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    Update 2: new setting and my best setting ever. My kd has been increasing everyday and now it is at 3.52kd I am not trying to flex but I just want to say it as result of improvement. I have been reverted back to original r1 fw though but I think it should work the same. Here is setting I found out and had been using for almost a week. - Congestion Control: I leave it at 98/98 - Bandwidth Setting: mine is 100/40 - Congestion Control Algorithm: Preemtive. This is for old fw only. And when my hitdetection is off or I shoot first die first, what I do and it usually fixes is I switch to reactive and then immediately switch back to preemtive. Please be noted that you do this while you are playing and expect your game to stutter a bit because your router will be slowed down to apply the setting - Please leave your other device such as PC playing any HD videoservices in background while you are playing. Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Line TV. Anything on 1080p hd. - DNS. Use as your playstation dns. hit detection will be more realtime than some people might call this placebo. But It is what have been working for me. My kd had been dropping pretty bad before I use this setting (dropped to 3.42. But since I have used this setting, everything turned out to be better. i don’t get bs death, I die because opponent has better shots. And it has improved my KD from 3.42 to 3.52 over a week. Point is, it is worth a try and nothing will harm you, so for those who is struggling to get good game, i suggest you might wanna try this this wasmy kd before I discover new setting. It was around 2.2-2.8 per day And after the setting my daily kd was from 3.0 - 5.0 daily Update!! Since people who you are playing with are also factors, here is another finding I found. You must switch between 99/99 and 99/1 whenever you getting killed many times by 0.55kd guy, I just drop my upload to about 400kb (equal to 1% according to my bandwidth) and usuallt things will suddenly get better. so it all depends on whom you play with. I have been testing this for countless hours. I’m gn only be focusing on setting that should get my connection as good as possible to elminate lag compensation issue here is the result after I discovered my best setting specifically for BO4 multiplayer I’m gn go through section by section Device Prioritization: make sure you put PS4 as your prioritized device Anti-Bufferbloat: Apply only when high priority traffic detected. Make sure you havetht ticked Congestion Control: this is the most important thing to deal with inconsistent lag compensation. You have to expect that there is no ‘best value’ whatsoever it al depends on players connection who you are put agiainst, gun fire rate. So here is my congestion value and I must tell you there are various values that you have to try along so here it is With slow rate of fire gun: you go with 99%/100% gun like rampant, titan has pretty slow fire rate, with wrong value your bullets would end up not registering. So with full upload bandwidth, this will make your hit registration as accurate as possible With high rate of fire gun: you go with 99%/99% gun like maddox, hades, you have to nerf your unload bandwidth a bit as your bullets could become ‘ghost bullet’ so you have to slow down your upload value a bit I have been making log on each weapon specific value, be advised this is still WIP, I will update the full list later sometimes these above values might not work so i suggest you to drop your download bandwidth to 70% / 90-100% depend on guns as I mention above as I have been testing with many values, here is what I found 70%/70% - jack of all trade, you will not be getting instant death with this, however, hit registration would be a bit off. Sometimes you won’t hit enemy and ended up getting kill please let me know if this worked for you
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    I do not normally post this kind of video, but... What do you think?
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    I have two problems with this when I lean over to move the sliders from my laptop I get shot and also when I move my slider to 1% upload my brother who is uploading videos of his ex to pornhub goes nuts at me. Is there a fix?
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    It still boggles mind mind. Kids on a playground know how to divide teams so the best 2 start out on opposite teams, then each picks the next best player back and forth until the teams are fairly equal. I almost have a 4.0k/d, but my w/l ratio is only 1.8. Usually I get stuck with with the worst 4-5 stat players in the lobby. Sadly this has always been this way in all of COD multiplayer history. Ballancing shouldn't be a lobsided clusterf✓¢k forcing 1-2 players to carry. I gotta stop playing solo.
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    Time to Delete BO4 and say Goodbye?

