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  2. I had ping assist on so shouldnt the XR50 0not connect to that server? Also the second graph is with the geo-filter on and yet the network stats were all over the place as at one point it said the tick rate was 140?
  3. I'll make it simple, I am not rubbish Netduma, I am speaking hard cold facts, I have provided proof multiple timea over and over again (in vidoe form) and they ingnore it or use excuses. If you believe in the XR500 so much go on the battlefield forums & Call of duty reddit as I put a post up there showing the network stats on the XR500 compaired to the ingame stats from the battlefield network graph, a dev answered and said 'the reason its so different is, you are using 3rd party software to read the network and thats why it flucuates so much on the Xr500 as its not a true reading' on COD rediit I got why are you using a product that does nothing to fix the lag, then got ripped into for buying such an item? Also hows is lag or the issues with the geo-filter on Netduma out of there control? they claim it dominates lag?! So I'll repsond by saying I am entitled to my opinion and can state what ever I like, so Time to wake up Brado78 if you dont like what I say or do, just ignore it, dont reply... or better provide proof of your so called amazing time with the XR500 showing it dominates lag. So you compare me to Donald Trump saying 'You remind me of the fake msm news and their continued hatred and blame everything on Donald Trump.' sorry where do I bring up donald trump or even provide fake news, as again I provided proof (with videos), also just look at the forums topics to see user are even saying the XR500 or R1 isnt doing what The netduma team state it does. So is everyone else wrong? Again making statements like this 'Have an old brother who has is a doctor in programming. Got his doctorate in stopping flash crowds from occurring. Introduced him to the Netduma and the XR500 as he had never heard of them before. Now also uses the XR500 and can not speak more highly of it and how smooth it has made his connection and gaming more enjoyable.' oj cool story mate, yet it holds no weight as I can respond and say 7 of my friends returned the XR500 as it was not making their connections any better. - see how easy it is to make shit up as its just words that anyone can say without proof. If I rubbished, as you put it everything the Netduma team do, then why did I manage to get 4-5 of people I know to actualy buy an XR500? as the Xr500 is not just good for gaming, as you can use the XR500 to limit you kids bandwith, also lock certain childern out so they cant use the net at certain times. Plus you can use it to stream movies etc without getting the buffering screen as they can allocate the bandwith so the adults can watch it with out issues (as when you have 4 kids all using the internet, that will happen). Then there's allocating badwith to prioritise downloads, which again if you have a big family or house share works wonders as you can allocate the right amount of bandwith to DL your games, Movies etc.. Then you got the Guest Network, which if you have people over you can let them just use that. This stops people having full use of your network etc. OH and the Built in VPN that 2 of my mates use as they stream movies from other countries that they couldnt stream from the UK (which he told me was bit fiddly to se up) but it worked. Yes you could use it on a laptop but now they have it in the XR500 its easier to use so they can watch on their tv etc. Lets look at the network monitor.. shows all thats happening, and if you share a house or have kids it shows you how much bandwith is being used etc. Then the devioce manager, I love this section as it shows me how many things are connected to your connection, also that you can temp ban anything. Also lets me know if a 3rd party tried using my net, yes people from outside do try using others internet, just ask my neighbour. He trys using my connection once every weekend the little *beep*. I could go on at what is great about the XR500, for me Netduma are limiting their proiducts by just focusing one one crowd, 'gamers' when it could be sold to familys, house shares (students) etc.. I have also stated to many people, the customer service on this forums and team is way better than most companies. Dont really want to end on a bad note but, you say 'I cannot see how Netduma should be held responsible for game developers and their crap servers or net codes etc?' they also state this - Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Router powered by cutting-edge DumaOS is the ultimate gear for competitive gamers to stay ahead of the game. Sorry but you are not ahead of the game as I'm on a 11ms connection yet other players are just eating shots or I am dying from what feels like 2 bullets? So lableling your product certain things you are of course going to get critiseds, also if Netduma want to proceed & succeed, they will need to be on the ball with better could optimisation, more options for certain games etc.. . As right now you can see from just the Black ops 4 forums many many users are having big issues with the R1 & XR500. Me personally think the DumaOS could be used for more than just 'it dominates lag' as it can be used and sold to other users apart from just gamers. Also if i truly hated or as you put it 'rubbish Netduma' I would of returned the said item along time ago, as I still have my R1. I have even stated on twitter we are just seeing the potenial of the DumaOS etc.
  4. sliders at 70%, playing on TP-Link TL-PA9020PKIT power line adaptors.
  5. Yes, wired connection.(using belkin CAT 6A cables) I got the XR700 yesterday, update to the lastet firmware and did factory reset, i have a ONT from my ISP conected directly to the router so i had to use VLAN, setup QoS correctly. Start to playing PUBG and in all games that i played i had between 5 to 7 pkt loss spikes, it went to 125% on upload and 2% on download for about 2 seconds. Removing the XR700 i had no pkt loss with my old router(Asus RT-AC88U)
  6. if in a match and i want to zoom out and zoom in again but at a differnent zoom from x2 to x5, i get a error message popping up. So i need to un-tick the auto ping box and then zoom in again. its hard to explain as not at home. as i would send the screenshot.
  7. Great, thank you. Where can I see the roadmap?
  8. Yes, I did like the new layout.. just not so much the fact that it was now empty! 😢 Oh well, I'm sure once I repopulate the list the benefits of the new OS will far outweigh the loss. If the speed of bringing up the host details can be increased when you click on them, then that will be a huge help in terms of repopulating that list. Right now it's just too slow to be able to use it as I did previously.
  9. Netduma Jack

