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    High Ping Dedi Servers

    It's a normal issue when games release. The data centers have fat pipes but a huge release can still cripple their network. Physical connections to virtual servers running on physical machines is taxing. Once the "release flu" has subsided the pings will drop back to normal. This is advice only applies to those who are connecting to legit dedis within their normal range and comparing their normal latency. Same happens with 2XP weekends on popular games. Latency can climb higher depending on traffic. period. Also some of the issues could be the fact that with this new release they purchased new IP ranges and host IDs have not updated yet, it takes time. SO you could very well be seeing IP ranges that used to be in Chicago that are technically in New York or Miami. If you had a great ping to Dallas and now an IP that used to belong there is owned by a company who has used the IP for a physical server location of say UK then until the IP registry updates ownership and geo location things are going to be out of whack. Just my two pennies.
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    How are you finding DumaOS on the R1?

    I didn't even notice that, wow! Naming the OS after A7Legit was a classy move. GG Netduma team. I'd like to buy you all a beer.
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    Black Ops 4 Support

    Cheers mate, I'll give that a go tomorrow. It's strange how it does this, maybe the servers fell over at that location I was using. I played for ages with the geo covering EU without any problems, then suddenly it would only find dedis in the US (but not really in the US) for about an hour or so. Then after that it went back to EU servers for the rest of the evening. Did the same thing yesterday too.
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    Not sure about SBMM or do you have to play a certain amount of games before it kicks in. Im getting my ass handed to me by players who have already prestiged. Got open nat and local server but not sure if its the ttk that is so high or im lagging, it feels like lag as my opponents just melt me in a couple of shots at times after I have got a good few shots into them first from my perspective. Oh well ill keep trying it is fun and early days. Just tried HC TDM, bang first game 1.5 KDR. Just a shame not as many people play HC
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    It surprises me that I haven't read any threats of legal action given DumaOS on the R1 has now moved from 'closed beta' to 'private Beta' not 'open beta'. those threats won't come from me though cause i can't even pronounce 'beta' correctly...... or plug my R1 in.....
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    Black Ops 4 Support

    Flush the cloud, I did before playing on Friday and I have not had an issue using the geo over UK and Ireland all weekend all showing E for dedi top right after the long code as Blops 3 did. PB was having an issue finding games we spoke about this in the chat box and he now can find games.
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    It seems that regardless of what ports we set under source or destination, advanced traffic prioritisation will only cover upload traffic even if it's impossible for me to be uploading over those ports. I'll explain... Using Wireshark we can see which ports are in use during different activities on a console (such as matchmaking, playing in a multiplayer game, using a voice party etc), and we could in fact see this on the pre-DumaOS R1 while clicking on bandwidth bars in the network monitor - you would see an overview of all ports in use on every bandwidth "bar". The mainstay in Call of Duty is 3074 and this is a commonly known port. However, what is less commonly known is that 3074 only exists on the console end, as it needs multiple ports available to communicate to the server. In Infinite Warfare for example, these are between 30000 and 50000. Obviously under QoS we have the classified games section for plug and play gaming, but if you know what you're doing this is preferable so you don't accidentally prioritise an irrelevant port as far as in-game performance goes. Actually I've noticed that either the classified games preset doesn't seem to make a bit of difference at all, or it can actually downgrade connection quality on the same server at the same latency. I played three games today: 1. On 40ms with no traffic prio after discovering advanced prio wasn't activating; 2. On 40ms with the classified games prio preset, in the same lobby as before; 3. On 15ms with the classified games prio preset... The first gave me the most in-sync gameplay with faster hitmarkers than I've seen for months (I haven't touched this server since last year), the second was noticeably worse than the first despite now using traffic prio for ALL relevant ports, and the third game on the "best" latency while also using prio for arguably the most optimal setup gave me the most objectively laggy gameplay with delayed hitmarkers, assuming they were to pop up at all. I recorded hitmarker delays of up to 328ms(!) in that game, with many landed shots not registering. But I digress... Anyway, the first thing I wanted to try was setting destination to 3074 UDP and source to 30k-50k to see if I could prioritise downstream, because of how behind the action I've often been and how much UDP lag I see on the downstream on Wireshark (as high as 200ms UDP latency on 7ms ping, as proven by the Wireshark capture below (check the bottom two timestamps), which seems to be the cause of me getting kicked from countless games because CoD has a limit of 800ms: You'll also notice that downstream is all 40040 (server) > 3074 (my console), and that a search of that 45.63.x.x IP will indeed show up as a Choopa server in London, which is 40 miles away from me. I set this advanced prio up with src 30000-50000 and dest 3073 but noticed the "light" wasn't coming on to indicate prio was taking place, so I changed the destination to 1-65535 instead. It then lit up and showed it had kicked in, but only upload traffic was being prioritised for some reason in game, which is impossible because there's no port 3074 to upload to - it doesn't exist on the server end. At the same time there's no downstream traffic being prioritised or acknowledged: I thought maybe source and destination had been mixed up somehow during coding or as part of a strange bug, so I swapped them around: And as you can see, still only the upload traffic was being prioritised. The bottom setup actually makes sense, since you can upload from 3074 to the other port that's listening (somewhere between 30000-50000) on the server. However it's acting exactly the same either way: there's no download prioritisation taking place 😕
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    BO4 Ping