    Exactly. If Battlefield can go 64 players on a map with tanks, planes, and buildings crumbling all the while having gorgeous graphics that don't need to be dumbed down; all without lag - then the CoD developers have absolutely no excuse.
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    downloaded BF1, have been a staunch COD player since the game first started but this game finally broke my spirit. BF1 hit detection is way way better even if you get sniped from 6 miles away as the maps are so huge! 64 players in a match and no noticeable lag to speak of!
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    Upnp problem

    This is something that is known bug with the DumaOS. What I usually do, I would power down my console. Then I would head into the DumaOS settings and disable UPNP. I would then reboot the router. I would wait about a minute or two, and then once it's fully booted. I would head back into the settings and Enable UPNP. Then power on my console, and go to the playstation or xbox network settings and click "test internet connection". Then I would boot up said game i.e. COD, and check if it's open NAT. As you mentioned, original OS works, so this should work. - Tray
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    Dave Masefield

    Adding a VPN

    thank you
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    Adding a VPN

    hybrid vpn>>>>>vpn setup>>>>>advanced. that will bring you to the pic above i posted. copy and paste the contents of the open vpn file into the config box and your login credentials into un and pw boxes.
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    As it stands Netgear users are very frustrated with their current duma OS due to: The Geo Filter Currently doesn't work as it should due to cloud server misplacement issues The Allow and deny servers doesn't work either as it should due to whatever issues etc QoS kinda works better on the download then the upload (for me anyways) These core components of DUMA OS are the reason a large majority of the people bought this gaming router in the first place These problems should be treated with highest of priority by Netduma within a timely manner there is no need to keep passing the blame on to netgear or avoiding peoples questions regarding these matters There needs to be more transparency with your consumers acknowledging what the current problems are because everybody I see coming to the forum at this current time is asking the same set of questions Please dedicate a pinned thread telling people of known issues and workarounds if any Not doing so is just adding to the frustration of the consumers as well as yourselves its wasting a lot of peoples time Also What is so wrong in offering us ping assist in beta at this time if you unable to offer any respite with the current problems it may help We may be able to work it out together Some how there must be a way to solve the current divide that is starting to become more apparent as the days go on What I'm failing to understand is the R-apps where initially created for a specific reason by Netduma and that is ease of expandability Most of these DUMA OS features are an R-App and are Independent to Netgears actual router firmware Quotes from this link - https://rapps.dumaos.com "R-Apps are independent features on your router. Just like an app on your smartphone, each R-App solves a problem to give you the best connection possible. It is so easy to add new R-Apps to your router. This extendibility means you will always have the latest, powerful features to take control of your network. Yet as Netgear DUMO OS Users we are unable to test the new R_apps in beta ourselves or even experience them or have our issues fixed without having to wait for them to be implemented by Netgear as part of their annual/ seasonal router firmware update whenever that may be The current issues are unacceptable and even more-so with the new features being released on the R1 that Netgear users may find beneficial right now
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    Back to being shit... Sigh

    Its a game side.. The new netcode is terrible , hit detection is terrible.. This game is unplayable..
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    Hey guys I took the time to put together a video showing what ping assist v2 introduces for server stat nerds like myself.
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    Netduma Admin

    QoS Flower

    Thanks for the idea guys - this is something we will definitely be looking into.
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    Foedus Gratiae

    Constant Peer to Peer

    Well, when I am seeing migrating host that leads me to believe I am not on a dedicated server...
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    Getting error code on ps4 every day

    Consoles no longer need the disc for loading files. It is strictly used for proving ownership. When you first put the game into the drive it will install all files onto the HDD. If there was an issue(scratch on the disc) with the disc it would have been found at this level. These errors may be caused by an issue with the game code, the OS, or both. When playing a game the discs don't cause this issue.
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    Companion App

    If anyone is playing CoD Black Ops 4 and wants participate in squad ops for extra stickers, camo, or whatever they give out - I have a group on it that anyone is welcome to join. Just download the Call of Duty Companion app on your phone and then join the squad OMG. It's records participation cross platform so it doesn't matter if you're Xbox or Playstation. You also don't need to play with us or anything, though anyone is welcome to (no bitchin in games though, keep it positive) . Just keep an eye every few days to see what the challenge is and if playing solo it still count's torward the goal. We've hit all goals thus far but more people playing is always helpful.
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    XR500 behind ATT Fiber (5268ac)

