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  2. Good put selected where? In the gateway's UI or the XR500's?
  3. Glenn693

    Virgin upgrade

    Someone help iv just upgraded to virgin vivid 350 but i cant get full speeds on my netduma Iv tried all the optimised things on here but no joy
  4. I have att fiber with no issues. Do you have good put selected? Even if you have QOS disabled if the good put is checked it will reflect those numbers and I noticed if I did the initial speed test the router does when it sets up, the highest it sets it to automatically is 500
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  6. hellfish89

    Ping Plotter Quick Guide

    This is my ping plotter graph during a (PES) online game (sliders on 100/100(? Anybody knows what you can read from it? @Kingcomic7 Many thanks! And this is one with sliders (50/50):
  7. JOE1305

    Misplaced server

    thx for sharing it Dan, cheers
  8. JOE1305

    ping plotter help

    There is no problem at all bro. Looks fine to me. I have also a DSL line of 40down and 10 up. On dslreports I get triple A+ but in the game it still sucks because players with high pings can fuck up the lobby. Where do you live and where is the next dedicated server for you? It can be the server or the players in the lobby. Your pingplotter results look like mine. I dont see any jitter here. Try to tweak the download and upload to find out what is the best for you. Sledgehammer Games were always shitty for me. Bad netcoding and matchmaking. Here even the R1 cant help you. :(
  9. @hellfish89 thanks for your post and I have same question what to do next or look at as guideline to finding a suitable connection Maybe @jack could take a look at your situation as your grape did differ from mines. I ran my test from BBC a. twitter. Com Thanks
  10. Hello there @DMC_81 first off big respec for break down a guides! Have been searching for a better modem replacement no joy yet Phone line over Internet yes mate dynamic ip address vdsl2 Normally would use a BT modem dsl dlink 3782 I'm not sure if it's suitable I've seen it perform better trough the isp I reset the ps4. Dlink. R1 last night The problem I have testing from ps4 I don't no what is good or bad no more because of readings. Is there a alternative site or suggestion I use a master socket 5c with with two holes one line and Internet. No filters Also had Lind test done all came back with positive feedback Yea I see many videos people adjust there settings via the browser I wonder if it's a thing of the past because I'm still unable to do thus anymore Do you think you can post anything find regarding the update from ps4 unable to find much myself but it seems to be at play here... I will order some new cables as you pointed out. Nothing like a upgrade especially if its required.. More natural Yes I use game mode on the LG 49Uj630 usa version Any guides or details will be welcome Thanks @neduma and community
  11. are there any gameplay advantages between an xr700 and r1? honest thoughts please?
  12. Disable any automatic updates the console is doing, that may resolve it. Also we're in discussions with multiple teams including the Xbox team. There is an Alpha Xbox Update which should resolve the issue, I'm not sure if you have the ability to download this but if so I'd recommend it.
  13. What features are you referring to, PPPoE? Do you not have the issue on the previous firmware?
  14. Hi there, had the same problem with PES as Comic, but with initialising the PS4 it’s much better. Now waiting for the cables suggested from DMC. In two weeks I also get a better Fritzbox, let’s see if this will improve everything as well. What I am still struggling is the question: Where to put the download and upload caps? Dslreport was working fine but now it’s broke on PS4 and the Laptop. Speedtest.net gives me a Ping of 9ms. Is this the most important stat? There are other words like latency, Jitter, bufferbloat and so on. Don’t really now what to look at ;) Best regards Stefan
  15. Netduma Fraser

    XR500 Firmware V2.3.2.32 released

    Its a significant task and therefore won't be soon. IPv6 gives no practical benefit to the user and IPv4 can always be used. Priority is bug fixes. We've already completed VPN Hybrid, its with Netgear for testing. Ping Assist will come.
  16. Netduma Jack

    DMZ on Smart Hub

    Hi - just checking to see if further resets etc has resolved this issue? Getting smart hubs to communicate with other routers can be temperamental, I'm sorry it's been such a hassle. Let us know if it's gone okay and we'll advise you further if not.
  17. Netduma Fraser

    Denied Servers and Players

    Yes I would assume so but that's up to Netgear and how their teams get on.
  18. Hello , before using netduma r1 . i test my connection and i think i have a problem with my isp but i want to clarify before crying to isp . its a vdsl 2+ , speedtest 9ms 90download and 14 upload ; its like good but in game feels like i am always too late . i test on dsl reports and have A+ A A+ without netduma R1 . So i use pingplotter and have this . Can you explain me what is the problem . Thanks
  19. Netduma Jack

    Question? Device Manager & VPN

    No problem - did this solve your issue? Let me know if there's anything else you need a hand with.
  20. Netduma Jack

    High Ping on COD Servers

    Best thing to use Pingplotter for is finding out your line quality - you shouldn't ping game servers using it. I usually recommend either Twitter.com or a local news site, they provide pretty accurate results. Let us know how it goes
  21. Zennon

    Problems logging into forum

    @Netduma Fraser Can you take a look in to why Rob needs to reset his password every time he logs in?
  22. Zennon

    Xbox One X and 4K static screen flashing

    You need HDMI 2.0 which will do 4K 60FPS the Xbox one X comes with one of these. Or if you want to future proof there is HDMI 2.1 for up to 10k. If you are using a HDMI 1.4 this will only do 4K 30FPS.
  23. Hi, I had to downgrade back to firmware V2.3.2.22 because my isp has the features blocked on the ONT at this point I'm waiting for a beta firmware from Netgear.
  24. Yesterday I was playing I randomly disconnected twice.. weird....I cant believe it's taking forever for this to get fix
  25. Uzumaki619

    Denied Servers and Players

    When is the next firmware coming out? Is it going to be before black ops 4 come out?
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