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    Hi Owllock, welcome to the forum! The advice above is great. I play Destiny 2 as well, and I definitely don't see weasel errors. If Killhippie is correct and it's caused mainly by packet loss, it's definitely worth testing your line quality. Try a Pingplotter test on a wired PC - that'll give you an accurate measure of your line and show you if there's any packet loss. Make sure you post a screenshot of the test here so we can help you to break them down - it's easy to misinterpret Pingplotter. Ultimately it shouldn't be the router itself. I'd be very surprised if it was, especially with the Geo-Filter on Spectator Mode (which means it won't be blocking a thing).
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    so after downgrading firmware in a 10 hour game sesh all lobby were Au dedicated servers not once did it put me on anything else and there was one case of it attempting to connect me outside my geo filter but it blocked it im going to stick with old firmware all issues now resolvwed geo filters working and its blocking servers now
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    1. Xbox One X 2. TDM 3. R1 4. East Coast US, Philadelphia 5. On Duma OS 1.3 I could only get peer to peer. I downgraded to .j and have had no problem getting servers. Much smoother gameplay. P2P was horrendous. 6. Tried. No change. I tried a lot of things all suggested by Netduma staff. I'm going to just stick with .j for a while now. I'm tired of beta testing. Sorry... I just want to play a few games to relax... A bit more info: this game played beautifully for me for the entire first month or so. I am normally a 1.5 kd guy. It's been a lot higher. A lot less wtf deaths. Of course, there is still the guy I could never kill who always had a one up connection on me, but it wasn't terrible. Then about 2-3 weeks ago when Treyarch starting patching and Duma OS was released everything fell to pieces. The game has been a disaster. I can affirm though that it is better for me playing on the old Duma OS .j. Matches are still not as good as they were to begin with but they've been relatively solid. At first, this was the best COD I've ever experienced. Now with all the changes I'd say its comparable to BLOPs3. Good, but not great. Still very inconsistent.
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    Hey so once again i have to say theres mutiple issues happening again on Bo4 first of geo filter is not working 100% of the time i have strict mode on and it still puts me in american lobbys in blackout or asia and im from australia the ping assist feature is also not working i set it to 60 which is also my average ping and once again it stil will search american lobbys even if i close my filter range to 2000 the game doesnt care it forces me on the server regardless i alos have matchmaking problems that havent been fixed and will only work if i alow the asia server which is at a 5000km radius all lobbys will still be on peer to peer the congestion control feture has also bugged out again on me its happened mutiple times now and it is only fixed by a factory reset i set it to 1% of my speeds and it still readsd max after a factory reset it comes good again then afew day later itl bug out again alot of issues needing to be looked into and fixed its bo4 pushing me on servers regardless i also have tried putting spectatig mode and and get this error commonly RPC error 'ERROR_CMDFAIL': Exec 'iptables -t mangle -D forward_mangle -p udp --sport 1024:65535 --dport 1024:65535 --in-interface eth0.2 -m mark --mark 0x400/0x3fc00 -j gfchain_filterservers_src_2 ' failed with 1 Also this error afterwards RPC error 'ERROR_NOENT': Rule not found in chain
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    Switching From Broadband To Fibre

    Thanks for letting me know.
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    R1 ocean location

    Seems to have helped. Thanks.
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    Not getting that here I have to say. Weasel is generally packet loss, it may be more your line than the router. I keep my geofilter at about 2000km other wise I find it to restrictive in Crucible and Gambit matchmaking. I also avoid using strict mode in Destiny 2 like you do. Sometimes I think its Bungie's servers tbh. I had destiny crash once in a Gambit match, apart from that time I've not seen weasel errors in ages. If you want you can set up a Thinkbroadband quality meter, just set the XR500 to "respond to ping on Internet port" and run the quality meter in the background and see what your line looks like, you will soon see if you are experiencing packet loss. When you updated your firmware did you try a factory reset? Sometimes you can get odd behaviour after an update and that can help, but before doing that is Destiny the only game you are having issues with online? Also when you are playing Destiny is the red notification for traffic prioritisation coming on? https://www.bungie.net/en/help/?search=weasel https://www.thinkbroadband.com/broadband/monitoring/quality
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    this fix all my problems

    As Fraser said the router can easily handle that many devices. A router like the XR500 is capable of handling up to 250 devices. Maybe if you could list the 145 devices you have it would help with working out what’s happening as it might be the clients rather than the router sometimes causing issues.
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    Shouldn't need to hold it that long but try that One
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! We're aware its harder to use for more devices so we'll likely be implementing something in future to make it easier. Theres no real way around it right now other than deleting any devices that appear offline in the device manager so theres more space on Bandwidth Allocation
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    Netduma Fraser

    Fallout 76

    Thanks for the feedback! With the criticism the game is getting that wouldn't be a surprise
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    Thanks for the feedback all!
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    I think your correct Jack. I know the population likely has caused this so I think one just gets shifted around to find a game. I am very curious and excited for the next new firmware for the XR500. I cant wait for that!
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    As Admin said we're looking into everything, we're not ruling anything out. If the game updates and then doesn't work properly then something has happened
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    Anderson Silva

    XR500 Ping issue

    Ok thank you for helping me out, much appreciated.
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    Thanks for all the info guys. We think a lot of this may be driven by matchmaking changes from Treyarch e.g. adding new servers etc. But we're looking into everything we can do with our GEO IP database (the 'Cloud') to optimise filtering. We'll let you know more when we can - but rest assured looking into this is our number #1 priority right now.
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    The Duma team will sort this. as for now im gaming on the old version before dumaOS came out on the R1. and for the past 2 hours have been awesome no lag and always been on a dedi server. very happy right now!
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    Downgraded from duma os can find a game no problem perfect dedicated servers. Will remail on original firmware until issue is fixed then upgrade back to duma os as just want to play cod without problems.
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    downgraded to the old firmware and game is running perfect.. dedi server and hit det is awesome been on a dedi.
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    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    1. PS4 Pro 2. Doesn't matter. All game modes 3. R1 with DumaOS 4. Omaha, Nebraska 5. With DumaOS I am unable to find any games as of the BO4 1.07 update. Any of the suggestions do not work except one. Downgrading to the old firmware and it works flawlessly. If I upgrade back to DumaOS with preserve settings unchecked and the issues return. Not going to upgrade to DumaOS until this issue is resolved. 6. Does not work. Only downgrading works.
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    1. PS4 2. TDM 3. R1 4. Nothern Germany 5-6. 85% of time it's P2C hosted or lobby not joinable. There's a fault on both sides. Treyass's authentification process and the DumaOS algorithms. If I plug my Fritzbox in I immediately find a game.
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    1 PS4 (Open Nat) 2 team deathmatch 3 R1 4 leeds 5 peer to peer all the all time and pure lag connection timeouts 6 have set this as youve had said and see picture below
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    Switching From Broadband To Fibre

    Usualy only around 5-10 pounds more expensive or if you hunt for a deal online you can get it for around the same price as ADSL+2.
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    Thanks for sharing these settings. Just one flag - if you have Anti-Bufferbloat at just 99%, any time your ISP dips below your expected bandwidth speeds then it will no longer take effect. For example, you have 100mbps speeds. You set Anti-Bufferbloat to 99mbps. ISP has a lot of people using Internet in your area, lowers your speeds to 90mbps temporarily. Anti-Bufferbloat will no longer be taking affect. This is why we recommend starting out at 70% and moving up and down from there.
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    Yes, it's definitely possible. In fact, it looks like Treyarch might be switching to more P2P matchmaking over the last few days. Probably to manage the load on their servers as the userbase expands.