    Pinnskii i have the same ATT fiber service with the same RG(Pace 5268ac) all you need to do is put the RG in DMZplus mode & turn off the WIFI on the "RG", you shouldn't have to mess with any other setting on the RG, also please note that the RG lease time in DMZplus mode is 10min, in my case this causes some of my devices to disconnect from the "router" every 10min, so i had to change the "router" to a static ip on the INTERNET SETUP page, the IP gets pre-filled when "RG" is in DMZplus mode, just have to click the radio button & change, i do not have a static IP from att, however my IP has not changed in 3yrs, so i don't have issue if there was a power outage or the RG/router reboots Open a browser on a computer that is directly connected to the RG. In the address bar, enter In the GUI select Settings, then Firewall, and then Applications, Pinholes, and DMZ. Under Select a Computer, click the device name or IP address of the device you wish to put in DMZplus mode. Select the Allow all Applications(DMZplus mode) radio button. Select Save. as the Admin pointed out you shouldn't have to place the console in DMZ on the router
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    Time to Delete BO4 and say Goodbye?

    Hit and miss. LMAO. But on the mark. Not CoD, but that statement. Still trying to hold on, knowing how good it was at the start but it's getting much harder. Wife already wants me to quit. Lol - sorta. Most friends are starting to quit as well. Have noticed players list on the console is starting to dry up a bit with people playing.
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    Gracias a sus apoyos ya pude actulizar ... probando y contento excelente trabajo
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    A spare 30mbps? I can only dream that we'll even get to 10mbps... Stuck on 6 since the aughts. Thanks for the advice. Worked great last night.
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    Sadly ive gone back to the R7800. I miss DumaOS but streamboost works well enough and I'm using Voxels firmware so I know the GPL packages that he can change will be much more up to date than either the XR500 and XR700, both which are using old versions of OpenSSL to begin with yet again <sigh> Tbh I have a great line, without QoS I get pings to London of 7ms from he south coast and 33ms to Germany, I live on my own so things are more under my control, and I have very low latency, in fact I started getting better results on the XR500 with everything turned off towards the end. None of this is the fault of the Neduma guys, but Netgear should realise you cant run a gaming router with quarterly (ish) updates and now the XR500 is at the back of the line behind the R1, a router with a 600Mhz processor that seems to preform better than the Qualcomm/ Annapurna units with their bigger more powerful cores and more powerful wifi. I just need a router that I can game with and stream with and the XR500 was not really good at being a gaming router with the issues it has any more for me, and its way to buggy after being out 9 months as a home router too. I cant even have basic access control, let alone work out what's online and offline as things get stuck in the Network monitor sometimes and when I'm not gaming I would like to be able to use IPv6, no matter what it is 2018 and my ISP natively supports it. IPv6 may not help gaming much but if DumaOS can't use IPv6 maybe it should recognise non gaming traffic and let IPv6 work when its just being used as a non gaming router. Maybe this could be possible in a future update? I'm not sure about Netgear though as their IPv6 implementation filters ICMP, which it shouldn't. They wont change their mind and i'm guessing it would mean maybe a major overhaul of their firewall code maybe, who knows but they are certainly not bothered about it as its been going on since way before the R7000 was launched. Asus routers manage to deal with IPv6 this just fine. Netgear are way to slow with updates too, they even left in a bug using the '/' symbol that effects passwords that I found and reported on the R7800 which was fixed last year. ( The R7800 has exactly the same internal hardware as the XR500 with 128 MB less flash memory as its not running DumaOS, so it has 512MB ram 128MB flash compared with XR500's 512MB ram 256MB flash) You can see really see here that a smaller company that cares about its product can push out updates very quickly, unlike Netgear, whose firmware in my opinion feels like its just getting worse with each update. I'll go back to Netduma when they make a more powerful router, I need wireless 802.11ac to stream 4K but I don't want a three box set up (Modem, router and another router as a access point) but for me at least the XR500 is underperforming, and Netduma cant really do anything about it as their hands are tied and now they are up and running with the R1 (good for them) I think Netgear is starting to look like are fading memory in some ways. Netgear have fragmented DumaOS basically as I see it.
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    We're not going to be giving out any etas/deadlines, I think you can understand why!
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    actually went out and got drunk last night lol i will try tonight and report back