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    My honest opinion. If the old firmware works for you stay there. Currently for BO4 to work the best I have upnp (turned off) not working for me so I've manually port forwarded all ports on the game and playstation. I have IPV6 turned off both on WAN and LAN. Honestly on the old firmware you could dial in the connection better with the congestion control and QOS doesn't do much for throttling. I've debated going back to old. I swear QOS doesn't work at times too cause I feel like the game is playing sluggish. Sometimes the game plays decent and you get on a few hours later and its unplayable. Honestly, the game played a whole lot better back in the day on the p2p connections instead of the horseshit servers. I like OS for ease of use and looks, but the old beater R1 fw felt like it was more consistent at times. Eventually I'm going to have to pony up to buy the XR500 cause I'm about to upgrade my speeds to 400down and 20 up. Not sure the R1 can handle that high.
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    Should I return the Nighthawk XR500?

    Thank you kind sir! I will keep you guys posted on my experience/results.. Give me a couple of days.. I just want to give myself enough time in case should something go wrong.. Zippy..
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    Hello, welcome to the forum! This isn't a bug, its common behaviour. Do not look at the log for issues as it is verbose and primarily aimed at developers. It shows a lot of entries of what is going on behind the scenes. Sometimes we will ask for the log file if you have a bug that we think will help us diagnose the issue but otherwise you can ignore it.
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    Worked for me, no more drop. Thanks
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    PS4 Error CE-35694-7

    why not try their forum, or do a google search of the error code! Re: Error ce-35694-7. That is a PS4 error letting you know that you do not have enough space on your hard drive for the download and installation of the game.
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    Cod bo4 lag

    All this clip shows us is your poor aim and positioning. Every single death the other person shoots at you first while you are sprinting around in the open. No router is going to make up for bad gameplay.
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    create a separate thread about you speeds as you are right it isn't fair to derail this thread!
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    If you have the R1 turn the wifi off and use your other router. Yes put it in AP mode.
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    Ok, ordered the BT modem and will let you know how I get on.
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    Yeah, waiting for the new firmware with a fix. Hope it’s soon!
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    the mess on the side of my house says otherwise! There is a filter like on the link posted you posted then It’s running through two spliters before even entering the house. . I requested a line tech come out and a fresh new line straight to the modem as I’m dropping tv services through them. But why a filter outside then one on the back of the modem it doesn’t make sense pretty much covering up the bigger issue ?
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    Mapping Network Drive

    Ok cheers would be good as a general media hub. Thanks for responses saved me scratching head at least.
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    DumaOs not loaded yet!

    Thanks, I guess I'll try the reset but I'm afraid I'll lose my internet all together for the weekend so I might wait until Monday to try that before requesting a replacement. Thanks. It shouldn't be this difficult when you drop that kind of money. Extremely frustrating. Take care!
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    getting DDosed

    Not passionate about logs, just passionate about learning, educating and getting people to take a look themselves and work out issues if they can. If they try and fail so be it but at least they tried. The knowledge we have, that was not planted there, we learnt it from a multitude of sources and Netgear kept their logs you can hide the Dos attacks etc but why, learning about the internet, its constant port scans the fact that Netgear hardware is super paranoid so a lot of those scans are just normal communication is useful, Also as I mentioned I had an issue with my Sony Android TV not updating apps like YouTube. It was the routers firewall blocking what it thought was ARP poisoning, the router needed some tender loving care, a reset and a reinstall of the firmware and that went. Without those logs I and many others would be really lost. Above all yes its a principal. Thanks for listening, Jack. I can see both sides, but I always think learning rather than dumbing things down is a better path.
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    Should I return the Nighthawk XR500?

