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#130205 DumaOS - Development Update

Posted by Netduma Iain on 16 November 2016 - 04:10 PM

Hello to old friends and hopefully new ones I'll get to know. Sorry I've been away for so long, developing version 2.0 (named DumaOS) has been a mammoth task.


As a reminder, DumaOS is the next version of the software. We've been working on this for over 6 months now and it is a huge transformation from our older versions. It will be a free upgrade to all NETDUMA R1 customers.


We had planned on releasing DumaOS this Autumn. However it is been a much larger task than we originally foresaw. As we've gone through development we've realised just how many more features we can add so we've taken the time to do this now to make the OS as great as it can be for you guys. We're very proud of it and we think it blows even our current router software out of the water (which already blew the other routers out the water :P ).


The new timeline is below. No doubt some of you may be disappointed and that is fair. But please beware that 1) the upgrade is free of charge 2) we'd much rather give you a stable version with awesome features than a rushed version which is buggy.

  • Mid December - Early closed beta: this will be just be a handful of users because most people would not be willing to use this software in this state because it will be a downgrade from your current versions
  • Mid January - Coal Mine beta: a much more developed version of the OS which, like with previous upgrades, will be available to all the Canaries in the coal mine to test
  • Mid February - Open beta: a public beta which you can all apply to be a part of. This version will have all the major new features ready for testing (including anti-jitter, anti-spike and much much more that we can't reveal yet!)
  • Full Launch: sometime after the Open Beta, dependent on feedback

I'm feeling pretty confident with these deadlines but you never know with software. It could end up being before or after but there shouldn't be any major surprises.


Thanks so much for supporting NETDUMA all this time, we're really confident you're gonna love DumaOS as it truly transforms routers in a way not seen before.


Below is a little teaser. It is the least interesting feature but gives a lot of clues about what’s is to come. Have fun speculating ;)


Attached File  syslog.png   523.69KB   107 downloads



CTO and founder


PS look forward to being involved in the forum much more as we start the closed beta.

#88416 Major NETDUMA Upgrade Now Available (v 1.03.6)

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 08 February 2016 - 05:48 PM

Please follow all instructions very carefully.



If you are on a version lower than 1.03.5m please do not upgrade yet. If you are on 1.03.6h YOU DO NOT NEED TO UPGRADE. You are on the latest version. The only difference between g & h is an updated EULA. There is no feature difference.

To check the version you are on, scroll to the bottom of any page on your Netduma router's interface. 
If you choose to upgrade without contacting us you could completely break your router. You will then need to pay for the router to be returned to our office in the UK and then sent back to your home. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UPGRADE BY DOING EACH UPGRADE IN SEQUENCE (NB: the reason for charging you for this potential return is we have not charged for any upgrades (because we love our user community) but we cannot be penalised for people not reading clear instructions).


Instead, comment here saying you are on an older version than 1.03.5 and have remote support ticked (found in >settings >miscellaneous) and that you want to upgrade. We will then access your router and change settings so you can download the upgrade safely. Once we have told you it is safe to upgrade DO NOT REBOOT BEFORE UPGRADING.  




1. Upgrade Instructions

  • Download the upgrade here
  • Go to the Upgrade section on the Netduma interface
  • Choose Advanced
  • Ensure preserve settings & check version are ticked.
  • Click browse & navigate to where you downloaded the upgrade file and click open.
  • Click upgrade, it will take around 3 minutes. Please do not unplug the router during this time.
  • If you are wired to your computer or connected via Wifi (and won't automatically connect to another Wifi name) you will be taken to the home interface screen when the upgrade has been completed.
  • If the rare event that you get an error message please contact us and do not turn off the router. Do not worry, it just requires some help from our team.

If you already have the beta version (1.03.6g) you do not need to upgrade. If you have purchased the router after June 1st you will have version 1.03.6h, DO NOT DOWNGRADE TO .6g! .6h doesn't have any new features.


2. Geo-filter Changes

  • If you are a Halo 5 Xbox player there is now a new service to select "Halo 5" please use this if you are going to play the game. Otherwise use the standard service as usual. 
  • "Enable/disable" button is now a check box, so ensure it is checked to be sure it is on.
  • Low Resolution Map check box is for browsers such as Safari that don't render the state/country lines and further detail correctly. Ticking this will remove them so it will work for those browsers.
  • You can now Temporarily Ban a dedicated server. Clicking on a dedicated server on the map will bring up the host descriptor box as usual. A "Temp Ban" button will now be available. Once clicking this you will be given a warning as banning it whilst you're in a game WILL kick you from the game. You can remove your bans by clicking the "refresh icon" that is the last red button on the right under Low Resolution Map. 

Please note, the dedicated servers will stay banned for 5 minutes or until you click the refresh icon.


You may block a dedicated server and notice you still get a game in the same location. This is because there are clusters of dedicated servers in the same location. 


3. Congestion Control

  • Device prioritisation has been split into two tabs "Upload" and "Download" so you can prioritise devices by just upload/download or a device by both at the same time. 
  • Hyper Traffic, this means you can prioritise your gaming device, so that it will bypass everything in your home and packets will go out/come in first no matter what other devices in your home are doing. Resulting in very little jitter/ping increases. Do not use this for high traffic situations such as downloading torrents.

