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  2. Netduma Admin

    XR500 Black Ops 4

    Thanks for the update. Is it always like this, or just some of the time? The reason I ask is the game does a crucial network check when you boot up the game. It pings all the dedicated servers in the game and every server that your Geo-Filter blocks will no longer be chosen by the game to host any match you play. So if a server is inside your range normally but then is mislocated occasionally is mistakenly blocked, it could result in poor games.
  3. Netduma Admin

    R1 milestone 1.3 upnp

    OK - it's probably the game noticing the Geo-Filter blocking your servers. If it's not causing any problems I wouldn't sweat it too much - it's essentially a false reading.
  4. XtraaGraavy

    XR500 Black Ops 4

    Sorry for delayed response. No matter the size of filter the dedicated servers pop up in virginia and new jersey but then disappear. Im not sure if they are supposed to stay shown or not. I still have trouble finding a game with the geo filter set this large but can pretty consistantly. But when playing with friends ( all who live within 20 miles of me ) it makes it so much worse. In this picture i have 0 servers blocked and call of duty running There are servers within 250 miles from me in two different locations. But for whatever reason they dont seem to connect to them when i have the geo filter on the standard call of duty geo setting ( like 550 miles ) or anything under 700-800
  5. Netduma Admin

    Cant add console to Geo

    Well done for figuring it out. For future reference: if you wish to add a console to your Geo-Filter and the game popup appears,it's because it is not marked as a console in the Device Manager. So you need to go Device Manager, click on the device and change the device type to either a PS4 or an Xbox One
  6. HELLO:

  7. No, I still have the same moderate NAT problem. My modem is in bridge, on the R1 my console to a fixed IP (DHCP). By restarting the R1, console I get an OPEN NAT for a limited limited then it returns to MODERE. Despite this I can connect to parts without problem.
  8. StreakzTV

    Cant add console to Geo

    Never mind...forgot to say it was a playstation in the device manager
  9. I click add device and then select ps4 but this is the menu i get afterwards....
  10. Netduma Admin

    2 questions on ping assist

    Haha. That's actually not a bad idea!
  11. It's usually fine to leave UPNP enabled too - it shouldn't do any harm and disabling it can affect other applications. e.g. WiFi calling
  12. Netduma Admin

    R1 1.3 Upnp

    Avec deux consoles, il est généralement judicieux de laisser l’UPNP activé et d’utiliser le transfert de port pour l’une des consoles. Mais c'est à toi de voir!
  13. Netduma Admin

    Preemptive versus Reactive

    That's an interesting question! I'd go for pre-emptive and in that case, as it's optimal at the lower speeds. But there's not much in it. We revamped QoS for DumaOS (made it streamlined and powerful) so there's no longer the need for two options
  14. Yeah sorry it should be SMB
  15. Netduma Admin


    Hi Sharpz - NETGEAR have not given a release date yet, and obviously we cannot speak for them. However, I can say they're working hard with us to get a new firmware out as soon as possible.
  16. It isn't part of DUMAOS as it games it differently. Hence why I am back on original R1
  17. Today
  18. When is the next firmware please and what will be in included, I know Netgear drag there feet in firmware that’s why I always used voxel firmwares on my old R7800 ,cheers o and look over your shoulder Asus are bring out a New ROG Rapture AX ,pricey and probs buggy like the Gt
  19. Can you assist please in finding where is the setting for it is located on the xr500 ?
  20. Its known that Reactive can give you a small amount of packet loss, so Preemptive is better for gaming. Only use Reactive for downloading.
  21. Joke45

    R1 1.3 Upnp

    J'ai 2 PS4 brancher sur le R1 donc je ne suis pas en ouvert quand l'autre s'allume avant la mienne du coup on peut pas me rejoindre. Upnp rest actif quand je le désactive. J'aimerai qu'il reste désactiver . Pour profiter du transfert de port.
  22. Rousey

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Host Type Peer ID 2d5f420dfcccaeb3 Domain Name 95-179-204-13.choopa.net 10ms Greece Host Type Dedicated ID aa2d6e39ca493a3f Domain Name 95ms Mid USA Host Type Dedicated ID 4b68dea905ea979c Domain Name 104-156-234-169.choopa.net 108ms East Coast USA Few from last night My Location is London as you can see the game threw me on some local ones 🤣
  23. The helps guides suggest using: Preemptive if speeds are below 50mbps, and Reactive if speeds are between 50&100mbps. So at speeds of 60mbps Reactive should be best. However, when setting CC sliders to 70/70% speeds drops below the threshold so should the router be switched to Preemptive for gaming? Thanks
  24. Yeah .... I have a GEARHEAD contract, .. but their English is almost impossible to understand. Also, I think the instructions from Dialatech has a spelling error. I think he meant DMS 1.0/CIFS File Sharing to be SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing. I will call GEARHEAD.
  25. Thanks Urge I'll disable upnp and try port forwarding only. I did try upnp by itself but was still getting a moderate NAT.
  26. SturdyFugur

    2 questions on ping assist

    make a ping assist island or picture on the map to set your home location here for using pure ping assist. will avoid which ocean works the best questions 😀
  27. Netduma Admin


    C'est gentil à vous de dire. L’équipe de Netduma aimerait remercier tous ceux qui ont également apporté leur aide.
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