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  1. iAmMoDBoX

    Made a comment, 3 days ago

    Started playing yesterday... Honestly... EZ.... https://i.imgur.com/r8lbLQt.jpg

  2. Macca61

    Made a comment, 4 days ago

    Only 36 days till DumaOS drops........ But whose counting! ;)

  3. Sgt-Greco

    Made a comment, A week ago

    Possible punitive EU tariffs on iconic US brands ahead. Is XR500 considered a US product?

    • BIG__DOG's Photo
      isn't it manufactured in china or somewhere like that?
    • Macca61's Photo
      It's wherever the company is registered
  4. Russ73

    Made a comment, 2 weeks ago

    geo filter page not loading

    • PharmDawgg's Photo
  5. nfxcr3w

    Made a comment, 2 weeks ago

    The XR500 is a beast the guys at netduma did an excellent job well done guys.

  6. Macca61

    Made a comment, 2 weeks ago

    Question: Xbox one or Xbox one s which is best?

    • Macca61's Photo
      I think you may be slightly biased! Lol
    • BIG__DOG's Photo
      nagh, I own em both :)

    • MihaiL1804's Photo
      Xbox One feels more reliable, but for some reason I love my PS4, even though I have not used that much lately.
  7. sncjez

    Made a comment, 2 weeks ago

    TalkTalk 25 quid a month for faster fibre until 1st march for anyone coming to an end of current contract.

  8. Macca61

    Made a comment, 2 weeks ago

    It's another day without a XR500!

  9. Dcm12

    Made a comment, 3 weeks ago

    wifi of

  10. iAmMoDBoX

    Made a comment, 4 weeks ago

    If you could all please go follow my friend Quake... https://www.twitch.tv/quakeeyy

  11. BIG__DOG

    Made a comment, 4 weeks ago

    17 days til I have the XR500 :)

    • BIG__DOG's Photo

    • Macca61's Photo
    • sharpz44's Photo
      waiting...can`t get hands on it untill 12th though...working away
      really looking foward to it after years of waiting....lol
  12. CptinCaveman

    Made a comment, Feb 08 2018 06:42 PM

    I need help with dumaos and verizon fios gigabit setup

    • bagsta69's Photo
      Please start a thread In the support section with details of how you have things set up and your speeds etc. Thank you.
    • bagsta69's Photo
    • Netduma Admin's Photo
      Netduma Admin
      Hi Caveman - post here and we will help you: http://forum.netduma.com/forum/87-dumaos-xr500-router-support/
  13. nfxcr3w

    Made a comment, Feb 06 2018 09:22 PM

    You guys who own a PS4 Pro your going too love Update 5.50 Supersampling mode is incredible :) the diffrence in-game is night and day.

    • nfxcr3w's Photo
      If you own a 1080p Screen your games now get down sampled from 4K by enabling this feature in settings and video output setting.
    • faulko's Photo
      So far WWII and The Division look pretty good.
    • nfxcr3w's Photo
      Sweet! I've noticed Super Sampling is taxing on the GPU i think it's more better for Campaign games but when it comes to multiplayer it can destroy your experience when trying to kill enemies like in COD.
  14. iAmMoDBoX

    Made a comment, Feb 05 2018 03:56 PM


  15. RoyDavis77

    Made a comment, Feb 04 2018 02:37 PM

    Another month gone, another month closer to DumaOS

  16. kankyceez

    Made a comment, Feb 02 2018 07:24 PM


  17. velloonythedeity

    Made a comment, Jan 30 2018 03:20 AM

    Charter Spectrum finally separated their network from time warner's network. Now I Have 11 hop with the highest latency being an 40.

  18. bagsta69

    Made a comment, Jan 29 2018 01:42 PM

    Really need holiday, my skin has gone translucent. I can see my internal organs!!!!

  19. bagsta69

    Made a comment, Jan 29 2018 03:21 AM

    Had my R1 now for a few years, got it Feb after it came out. Still working like a dream. Thanks guys. :)I said it before and Ill say it again,Ronseal Router, Does exactly what it says on the tin.

  20. Dcm12

    Made a comment, Jan 27 2018 05:14 PM

    forgot r1 password

  21. ExtraCrispy86

    Made a comment, Jan 24 2018 09:44 AM

    PUBG update #6 on Xbox has got me playing non stop! So glad they’ve fixed a lot of the game mechanics.

    • ColonicBoom's Photo
      I thought they'd only fixed the grenade mechanic in this update.
      I'm loving the game though, can't beat a chicken dinner!
  22. MrRelentlessUK

    Made a comment, Jan 21 2018 12:08 PM

    Finally sat down to my first chicken dinner :) winner winner chicken dinner #Xboxone #Pubg

    • ColonicBoom's Photo
      Tried to invite you earlier mate, you missed out on the chicken dinner!
    • MrRelentlessUK's Photo
      Noooo! Drop me a invite when your next on mate :)
    • ColonicBoom's Photo
      we'll be playing a bit this evening (tues), not sure when tho
  23. BIG__DOG

    Made a comment, Jan 19 2018 06:18 PM

    NIGHTHAWK XR500 with DumaOS pre order at amazon uk https://www.amazon.co.uk/Netgear-XR500-100EUS-AC2600-WIFI-ROUTER/dp/B078X68G19/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1516385684&sr=8-4&keywords=NETGEAR+Nighthawk+Pro

  24. ITz_JeeVes

    Made a comment, Jan 19 2018 07:10 AM


    • JeepN77's Photo
      Nice Man, Congrats, I'm still working on getting my Duma set up WW2. No V2s for me yet! Maybe soon.


    Made a comment, Jan 15 2018 11:00 PM

    Just purchased the XR500 couldn't wait any longer ships the 22nd this month be back in stock the 20th.

    • BIG__DOG's Photo
      how is it now after spending a few days with it?
    • BOLDSHOTER's Photo
      sorry for the late reply, to be honest it's awesome much more usability not like the old firmware on the R1 being limited, love the new bandwidth allocation you can fine tune it for whatever mbps for each every device, one of the things I was looking forward too, just on my hit list to try I'm sure also for everyone else too is Anti jitter and Spike Technology sometime after the release of dumaOS on the R1 April, and still do have the R1 just sitting in the closet for now. :)
    • BOLDSHOTER's Photo
      and to let you know with the anti bufferbloat still not able to find a sweet spot for bufferbloat, but a lot has to do with the crappy netcode for WWII and servers no such thing as a router that can fix a shitty game just been jumping back and forth from BO3 and WWII BO3 plays much much smoother, so when or if you get the XR500 in the UK try out both games you'll notice a big form the two games differences, you will also notice WWII seems to play like crap more than BO3, you'll have c...