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  2. benjammin1980

    Browser loading problem

    I've given everything static ip addresses and put them all on the dhcp lease of 10 hrs. I still have to reboot to get an interface response even after clearing browser history and rebooting. This happens on different browsers. Now I get this error ...Thanks for your time
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  4. Cypher13

    Constant issues-XR500

    I just rebooted my modem for the 2nd or 3rd time and it has now reconnected to internet. It took a while though, I would get white led, then it would turn orange, now finally back to white. While exciting and I’m glad I can game tonight, it is most inconvenient. Any ideas what might be going on?
  5. altsai

    XR700 Disconnects

    It's interesting to know that changing LAN port can fix the issue. Maybe you can contact NTGR support team to swap your unit back for further checking.
  6. blackshirt40

    XR500 upload bufferbloat.

    i also have the xr500 and the same issues when "caccoon cam" (a video baby monitor) is on and uploading its only about 2 meg a sec up and i have 200 down 11 up, but it causes my games to be almost unplayable because of client side lag. as soon as i turn off the monitor problem goes away, and yes i have tried all the qos settings and anti bufferbloat. the problem seems to be a qos uploading bug giving the camera priority, even when i set my gaming pc to 100 on the qos unless i uncheck share excess bandwidth. (i have posted on this on netgear forum, but didnt really get anywhere with any solutions being offered besides check my line, i did, and its fine)
  7. Z.Janahi

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Hi guys, Interesting discussion I own the Xr500 in Qatar as well, yet unable to find any lobbies with less than 100ms ping. Seems Bo4 gave up P2P and resorting to the server in Riyadh. Now don't get me started on Saudi internet infrastructure as for some reason it gives horrible connection 150ms ping and above, I could connect to the EU with the same ping. All in all, have been setting my geo filter to filtering mode below 550km and praying that I get a low ping. Anxiously awaiting PA on the XR500 Please don't hesitate to share any worthwhile experience and thanks
  8. Hi, I was wandering if the receive rate it is better higher or lower I'm getting more than 240.. thanks in advance 😁
  9. Do I need to do a factory reset after the update?
  10. How do I know what server I’m connected too?
  11. Thanks Tray, that confirms my initial approach which is to use the bandwidth allocation rose to ensure the netflix device "wins" in any bandwidth competition with the PC clients.
  12. HPTD is for applications that is latency sensitive, i.e, gaming. As you mentioned about R1 old firmware, you had some minor issues with. The DumaOS utilizes a different algorithm, and should be able to handle your netflix; smart blu-ray player. What you could do with the downloading of the PC, in the prioritization flower/circle. Lower the amount of bandwidth the pc can utilize. Which the DUmaOS now allows to set a good desired amount when you click on the device in the tree of devices connected to the Duma on the left side of the QOS menu. Click the PC, then on the right side should see the amount you would like that device or this case, PC, bandwidth it will utilize. You would have to do since it will HOG or take away from the devices if it was all equal in the flower/circle I would assume. Something I would do is possibly set the main sliders to about 90% for download and upload and then click the PC and lower the amount of bandwidth. As netflix for 1080p needs 5mbps and for 4k it needs 25mbps according to netflix FAQs. So that should give you roughly an idea how much is needed for you smart blu-ray and PC allocation. - Tray
  13. Sadly, It happened for everyone at the same time. I'm on the XR500/PS4 and have been on the OS the whole time. Nothing changed on the Duma end, it happened when Treyarc put out the big patch 2 or so weeks ago and messed with the server tic rate. Happened exactly the same to the Xbox people a week later when they got the same update.
  14. Cypher13

    Constant issues-XR500

    Modem is a TC-Link TC7620
  15. I’m at my whits end here. I’ve had nothing but problems since I bought this thing(for almost $300!). The first issue that has plagued me was the internet disconnect happening once a day, conveniently while I was at work and couldn’t troubleshoot it for my gf. So I made sure I had the most current firmware and did a factory reset, after searching the forums for procedures that seemed to work for people. I thought that solved it, but according to my gf who is now helplessly at home while I work, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The issue today was that our amazon echo would tell the weather but not activate the Philips hue that is hardwired to the router. I thought it was maybe that the Xbox was in instant on so the router was throttling bandwidth from everything else. After I had her power off the Xbox and reset the router it’s now having the no internet issue again. W.t.f. This router replaces a 10 year old+ router that hadn’t been updated in years and it worked far more reliably than this! I’m obviously very frustrated, because when it works, I love it. But with my gf being home from work a solid 4 hours before me, and us going on vacation soon, relying on a pet cam and Philips hue, I’m not sure I can devote any more time to troubleshooting.. again! /rant any suggestions GREATLY appreciated!
  16. Shanet

