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  2. so another update on this, got rid of the firestick, replaced it with a Roku. Same issue, QoS is doing nothing to stop it. Tried reinstalling 2.1.3 to see if I had a bad install, didn't make a difference.
  3. purpleandgold33

    10+ kd

  4. Any updates on this? Thanks
  5. Lajkasir

    higher ping .. better?

    I have 35 ms on my ping assist and it still allows people with higher ping. (Fast search not enabled). Like this guy. its allowed him anyway ?
  6. Lajkasir

    higher ping .. better?

    The ping assist is awesome but the thing is. When I have it set to 30 ms, it still connect to peers /servers above that. I had the same issue with the R1.
  7. RobReapz

    Console Bandwidth Settings Survey

    For any game with decent netcode i would say bandwidth doesnt matter as long as its sufficient to play without lagging and you have taken care of local congestion etc but imo for cod and games with bad netcode everyone's connection varies so you need to experiment with what works best for your line and ping (which is a massive factor in this whole equation). Sometimes tho making your connection slightly sub par (Not A+'s on dslreports lol) can actually improve the gameplay which is pretty sad really. You need to experiment like do max download with say 0.5mb upload and vice versa, the possibilities are endless and it can drive you bonkers lol. So if you're just a casual gamer just stick with the 70/70 spiel and save yourself hrs of tweaking for possibly marginal results. Unfortunately there is still no guaranteed magic formula for bad netcode, cough cough @Netduma devs 😉. On your switch if it was me i would try 0.5mb down and 0.25mb up as a base limit and tweak up from there.
  8. Rampage

    PPPoE issue

    today i restarted router through router page and its stuck on same thing again it might be some serious bug going on my R1 i waited for while and not able to connect , its work whole day till i restart the router, So i decided to downgrade to previous DumaOS version , After downgrade i wait while and its connected to Internet Somehow its never take that much time to connect Before DumaOS because on Original R1 firmware i try restart factory etc. and its connected instantly like other routers but After DumaOS whole thing is change for me its like i need to setup my router whole day plus i already harassed my internet service provider which in this case there is no fault from their side .. i attached again log file which of both Firmware Version , and ill see how many days its able to connected to Internet.. before downgrade log-1548187376644.txt after downgrade and currently on log-1548187881408.txt , log-1548188068867.txt
  9. Thanks for your help. Nothing has changed. My hit detection is still bad. Dsl reports and pingpotter readings are high. Could the XR500 be faulty? Have you seen reports of fauly devices? im going to buy a new one in a couple hrs.
  10. What I don’t understand when I had my PS4 pro connected to the xfinity I was getting 200mbps download and 6mbps upload. Going through the netduma I’m getting 38.6mbps download and 2.0mbps upload.
  11. Yeah that is a good question. I have a Motorola MB8600.
  12. Thanks Jack what are things I need to make sylvite are running correctly. I was able to get in lobbies connect speed are still really low when I run speed test on my PS4 pro. Do I need to enable or disable the UPnP on my netduma? I don’t have that opinion enabled on my xfinity modem/router
  13. After the latest patch of fortnite on pc I'm not able to connect myself to the closest server who gives me the best ping, that server was the one of Paris, now I'm only able to connect to the servers of germany and one in London. This servers give me a ping of 40-50 and the one of Paris was giving me a ping of 30ms. What can I do??? The server of Paris was this:
  14. Hi @Netduma Fraser On Xbox: Download - highs 0.9 lows 0.2-0.3 Upload hights 0.5 lows 0.1 It seems the router is not sorting out the high usage devices and that is causing the lag. I think the router or the OS cannot deal with many devices! I take it does not matter we have two Xbox's running within the home?
  15. Bruined37

    getting DDosed

    Alrighty well I’ve learned a bit more just by listening but I can definitely tell you both that there is something more than typical “communication” I used to be a fairly active competitive player so I know all about getting “doxxed” or “dos”. Anyways.. it’s not like I’m continually getting “hit offline”. A few times everyday just about around the same times I get disconnected for a short period of time.. (probably however long his “stresser” is capable of holding me offline by pinging my router. Now with all of this being said... IS THERE ANYTHING TO DO TO PREVENT THIS BASTARD FROM ATTACKING MY IP ADDESS?! Outside of the typical contact your service provider or to use a vpn.. Contacting my service provider don’t do anything because they don’t care unless you are a “commercial customer” and the vpn won’t do shit because.... They have my IP address
  16. AnnonymouS

    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    You have to make sure its for Netgear
  17. AnnonymouS

    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    Buy This one I had no problems.
  18. Netduma Jack

    Auto-Rotating VPN option

    Ignore the log file my dude! It's for developers to use - the language makes everything in there seem negative, but it's all standard router behaviour. If other routers showed off their logs you'd see the exact same thing, it's not craziness at all. I'm not sure why you're experiencing your connection loss issue. I haven't ever experienced anything like it so it's difficult to tell. Are you sure it's VPN related? Couldn't it be DHCP not renewing the IP's of your devices properly?
  19. Hi George - your logs have been passed on to a developer to have a look at; he's got a backlog of other stuff to take care of though (as usual!) so it might take some time. Still, the plus side is we're fully aware of this potential issue now so a fix could get pushed through. In the mean time it's probably worth setting static IP's on your devices rather than relying on DHCP, though I'm aware with the setup you've got that's probably not a good solution. We're looking into it George!
  20. Could I ask what your setup looks like in more depth? The solution, at least when it comes to a standard household, is to check out the Network Monitor, see which device is hogging the bandwidth (and break it down per application to see in further depth), then use the Device Manager to block the offending device. If you can't do this (i.e the offending device doesn't show up on the router) how do you have it set up? Are all the devices behind switches etc? R-apps are going to become a lot more extensive this year, so don't worry - if your XR700 doesn't have this capability yet, it likely will soon. DumaOS will be upgraded faster than any other router, and is already at the forefront of router innovation. I'll take note of this and see if it's something we can do!
  21. Think an idea that would be cool, easier said than done but a netduma speed test that detected your bandwidth and ping and a setting that set up your buffer bloat automatically. I imagine having having a in-house speed test would be better at optimizing it than third party software
  22. What's the hold up on sending the hotfix? Can't imagine it takes more than a couple of minutes per user.
  23. With auto-ping host enabled, what is your ping to the game? I feel like that server in America probably isn't the game host despite the fact that it's the largest icon there. It'd be very strange if it was, since by the looks of it you're only playing with people from Europe.
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