016 We pulled the trigger. We decided to start-over again, taking all the lessons from our launch to design an entirely new firmware. We made DumaOS, the router operating system for your home. DumaOS gives us the foundations to develop new features, which we call ‘R-Apps’ (‘Router Apps’), at incredible speed. And we will be doing this from now on in a series of Development Milestones. Each Milestone will bring more functionality to your DumaOS-powered router, solving the real problems you face online. Netduma Dev Team - Present Day Before we go any further, some important rules: Predicting software development is tricky, sometimes things go much faster than you expect, sometimes they go slower. So until we are certain, the ETA of a milestone will always be ‘Whenever it’s ready’. The contents of a Milestone could change. We might need to defer some of it to a future Milestone, or we might be able to squeeze in some extras. Milestones may not always roll out to every DumaOS powered router at the same time or with the same contents. With the housekeeping out of the way, let’s get onto the fun bit: Milestone 1.3 Milestone 1.3 is the first publicly announced Milestone for DumaOS. It brings cutting-edge new technology, as well as old favourites, to your DumaOS powered router, enabling you to take even more control over your network. Ping Assist v2 Ping Assist is back, and it’s better than ever. Ping Assist lets low ping hosts to connect to you even if they are outside your Geo-Filter limit, helping you to quickly find high quality, low ping games. DumaOS Ping Assist is a big step up on the original Netduma R1 Ping Assist - we have rewritten the whole feature to be far more effective at quickly detecting pings – meaning you can find the best hosts on the planet much faster than before. The results are truly incredible, especially in games like Black Ops 4, Fornite, PUBG, Overwatch, FIFA 19 and many others. Hybrid VPN Another return of an old favourite. Hybrid VPN lets you apply your VPN to your entire network and also lets you choose the devices and applications you want to put through your VPN using DumaOS Deep Packet Inspection. This gives you so much more flexibility than a standard VPN, allowing you to keep the vulnerable areas of your network private and secure without affecting the devices that don't need a VPN. Hybrid VPN works with any VPN provider that uses OpenVPN (almost all do). Advanced Ping Stats There’s a new buzzword in town: Server Tickrate. This is the number of updates a game server makes per second. If your game runs at 60 frames per second, you ideally want a Tickrate at 60Hz (60 updates per second). Knowing the importance of this metric to our users, we have created Advanced Ping Stats. You can now see the Server (Host) Tickrate and Receive Rate, as well as your own Client Tickrate and Send Rate. This allows you to see the quality of your game's connection in far more detail than ever before. You can also pin to your DumaOS Dashboard for quick reference in-game. This is just the beginning for this feature. Now we are capturing server metrics we can do some cool things to give you an edge. Look out for more in future Milestones. Device Manager Enhancements The DumaOS Device Manager shows every device on your Network and you can now view this as a sortable table, to give you easier administration. We Need You! Milestone 1.3 is has been driven by user feedback. So if you have any ideas or suggestions for suggestions, let us know on the forum. MILESTONE: CURRENT STATUS Netduma R1: Released see this thread: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/27008-new-firmware-netduma-r1-dumaos-development-milestone-13/ Nighthawk XR500/XR700/XR450: Main development has completed and Milestone 1.3 is currently in closed testing. Stay tuned for more information from NETGEAR> To keep up to speed on future releases, please sign up to the DumaOS Mailing List.
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    I have been lucky enough to test this FW and the ping assist is working really well in Blops4 putting the geo in the ocean and setting the assist to 40ms giving me low ping UK servers. Seeing the tick rate / send and receive is a great new feature, learning that Blops4 had moved to 30HZ the other night before it was announced was awesome Using ping assist for me is the way forward with the way the servers are at the moment on Blops4 forcing you to play with people of your skill no matter where in the world.
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    That tickrate is really good since now Developers can't hide this from us anymore everyone that is a gamer should own this router. You can't go wrong and it will only get better this is just the tip of the iceberg 😉👍
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    Good news: the rollout is now complete. Thank you to everyone for their patience. If any of you were still waiting on an email, please check your inbox and if it is not here, CHECK YOUR EMAIL SPAM (and your 'Promotions' tab if using Gmail). In the rare event your email program has completely blocked our email, please either sign up again using a different email address, or post here to let us know. If you have not yet signed up, go here: DumaOS for R1 Sign Up
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    I can also say I have been very lucky to test this incredible software! It is a HUGE improvement over what was an incredible piece of software already. This is well worth the wait and I can confirm the guys have been faster than ever with updates I have had to skip a couple of updates to get to the latest one! Everything we said got took on board! You are all gonna love this!
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    It’s been brilliant testing this version, ping assist is back! Seeing the tick rate of the server I’m connected to is a fantastic new feature, especially with all the controversy at the moment surrounding the BO4 server tick rate downgrade.
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    Great work ,this is the reason to own and maintained faith in this company.
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    Netduma Admin

    The reason bo4 is playing bad

    ICYMI: the next DumaOS Development Milestone includes Advanced Ping Stats, which will show you the server tickrate and receive rate:
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    I have also been lucky enough to beta test these new features. Ping assist and the other advanced ping features, host/client tick rate and send/receive rate are a very welcome addition for Black Ops 4. i have not tested Hybrid VPN as I don’t use a VPN but feedback on it from other beta testers has been great. The improvements to the device manager make managing your devices far easier.
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    Ping Assist V2 get's you into a game right away! Tick Rate you can actually see what is happening in game with your connection! Best features I have tested and no other router or software company has to offer!
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    Sounds amazing, especially with the return of ping assist. This is arguably the most important and useful feature of the geofilter, as distance can mean next to nothing if the guy down the street from you is 100ms away due to a dodgy line or simply endless miles of wiring between you. With that, working allow/deny for servers and a working UPnP, I think that'll be about as close to a perfect router OS as possible. Looking forward to it!
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    Can't wait to expose the Treyarch devs when they inevitably claim they've implemented 60Hz update rates and the R1 will prove otherwise. It'll be "ping is king, there's no skill-based matchmaking" all over again... 😂
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    Hi all, just installed the beta, looks good! I'm just curious, I assigned IP's to all my devices from the Netduma, I can't seem to find the option for this now? I have so many devices in my home that I am quite wary of knowing what is what! Thanks EDIT: Ignore, found it in network settings!
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    Netduma Admin