    Netgear xr500 router

    Any help is truly appreciated that's for sure, it is a sagecom [email protected] 3864op adsl modem then my netgear xr500 is connected to that thru ethernet port one
  17. Hello, I just upgraded our R1 to DumaOS and am attempting to optimized video streaming on a Netflix device. What's the best strategy for sharing limited bandwidth between streaming video and gaming? We typically watch Netflix over our smart blu-ray player. PC users stream videos but mostly Youtube. Should I use the QoS bandwidth allocator to give the blu-ray player the majority of the bandwidth, with share excess enabled? or would creating a traffic prioritization rule for that device be a better strategy? Or both? With the old R1 firmware, it didn't seem to matter if I gave more bandwidth to the netflix player. If anyone was doing a download on their PC it would destroy the streaming video quality. For gaming, the main online game played in the house is Elder Scrolls Online. Anti-buffer bloat is set to When High Priority Traffic is Detected and it seems to be working as well as the old R1 software. Is ESO programmed into the high priority traffic detection method? I saw the red indicator come on once but it isn't on continually. Does this function work for non-gaming activities? EDIT: I found in one of the FAQs that HPTD is only for games. Thanks, Mike
  18. What I'm failing to understand is the r-apps where created for a specific reason by Netduma and that is ease of expandability and Most of these DUMA OS features are an R-App and are Independent to Netgears actual router firmware Yet as Netgear DUMO OS Users we are unable to test the new R_apps in beta ourselves or even experience them without having to wait for them to be implemented by Netgear as part of their annual/ seasonal router firmware update whenever that may be Im sorry but this just defeats the theory behind the use of R-Apps if your a Netgear user Quoted from this link - https://rapps.dumaos.com "R-Apps are independent features on your router. Just like an app on your smartphone, each R-App solves a problem to give you the best connection possible. It is so easy to add new R-Apps to your router. This extendibility means you will always have the latest, powerful features to take control of your network.
  19. Yeah... I don't know. Rather hit or miss. This game was great for the first month (for me). Last two weeks have been complete garbage. Is it coincidental that Dumas OS came same time??? Don't know. I downgraded then reinstalled after the Ping Assist update. That's when no one could get on. I'm still having serious issues like most. I may try removing duma all together. See what happens. With Duma OS - when game isn't crashing on me, I am seeing constant rubber banding from other players. I am being one shot-insta killed. It's a mess. Complete 180 from two weeks ago.
  20. Flamenation247

    Hope this Helps

    i dont think that's it ive had the duma for almost 2 years and i ive tried different thing and setting ive never had an issue with games until b04 but over this past month ive change routers testing them and noticed the only difference between the routers were the manufactures and the default gateways i personally dont use the isp router modem combo and i hadnt for the past 4 years i till have it though because i purchased it to avoid a renting fee every month but i use a tp link modem and the duma i only made the post because i know for a fact that this has made a huge difference with the duma using 1982.168.88.1 i dont not get no servers in the us even with pa at 50 and filter with 2000km no they dont even show up the minute i change it i get only games in the us and low ping i have posted on the forum previously and was told the server was an authentication server and that no the actual server but the duma was saying it was the host with 100ms plus and the cod in game radar oh and the lag itself was validation. im getting a 17ms dedi thats in the incorrect location now that i have my routers address changed and the cod network meter is showing a similar low ping a few ms off but it validates that this is the cause.
  21. Netduma Fraser

    Hope this Helps

    I think probably what this is was your ISP not playing well when a new router has been introduced so may have been fooled that you're not using an old router anymore so ping returned to normal
  22. It'll be whatever you had it set to before, if that doesn't work factory reset using the button in the back and then it'll be admin / password
  23. Okay thanks, will need to look into that then. Whats the ping to the server? Yes we're aware of that also but generally no need to flush unless recommended
  24. Netduma Fraser

    Anti Bufferbloat Sliders?

    It'll be reserved unless other devices require more than their allocation
  25. Mement

    XR500 upload bufferbloat.

    Please read my earlier response ps. i sent you a message also on saturday could you send me a message in response to that
  26. Yesterday
  27. Yorkshirelion

    Anti Bufferbloat Sliders?

    Thank you for your help it is much appreciated, when it comes to share excess how fluid is that, if I allocate 20Mbps to the shield on download and I’m watching something that only requires say 10Mbps, is the rest being shared out or reserved anyway?
  28. Flamenation247

    Hope this Helps

    go to network setting on the duma then choose network change the routers ip address you dont do it on the console and tip which i already mentions is using your orginial ip routers default gateway address. should work perfectly dont do this on the console or your internet will fail. also on duma os your router will not have to restart if you change it but when every you want to access the netduma you would have to put the changes ip in the browser will no longer take you to the netduma routers page.
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