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  2. I am have no problems at all with the V1.0.1.2 its been almost 2 days and there are 4 people using the internet 2 gaming and 2 streaming video and Arlo cam. It's was just that firmware V1.0.1.8, I am actual surprised that it wasn't caught before releasing it. I know it has to be really hard to try to accommodate everyone different hardware. My cable modem is Netgear cm600 on the Xfinity(aka Comcast) network. They do play nice together nothing out of the ordinary.
  3. WAN IP 732169220 xfinity
  4. Please make sure you are typing admin and password in ENGLISH! Easy mistake to make if you are used to translating into Spanish. Thanks.
  5. Netduma Admin

    NEDuma xr500

    I would use the FIFA profile as the net code is very similar. You might need to expand your range a bit more though because I imagine the player count is smaller, so you don’t want to be waiting a long time to find a game. Hope you have fun using it 😊
  6. Netduma Admin


    Almost certainly placebo but if it aint broke! I would recommend making sure you’re in High Priority Traffic Detected Mode though rather than Always. Because otherwise you will be limiting your entire internet connection even when you’re not playing.
  7. Netduma Admin

    higher ping .. better?

    What do you mean exactly? Is the Filter blocking these other servers, and therefore working as it should, or are you connecting to them? If the latter, please could you follow this optimal settings guide to make sure you have everything set correctly; http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000077072-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-geo-filter
  8. Netduma Admin

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Yes, that’s correct. It will then show the PC connections too once you change the device type. I’ve responded in your other thread.
  9. sitefresh

    Auto-Rotating VPN option

    I also wouldn't mind helping test the feature out...if u guys ever do introduce it. Beta releases, etc.
  10. Netduma Admin

    Network Prioritisation

    The only reason to change forum secure to open is if you feel you do not have an open NAT. But it sounds like your NAT status is open. Correct me if I’m wrong. Have you tried testing the quality of your line? If you’re playing a custom game on a nearby hose, with A or A+ bufferbloat, then the problem is somewhere else. Checking your line quality is the next step I would do. His guide explains how to: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23881-ping-plotter-quick-guide/
  11. Netduma Admin

    Unable to Invite friend or Join

    If you want to just force the Czech Republic area, you should leave Ping Assist at 0. If you set it any higher then you will be given games nearer the UK (where you’re actually based), so that would include France. I wouldn’t use a profile - they’re just beginner settings. You have a good understanding of how everything works now so best just to use your judgement from now on.
  12. sitefresh

    Auto-Rotating VPN option

    It happens EVERY time to me. for a year now. at the most my connection only stays for 2 hours...that's it. then it's down. but the instant I reconnect back, it connects instantly. (occurs with both versions of software....the older R1 and now Duma OS as well) NordVPN also seems like, before the connection drops....it slows down significantly first...to a crawl. then connection is dropped. Which would indicate DOS type attack every time ? I'd be interested to know if others that are using them are experiencing the same. It would be awesome if u guys could add something like this in the future. I'd auto-rotate it ever 30 minutes, to prevent this BS everytime. also, in the meantime...these are the only parameters in the OVPN files, it lets me to work with. If I modify any of them, can it force an auto-reconnect of some sort? Or maybe I could add in a certain command to either reconnect or prevent the disconnects ? Any help is appreciated. client dev tun proto tcp remote (server IP edited out) resolv-retry infinite remote-random nobind tun-mtu 1500 tun-mtu-extra 32 mssfix 1450 persist-key persist-tun ping 15 ping-restart 0 ping-timer-rem reneg-sec 0 comp-lzo no remote-cert-tls server #mute 10000 auth-user-pass verb 3 pull fast-io cipher AES-256-CBC auth SHA512
  13. Netduma Admin

    unable to use ping assist

    Is it playing ok now? Always reboot your game if you make any geo-filter changes by the way! Might have been the reason you had a one-off weird day.
  14. OnlineGamer

    ping assist issue

    before ping assist got added in the .40 firmware I usedto and can still play pubg and fortnite with my console on filtering mode and with strict mode on. the only thing I couldn't do was that I couldn't join any EA games like fifa, madden and battlefield's lobbies. my question is. is ping assist only for COD and if not what other games does it work with?
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  16. I will PM you the details now. Could you register again using the email address you joined this forum. It will then give you the latest firmware
  17. Joseph will confirm next week when we’re next able to push the Hotfix to those waiting
  18. Netduma Admin

    Wifi keeps dropping

    That all sounds correct. Good job. Is it all working now?
  19. Netduma Admin

    Auto-Rotating VPN option

    That’s a very cool idea. Thanks. One problem with it though is by switching to a different server, you would lose connection temporarily on connections going through it. So would that be acceptable? If so, what is the reason for wanting this feature? Also you might want to try a different VPN provider of the server is dropping out that regularly.
  20. was just in the middle of typing a response, thanks for the input
  21. Missed this question in my last reply! You plug port 1 on your Netduma into a LAN port on your modem
  22. You want to enter the WAN IP of the the Netduma R1 into your modem’s DMZ. You can see the WAN IP if you go to System Information in DumaOS If you ever need it, subnet should be
  23. Netduma Admin

    PPPoE issue

    Thanks for all the info and the feedback. Youre getting Internet through the router now right? If so, I can only think the reason the WAN IP is not showing is due to PPPoE. So we’ll need to look into why.
  24. Netduma Admin

    No full speeds on DumaOS

    Awesome, thank you for letting us know.
  25. What’s the WAN IP according to your Netduma? And what IP address do you use to access your modem?
  26. Netduma Admin


    If you’re Ping is below 40ms then you have a good connection so there’s not much more we can do. You might want to try lowering the ping threshold, perhaps to about 20ms, to get an even better connection
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