    It's a firmware bug. Clients are jumping onto the router before router dhcp server for local LAN is up and running (this includes wifi clients) I believe it's the sequence of startup for some - with different people experiencing different things depending on ISP, LAN setup, etc. If you have the router up and running with the latest firmware, you can attempt to do a nice reboot but prevent all clients from jumping on.. Turn off the Wifi (to prevent wifi clients from jumping on) It has to be done from a LAN client. Turn off router Wifi. Issue a router reboot. As soon as you issue the reboot, wait a few seconds and disconnect all cables from behind router (WAN, LAN ethernets) Wifi should be off prior. Router reboots .. Wait until it's fully booted Plug in the WAN cable and wait until it's got Internet. Wait a tiny bit after it has Internet, then plug in your local network ethernets, then turn wifi back on This is just one issue.. it can cause weird things like bad dhcpd epoch times (since dhcpd running before actual time known) so IP's get locked to certain macs and they never ever expire, so when the device IP ever changes devices may be associated with multiple IPs in duma databases, and if another device happens to reconnect without renewing its lease (with it's old IP) dhcpd may gave it out to someone else who requests -- so now device manager has two different ip, but thinks it should be for a different mac addr for others - WAN dhcp (udhcpc) is up, but local dhcp (dhcpd) is not (yet), so client requests dhcp and gets an error (since already assigned) so defaults to 169.xx and client is locked there, no ip what needs to be done is run through all startup scripts on the router and make sure you hold back local LAN and wifi until WAN is fully up and ntp time is set then start dhcpd, sleep, then start lan and then start wifi radio and make sure to clear any saved information in device manager databases prior to reboot so it still doesn't fix bugs like sticky IPs based on last connection type for device manager, this is when last connection type was wifi for mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx and then becomes LAN for same mac. device may stick on either side or be online or offline, but it may make your network stable enough to use for the time being, when qos devices get marked and are not thought to be online, its a problem You can also turn QoS completely off in settings next to Anti-Bufferbloat (disable QoS), do the reboot sequence above and leave it like that. if all is good for a day or two (so any old info expires), then turn QoS back on and see if everything behaves - there is no way to set dhcp lease time in XR500 so its set to 1 day by default, although there is no reason why this can't be changed manually - to really know everything is working nice is to take a look at the dhcp.leases file and make sure it looks good, and not any strange epoch times, but most won't do this unfortunately until its fixed it will continue to some degree over time on those with effected configurations , and i believe it is part of the reason why xbox is having trouble, since it sleeps and wakes and sleeps and wakes, and if at any point something goes wrong in this process and it gets marked for QoS when its online but thought offline it can't maintain connection to its authentication servers because QoS KILLS flows that it doesn't know about in TIME_OUT state and blocks ACK (there's more to it then that, but just an idea), its watching conntrack and theres' a bug there too -- I believe they will fix it, but when -?- don't know -- maybe soon!
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    I have xfinity with an arris sb8200. After investigating, the qos being used is called PIE. It is only activated on the upload. I simply over provisioned my upload speed at twice the speed that I am supposed to get and set the slider to 100%. Then I set the download with the right speed and slider to 66%. Mainly play bo4. KDR over last 10 games over 5.0. HC TDM last game 33-6. I have MOCA coupler outside where xfinity line connects to mine. Straight run to modem, no splits. Geo set in ocean, smallest radius. Use ping assist at 40ms.
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    Okay, thank you very much.😉
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    Yes sir!, l am indeed!, my xr500 rocks!, YouTube video link below.
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    DOCSIS 3.1 has: Active Queue Management (AQM)built into its software thereby supposedly significantly reducing internet latency. AQM results in faster page loads for all Web traffic and greatly enhances interactive applications like online gaming and video conferencing. It is a very good question if it negatively affect DumaOS's Congestion Control?
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    Netduma Jack

    Auto-Rotating VPN option

    I've responded to your other thread on this in short - it's a CPU limitation of the Netduma R1. Your CPU is maxed out trying to run the VPN, and since the R1 is a single core processor it can't go any higher. The better the CPU, the higher the speeds you can reach through a VPN.
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    Hi, welcome to the forum! Not to worry, we had a couple of cases of this error code. It's easy to get past, just takes perseverance! First thing to do would probably be to factory reset the router. I'd be surprised if you can't upgrade after that - the only other thing I can think would be a corrupt file, so try downloading a different one. If it doesn't work then, make sure to let us know and we'll go further
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    PS4 Error CE-35694-7

    The error code shows when your hard disk drive space is not enough for the install the game. Here is the full solution for this problem. Visit once: PlayStation: PS4 Error CE-35694-7 – Fixed.
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    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    It might not even be necessary to reboot honestly because SFP adapters are hot-swappable meaning swap in/out while powered on, but i did a reboot anyway. You may also check under internet setup tab that 10GLAN SFP+ is selected and not Internet port. I left SFP+ module detection on auto. If I would've known this was a fix for the WAN drops, and I get an extra LAN port from it, I would've done this MUCH sooner. Thank you to @Micbot for finding this. The SFP I used, as linked earlier in this thread, this is a 1Gbps SFP for $20.99, not a 10Gbps SFP+ which is around $200: 10Gtek for Netgear AGM734-10000S, 1000Base-T Copper SFP Transceiver, 100m, RJ45 Connector https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FRQJ1Y2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Hey Fraser, l just posted that information for Jack, everything is working for me now with ping assist, thank you for the advice and reply.