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  2. no no body have the access i use it for personal use and i dont share the password no power cut i was playing that time it just shutdown by it self and ps4 running normal
  3. Cécé

    Ping Plotter Quick Guide

    hye everybody je vous laisse une image de mon ping plotter sans qqos au debut du tracé puis je l'ai activé à 21h05 en laissant mes barres à 100 dans un premier temps pour voir l'éfficacité
  4. Did anyone else access the router at the time or were any settings changed? It's very strange that it would just shutdown and then not be accessible. Did you have a power cut?
  5. hi Fraser thank u for the fast respond i tried these steps nothing change for your information im on Duma os since November never face any issue with my Netduma only yesterday it shutdown by it self while im playing
  6. Today
  7. Hey, welcome to the forum! Make sure the router is plugged directly into a wall outlet, not an extender. Then please try this guide: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000022375-i-unticked-preserve-settings-when-upgrading-can-t-access-my-router-help
  8. Netduma Fraser

    The Division 2

    Thanks for the information, did the Geo-Filter appear to get you a game within its' radius?
  9. When you're kicked to the lobby and can no longer connect back with filtering mode please look at the map, do you see anything blocked? If so please ping it and provide us with the ID
  10. Netduma Fraser

    aide DumaOS

    The QoS guide there links to this page for full speeds: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-speeds
  11. Hi i tried all the above steps no change i dont know what happened but maybe the router is dead any other solution please . i bough the Netduma 22nd October 2018
  12. clarkdu13

    aide DumaOS

    j'ai un gros souci déja au niveau du debit quand je suis connecté en direct sur ma livebox j'ai entre 700 et 800 mega (fibre) et quand je suis connecté sur le netduma r1 je tombe a 200 mega
  13. Netduma Fraser

    r1 has issues

    You need to have turbo mode enabled as well as super turbo mode for the QoS to be disabled. Also disable IPv6 in WAN & LAN and deep packet processing in miscellaneous settings.
  14. Thanks for your use case as well, I've passed it on to the team to see if it's something they want to include in the future
  15. Netduma Fraser

    Guest network IP scheme

    It would use the same range as the regular devices that are connected I believe so you shouldn't have to do anything different for guest devices, they can use the same range.
  16. Netduma Fraser

    Nvg448b bridge mode

    Okay not to worry, in this case I would recommend having bridge mode disabled. Put the router in the NVG DMZ, disable WiFi, UPnP & any port forwarding rules on the NVG. Then you can remove the PPPoE info from the router and use it as normal. It's basically the same as using bridge mode in that scenario. Just make sure all wired devices are connected to the router and none connected to NVG.
  17. Actually, Apex Legends has been suffering extreme case of lags to ALL players at the same time, usually only the first few minutes of the match because their servers tick cant handle it, I've got many hours in Apex, and also part of the Reddit community, and its not only you or this router, it's Respawn's server not performing well. The issue is affecting every platform, PC/Consoles/etc. One of the main links you should look at is: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ar7yxj/apex_legends_netcode_needs_a_lot_of_work/ That video is very informative, but the lag usually goes away after a few players die and leave the game, so the server goes back to their normal state (takes a few minutes sometimes), I also have an XR500 and plays fine with this game.
  18. pollutionblues

    aide DumaOS

    les guides de réglages optimaux vous aideront. Si vous êtes coincé avec quelque chose, laissez-nous savoir. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/folders/16000090646
  19. Netduma Jack

    Network Prioritisation

    I empathise with that - we do say it a lot. It's always true - it's a constant for us. Hopefully we can get a sort of 'log' working on this forum at some point to keep a history of what each cloud update contained, I think that'd help you guys to see what actually goes into it etc. Our recent big one was for Apex, we'll try to keep everyone in the loop when another is released!
  20. Netduma Jack

    Nordvpn not supported?

    Nice one, thanks for that guide
  21. kinel

    The Division 2

    Somthing i noticed while i playes the beta skirmish game mode The server was picked after the other opponents joined the lobby I played my first skirmish game yesterday and it was using a european google server with 20 ms ping
  22. Netduma Jack

    Port Forwarding Not Working Correctly Xbox X

    Hm, seems positive - you've got an open NAT so your settings can stay as they are! Nice one
  23. Netduma Jack

    Duma OS Logs

    Ah okay. It sounds to me like the game is trying to connect you to a server that's being filtered out - all you need to do is change up your Geo-Filter strategy. I'd recommend giving this a go: set your home location in the ocean, with Distance set to the smallest value. Set Ping Assist to 60ms. That'll mean you only connect to games below 60ms - how do you find matchmaking with this setup?
  24. mike

    r1 has issues

    nope still 15mbs on the r1 and 30mbs on the plusnet router
  25. clarkdu13

    aide DumaOS

    bonjour a tous je viens d'installer le dumaos sur mon routeur netduma et j'aimerai le configurer mais les configuration de routeur c''est pas trop mon truc existe t'il un tuto pour m'aider ? merci par avance
  26. Sunaikinti

    Can't access the Router Login page

    Reset router with paper clip in small hole in back of router. Hold down paper clip until router reboots. About 30 seconds. Open a browser and use
  27. I’m trying to switch from using my VPN’s standalone app to have my PC affected by the VPN through the router. The issue is, there’s some Microsoft and other websites that just simply don’t work when using a VPN, so I agree with the Original Poster, that we should be allowed to add services by IP/URL. When you head to google’s site for example, your DNS has to look up for the IP to know where to go essentially, so I find it hard to believe that the router doesn’t know which “IP (domain)” is currently about to send/receive requests to/from to apply the VPN just like ports
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