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  2. was the r1 , out the box , i did a factory reset and is now fine , unusual bug
  3. Jettman

    best huawei modem???

    hi guys so i currently live in AUS and i have heard a huawei modem is the way to go but i dont know what is a good one. leave suggestions below or a link
  4. You factory reset the xr700?
  5. Daniel87

    Bo4 keeps connecting USA

    filter mode on and strickt
  6. One question, Does the Allow/deny work even if the router is in spectating mode?
  7. UPDATE: After a factory reset all is fine now, consoles connected to switch are showing up in geo filtering.
  8. So I asked this question about 18 months back and I've been waiting patiently. Can we do this on the DumaOS? Could you point me in the right direction to set this up? Original post for reference.
  9. Grafight

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Hi, I've also been having some issues with Black Ops 4 on PS4 on the new Duma OS. I live just north of London, UK and on 1.03.6g I used to have the filter set super tight to ~500km and 35ms to ensure that I always got a UK server. However, if I try to run the settings this tight now (I believe you can only filter on geo not on ping anymore) then I simply don't get into a game. I did a bit of hand testing and posted the results below. Internet: Virgin 200Mbs Priority: PS4 moved to 100% priority in DumaOS Location: ~20miles north of London UK. Search for "Control" Game Mode. Saturday 20th October, tests started at 13:30. London, UK. Geo Filter on 1,007Km. Covers all of UK, France, Benelux, Denmark and Northern Germany. FAIL - Abandoned search after 2 minutes. Zero other lobby members. FAIL - Abandoned search after 2 minutes. 2 other lobby members. SUCCESS - Found full lobby after 1:01 minutes. Ping reported at between 29ms & 47ms during gameplay. Game playable. Geo Filter on 2,011Km. Covers whole of Europe up to north of Nordic countries, south of Italy and Russian border. FAIL - Backfilled into a game after 58 seconds wait. Ping not reported by DumaOS. Game crashed after 1 life. Error Code (CE-34878-0) SUCCESS - Found full lobby after 10 seconds. Ping 39ms - 55ms. Game playable. SUCCESS. Found full lobby after 12 seconds. Ping 39ms - 69ms. Game Playable. At end of game was unable to return to lobby as "Session no longer available". Geo Filter on 3,000Km. Covers whole of Europe, north Africa and Russia up to ~Moscow. SUCCESS. Backfilled into a game after 9 seconds. Ping 38ms - 48ms. Game Playable. SUCCESS. Found lobby of 10 players after 11 seconds. Ping 42ms - 55ms. Game Playable. SUCCESS. Backfilled after 6 seconds. Ping 45ms. Unable to determine if game was playable as it reach end of game after ~ 10 secs (Thanks Treyarch!). Search for "Team Death Match" Game Mode. Saturday 20th October, tests started at 14:40. London, UK. Geo Filter on 1,007Km. Covers all of UK, France, Benelux, Denmark and Northern Germany. FAIL - Got "The lobby is not joinable" message after 22 secs. FAIL - Got "The lobby is not joinable" message after 19 secs. FAIL - Got "The lobby is not joinable" message after 17 secs. I stopped at this point as this type of testing is dull and time consuming. As stated before I used to play COD WW2 on much much tighter settings with zero issues. I hope this info helps.
  10. Daniel87

    Ps4 2playstation probs

    yes i did
  11. Today
  12. This was also interesting. Right after all these speed tests, this was the download speed of an update on Steam: (QoS - On - Always) This was a Test Download with the Blizzard App Speed test result:
  13. Hi Admin Share excess is enabled: Changed to never: Never Speedtest: As per the list in your link: Anti-Bufferbloat - No changes on any of the three settings. Share Excess - This is on as per your instruction and my screenshot. Reset Bandwidth Allocation - This was completed after each change, no improvements. Wired VS WiFi - Speedtest.net test is being completed via a wired PC Ethernet Cables - Ethernet cable is CAT6 Disable Traffic Prioritisation - Some interesting results here (read bottom to top): Disable QoS - Disabling QoS returns normal speeds Hope some of this data is useful.
  14. major masingil

    Wifi Calling issue _Samsung Note 8

    @Netduma Fraser No, unfortunately I can't make a call with the R1's wifi. This is a pretty big issue for me, as I don't have the greatest cell phone reception at my house. I need the wifi calling for work. Let me know what I can do to help, if anything. Also now that I have enabled the R1's wifi to test it with wifi calling, it won't stay off. Everytime I refresh the page or open the router the R1's wifi will turn on
  15. My synology NAS (218play) does not support plex yet. I could use my nvidia shield TV box as a plex server. I am also considering factory resetting the XR700 to see if it fixes my switch and geo filtering issue. I will be doing that in about an hour when they have gone out for the afternoon.
  16. This makes me think it is an issue with the XR700? Latest firmware? I’m curious. I ended up moving my Plex function to the Sunology NAS to save on CPU cycles.
  17. Netduma Admin

    DumaOs Date

    Bonjour, nous avons lancé la version bêta par étapes (il y a BEAUCOUP plus de 50 personnes). S'il vous plaît soyez patient - nous ne voulons pas prendre de risque et envoyer une mauvaise version. J'espère que vous recevrez votre email bientôt et merci pour votre soutien.
  18. Netduma Admin

    Aide configuration XR 500

    Veuillez suivre ce guide pour la meilleure configuration de BO4 (utilisez traduire pour le rendre français). Pour des conseils plus généraux, veuillez consulter ce domaine de notre base de connaissances: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/folders/16000090646 D'autres utilisateurs francophones peuvent également avoir des conseils pour vous!
  19. That is very frustrating. The fact it's just happening on your console suggests there is something wrong with it, instead of the router. Is it connected wirelessly or wired? If wired, do you have a different cable you can use?
  20. Netduma Admin

    Duma OS Download

    Please use a PC to upgrade Appreciate it is frustrating having to wait - but we are really working through the list efficiently and safely (more emails went out this morning). Hopefully you won't be waiting much longer.
  21. Netduma Admin

    Slow speeds after upgrade

    Could you check share excess is enabled on your Bandwidth Allocation Options? There is a separate toggle for download and upload. Could you also switch Anti-Bufferbloat to Never. See if that works. If not, could you work your way through this guide (I appreciate you may have already tried some of these steps): http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-speeds
  22. That's great work, thank you. If you find any more please post in that other thread so we have one place to collect all the info from. Thanks again.
  23. Netduma Admin

    network settings error

    OK, let us know if it happens again please
  24. Netduma Admin

    not getting full speeds

    Ah so the BO4 download is limited to that speed? That's probably a limitation of the server providing it i.e. they can't give speeds over that because they're busy at the time. Try speedtest.net again (and if it doesn't work, let us know the error message). You could also try dsl reports if it's not working. Thanks
  25. Hi - could you follow this guide please. The most important thing is to make sure your Geo-Filter is set to filtering mode over your favourite server before booting the game. If you then make changes after booting the game, please restart it: Thanks for the idea - but there are SO many servers, and they change quite often - so the best thing to do is collect the IDs of any that people believe are in the wrong place.
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