    No way is the XR500 old hardware! It’s a beast. I think Fraser got confused and thought he was handling an R1 query - that subforum is very busy with the DumaOS open Beta at the moment. @Micbot - could you post a screenshot of your CPU graph the next time it’s high please?
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    Hello, i was having the same problem. a work around i found is to have your friend invite you to new chat party where he/her is the only one in it. once you connect to his/her chat party he will pop up. it usually disappears very quickly so keep your mouse pointer on the map so when it does pop up you can click on the symbol and add him/her. then connect back to the main chat party with everyone
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    You can pin whatever you want to the dashboard. Go to the page of the feature you want to pin i.e. GeoFilter and click on the pin icon, this will add it to the dashboard. If you want to remove anything from the dashboard clicking the pin icon will remove it. all the pinned features on the dashboard can be resized or moved to your liking.
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    XR700 Thoughts and Questions

    So I picked up the XR700 because I loved the fact that it has 6 lan ports and 1 SFP+ port which you can use as a 10gb, 1gb, 100mb, or 10mb lan port or a 10gb wan port. It also destroys the capabilities of the R1 in terms of wifi and power. I'm sure the R1 will do great with DumaOS, but I needed something that could use all of my 1GB internet speeds. I've been with Netduma for a long time (Early Adopter with the R1), and I've also been waiting a long, long time for DumaOS. Was it worth the wait, I can't say for sure because I haven't tested all aspects of it yet, but I can say that I'm extremely happy with this router so far. The wifi is outstanding, it has plenty of horsepower for whatever you need, setup is a breeze (if you set it up connected to the internet and don't set it up Offline that is), there's Hybrid VPN and Plex Server if you use them, but most of all it is a super R1 with the geo-filter, best-in-class QoS, 1gb speeds, and 802.11AD wireless. It's the dream of all of us Early Adopters. Congrats Netduma on this product! You guys have come a long way! I do have some thoughts about it that I wanted to share before I forget. First, I usually always set up my routers Offline. It's just a habit, mostly cause routers always want to have a lan address of and I have at least 3 routers on my network at once. So there's always a conflict if I don't set them up offline and change their lan ip address first. When I tried to set this up Offline, I had some issues with the Setup Wizard not working correctly since it wanted to be online. I got past those issues, but then somehow the XR700 knew there was a dhcp router on my network and changed it's lan ip address to without notifying me of the change. Second, Netgear says you can use routerlogin.net to access the interface, but I have Verizon Fios internet and their router, the G1100, also uses that same address to access it's interface. So that's a conflict you need to work around. You have to disconnect the routers, change the lan/wan ip addresses, then reconnect them so you can use their specific ip addresses to access their respective interfaces. Most users won't have this issue and those that do will understand networking enough to work around it. Third, not sure if this is a bug on the new firmware or not, but when I was going through the Setup Wizard and tried to set both the 2.4 and 5ghz wireless networks to the same SSID, it said I couldn't. After I finished the Setup Wizard, I went into the wireless network settings and found that it had set both the 2.4 and 5ghz wireless networks to the same SSID. Strange for sure. Fourth, there's an issue with accessing the DumaOS interface with different PCs. Each PC will show different settings. The R1 did this with the 1.03.g firmware. I hope this is an issue that can get resolved. I use Chrome on two PCs and one Macbook Pro. Fifth, the lan port leds are supposed to either be White or Amber and either Solid or Blinking according to the manual. Well, I have my PS4 Pro and my Xbox Scorpio connected to lan ports 1 and 2 respectively, and when the consoles are off or in standby mode, the leds are Red. When I turn the consoles on, the leds turn White. So it seems that either Netgear's Amber is Red or Netgear forgot to add the Red led color description in their manual. Both of my consoles are set for Standby mode, so they drop their link rate to 10mb or 100mb when in standby. Just not sure if Netgear's Amber is Red or not. Haha. All said, I'm very happy with the XR700 so far and I'm looking forward to Ping Assist and Jitter Reduction in the future since they're not in the current DumaOS firmware on the XR700. I have yet to play any online games but I will update this post when I do. Congrats again Netduma! Thank you for showing Router manufacturers that us Gamers need better hardware and software, and that if they build it, we will buy it.
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    @minato1990 and @251Nick - everyone who signed up has received an email now. Please check your spam if you cannot see it. In the rare event your email program has completely blocked our email, please either sign up again using a different email address, or post here to let us know.
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    Awesome!! Thank you SO much!! I Greatly appreciate it! I love this router and ive been waiting soooo long! LOL Cant wait to play around with it! I have 1 idea i think you guys should add though, name the states and country's, Or even just initial them, That would be awesome! So we can just look and know what state or country host/server where we are connected to!
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    Tried it and it worked, cheers Fraser !
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    So I may have gotten a little carried away lol. All test completed from Tasmania, Australia.
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    This worked. Thanks dude. I appreciate it!
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    Netduma Admin

    Fix Duma OS

    Hi Joe - we're looking into this. Updates will be very fast so please bear with us while we investigate.
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    You have to manually enter your speeds in QoS. Click the hamburger icon in the Anti Bufferbloat section and you can enter yous speeds there.