    XR500 DumaOS is saying I have a 15ms ping to server in BO4 but the in game ping is saying 40ms to 70m??? Thanks, Mike
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    P/P better than dedi for me

    So my closest dedis from Toronto is about 400 miles away. 15ms but still iffy. So I shrunk my geo to 150 and have been getting a smoother play at around 35- 50ms on all P/P. Go figure but not questioning it. Using the R1 original OS.
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    Yup - the firmware is being rolled out in stages. It shouldn't be long before you have it
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    Netduma Jack

    R1 not showing friends ip

    Thanks for letting us know. There's other people reporting similar things so we'll be looking into it. DumaOS will be supported better now that it's on the R1 - we can finally crack on with new features and patches
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    Any idea of when we are going to get the full release, not played bo4 yet as I want to start it fresh with the DUMAOS in place 😎😎😎
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    XR700 vs XR500

    I agree with Fraser there are so many variables, the biggest being the quality of your line. The faster router wont really be part of the equation since gaming uses so little bandwidth that it does not need big quad core processors, although Plex etc does. More important is your line as I mentioned, your cabling, switches if any etc, even the latency from your console/PC to your monitor or TV, and do you use wireless or hard wired controllers etc on consoles. When you break it down I don't think you would ever notice the difference between the XR700 or XR500 as both use DumaOS (the R1 only has a 600Mhz CPU and works really well) Say you may be getting 33 ms pings to a server you are using in Europe from the UK and another person even in the same village or city could be getting 60ms because maybe they have Aluminium from the cab to their home if using VDSL2 for instance instead of copper. Then add maybe 40 ms lag to their TV compared with the other user who may only have 20ms lag and you start to see how complicated it all gets.
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    Reverting to Original Firmware

    Teething issues I guess.....but reckon a large part of the CoD community owes Sledgehammer an apologetic nod at the least. They aren't the only developer to have issues at launch. The weird thing about P2P was that the hosts were all over the place in countries I'd need an atlas for. No UK, France, Italy or German connections in an hour's session so gave up.
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    Reverting to Original Firmware

    There's quite a few niggles to be dealt with but don't think Black OPS 4 problems are to do with DUMAOS. Blackout keep putting me on USA servers so I'm on 100ms pings and BO4 is all peer-to-peer so there must be server issues. Tried a bit of both and in the end went back to WW2 and had a good session - never thought I'd say that
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    Black Ops 4 Support

    Fraser you Beauty!!, so my Nat Types Open Again and I found what appears to be a Peer in Saudi which is actually a Dedicated Server. I did this for My Nat ( Strict/Moderate to Open ) [Xbox] 1) Before I booted my Xbox Up,I set my Geo Filter to Spectator Mode. 2) Checked UPnP and my port for 3075 and it was ACTIVE. 3) Booted Xbox Up, went to settings and tested the Multiplayer Connection, once done, I pressed LT + RT + LB + RB at the same time and got the detailed statistic for my multiplayer test. 4) Started up Black Ops 4 checked my Network and BOOOM!! its Open and is connected to the Saudi Server, Hooorah!! 5) The last step, I went back to my DumaOs and put it back to Filtering Mode and set my Radius, it stayed Open for 6 hours even when I closed the game and reopened it I hope this helps,have a Good One NetFam. Thanks @Fraser.
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    daniel barbette

    plus accès au netduma

    Ton double nat est lié au port soit tu active le port manuelle soit les port auto et quand tu es en double nat c'est que les deux sont activés et que tu as ouverts des port voilà j'espère t avoir aidée
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR700 vs XR500

    That question can't really be answered, theres so many variables when it comes to comparing a connection with another person. They would both do a great job
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    Network settings error

    its all good, another reboot solved the issue
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    Black Ops 4 Support

    Fix that server in Florida. Kept getting kick everytime looking for in game. It say lobby not joinable
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    Think I Bricked Her!?!?! :(

    All good, Google wasn't clearing my history and cookies etc properly. I'm back up and running :)
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    Black Ops 4 Support

    I play on ps4 from the UK, I have had a dedi on the west coast of US ping at 20ms, I will try to get the ID so it can be put in the correct location on the geo filter.
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    As Admin said this is a very lengthy process, each persons profile has to be looked at for the email then go through the list. It won't be long until everyone has it.
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    XR500 Firmware V2.3.2.32 released

    After the update I’m still getting the wired disconnects..it’s getting frustrating at this point