    xr500 and QoS

    Ah right okay. I imagine you've both reached the bottom of the barrel at this point! I've passed this issue on to one of our developers to have a look at. I agree, it seems like maybe a niche bug is happening. I've not seen anyone else with this issue so potentially it's just an issue with your router. We'll check it out and see if there's anything we can do.
  10. Makes sense. I've passed it onto the devs and added to the Roadmap too. Thanks for letting us know. Do you mean when you click to zoom in the disable Auto Ping pops up? We can change that if so, can see how that's not user friendly
  11. Hi, welcome to the forum! This seems like a weird issue, thanks for going into so much detail about what's happening. Have you definitely narrowed it down to the VPN itself? Have you tried disabling your VPN since you downloaded the new upgrade? It's always possible that there's another cause unless it's ruled out. I've sent this thread straight to a developer to have a look at. Hybrid VPN is a very new feature for the Nighthawks, so it's possible that there's a niche bug going on (especially given the complexity of different config files). Are there any other Proton VPN configs you can try?
  12. Ah man - that's a hell of a list. For what it's worth, you can now permanently Deny servers with DumaOS, so it's become more powerful now. As well as presented in a more easier to read table.
  13. Macca61

    Monitor vs 4K tv

    Hi Thanks Zennon, I will have a look at that......
  14. Just to add to this...when in zoom mode.. with ping host turned on it brings up an error message. As auto ping is hosted would like to zoom in and out of the map with out no errors. even when in a game.
  15. Zennon

    Monitor vs 4K tv

    I have both a 4K gaming monitor and an LG UK6300 43" TV for gaming Here is the input lag for the TV It is an IPS screen and cheap, if you do buy one hit me up for the best low input lag settings for both the console and TV.
  16. Netduma Jack

    XR450 Wi-Fi Calling Being Blocked

    I'm sorry to hear that. WiFi calling is something that should be addressed in the future - there's a lot of exciting features on the horizon. As Fraser said though, since these kinds of features are designed by Netgear, we have no idea when the release date would be for any potential fix. It does seem like we've reached the bottom of the barrel for solutions here, so hopefully this issue will be solved sooner rather than later!
  17. Hi BlackJaxs - thanks for testing this so thoroughly. The information and screenshots you've provided will be invaluable in getting to the bottom of this issue. I feel like we've reached the bottom of the barrel, so this could well be an underlying issue that you can't solve through settings alone. I'm going to get Netgear to take a look at your issue and reach out to you with further action you can take. Thank you for your patience!
  18. That's great. In the previous version (which I'm sure you're aware as it's your kit!) you could just click on the host circle and immediately see the Mac address and name the host/allo wthe host/deny the host within seconds. That 12 second delay now is often so long you can't properly identify the player before they've either left matchmaking or already joined the game in progress.
  19. Today
  20. Whaaaaaat? Oh man. I must have had ~250 hosts listed in there. I wish I'd known this before upgrading. 😭
  21. There's nothing you can do on your own side, but I've added this idea to our Roadmap as we could reduce the time needed for the ping graph to load. It's the first time someone has suggested this, but it's something we should be able to do.
  22. I'm sorry to say they probably will have been 😞
  23. Thank you, is there a reason that with other players on the previous version it was instant, but now it's not? Is more data being loaded? Is there a way I can reduce the amount of info I'm requesting, so I can just click on them and have salient info immediately?
  24. Netduma Admin

    beginning duma os

    Nothing to worry about there Raf - are you concerned about a particular issue? I will move this topic to the support forum
  25. Ah OK. If I revert back to the old software, will my saved profiles still be there? It won't have wiped them all will it?
  26. Netduma Admin

    cant get an open nat at all :(

    Could you do this please Jettman - this forum is obviously just for Netduma/DumaOS routers
  27. Macca61

    Monitor vs 4K tv

    Ok, I have decided to upgrade to a monitor, or 4ktv as the old eyes can't hack it anymore! I have been doing a bit of reading up on both options, and quite frankly find all the "blurb" confusing. I think I would prefer the TV option, as they come with in built speakers and I can also watch the tv when not gaming. However I don't want a mahoosive tv, and I can afford around up to £300. Anyone have any suggestions, or have got a tv that does what it says on the tin, please do not bombard me with jargon, as most of it will go in one ear and out the other. I do understand about refresh rate, imput lag, and the basic stuff! TIA Macca
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