4. Profiles


Load Profile:

  • This page is used to load the profiles you have on the router. It comes with pre set profiles we have made. These are built in and cannot be deleted - you do not have to use them. 
  • You can choose the profile you want to load, if you have extra profiles that have been imported/created by you they will be in the list.
  • You are able to select the settings you do/do not want to load from the profile. 
  • If a setting is greyed out this means those settings were not included in the profile so you can not select/deselect them.

Please note a profile may take a few minutes to load, it will let you know once it's done.


Manage Profiles:

  • You can see the profiles available on your router.
  • You can import profiles if you have been sent one by someone else. A box will pop up prompting you to select the file, it will be a .json file you'll need.
  • You can export profiles that you have made which will then automatically download a .json file. You can then share this with friends/other duma users for them to import onto their router.
  • You can delete profiles that you have made or imported - Please note you cannot delete the default profiles that appear on the router from the NETDUMA team.

Save Current Settings:

  • What ever settings you have at the time will be the ones that are saved.
  • You can give your profile a name e.g. Fraser - Amazing BO3 Profile, credit yourself as the creator and give a little description of the profile.
  • You can then choose the specific settings you want to be included in your profile. You can turn off any of the options listed if you do not want it included. Please note some settings may not be best on the persons router that is importing due to location, speeds etc.
  • Once you have save your profile go back to Manage Profiles. Your newly created profile will now be available at the bottom of the list. You can then choose to Export this profile if you want to share it with others or delete it completely. 

Auto Speed Setup:


In bandwidth settings upon inputting your speed you will be asked if you want the router to update the settings according to your speeds.




Final Note: 


This upgrade will provide you with lots more options than previously to enable you to tweak your settings and get the best out of your router. 

There are lots of other small things you will notice, more tours, increased feedback when saving options etc. 


Change log:

  • Implemented profiles.
  • Implemented temporary server ban.
  • Implemented hyper traffic lane.
  • Improved backend device prioritisation system.
  • Fixed device prioritisation bug with turbo mode.
  • Created more user tours.
  • Decoupled download and upload device prioritisation.
  • Updated UI to consistently notify user with dialog boxes.
  • Implemented generic dialog for better user input and error handling.
  • Added scroll bar to GF service selection for multi-device homes.
  • Fixed bottom page scrolling bug in misc section.
  • Implemented loading screen for misc & other pages as confusing otherwise.
  • Implemented auto-setup when user sets bandwidth.
  • Moved Geo-Filer enable to checkbox and added loading screen.
  • Removed unsupported Wireless mode from menu.
  • Fixed ping-assist for PPPoE connections.
  • Cleaned up missing page titles and favicons.
  • Added service for Halo 5.
  • Updated upgrade page including link to wiki with latest firmware.
  • Intro tour automatically updates speed settings for user.
  • Warn user that congestion control is disabled when super turbo is enabled.
  • Updated wifi-workaround & bleeding edge factory reset parameters.
  • Updated default speed to 100/10 it's 2016!
  • Removed internal log output from wan and lan.sh.
  • Fixed WAN update bugs.
  • Implemented more tours and added logic to handle loading sequences.
  • Allow double quotes in device names.
  • Wait for firewall locking instead of error.
  • Bidirectional port selection for Geo-Filter and Hyper-Lane.
  • Fixed blurred text on Ubuntu Chrome.
  • Implemented click-wrap EULA for future customers.
  • Toggle level of detail for Geo-Filter map for slower devices.
  • Fixed delete device operation with reserved IP bug.
  • Full device service cleanup on delete.
  • Updated the Intro tour to demo profiles and cookies.
  • Added sub-loading screen for cloud on misc for faster page loading.
  • Reload Geo-Filter after applying any firewall/network settings.
  • Fixed minor init bug.

Some additional notes that will be helpful:


  • Temp server ban lasts 5 minutes.  This is not forever, or else you will eventually have nothing to connect to for gaming.    :)
  • Temp Ban will ban one dedicated host, but there may be others in the machine rack that are also hosting games.  Don't panic, this is normal.
  • UNDO Temp Ban.  It's the square to the right with the two circles, this will release your previously banned dedis.  Yes, this will also release the one you just banned.
  • Don't have Hyper Lane enabled when you are going to download a large update patch.    ^_^

#137986 DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

Posted by Netduma Luke on 27 January 2017 - 02:02 PM

Hi everyone,


Luke here with an update on DumaOS. Iain would usually be the one to post this but he is travelling at the moment and he was adamant we shared this with you before the end of the week. 


You can read the update on our site here:




And here is a copy and paste below:


Development Progress


We are pleased to announce that the development of DumaOS, our new router operating system, is progressing very well and testing is underway. As a reminder, DumaOS will be available for free to all our users, and it consists of:

  • An entirely new OS for your NETDUMA – Unlocking the full potential of your router for the first time in history
  • Completely redesigned interface – Highest level of performance and yet easy to use
  • Even better QoS – You already have the best QoS but now it’s even more powerful, squeezing every last drop of performance with patent pending anti-jitter & anti-spike technology
  • Existing features upgraded – We’ve improved all the functionality you know and love

Further, DumaOS is so fluid and flexible that once launched, we will be able to roll out new features and upgrades at a speed never seen on routers before. We are so excited about the potential of this software and the amazing features we will be creating for our users.




We are currently approaching users on our community forum to invite them to become testers. The users we approach are based on many factors, including locale and experience with testing. If you are not approached please do not be offended – by its very nature testing means using software that is not yet fully stable so we are deliberately limiting the number of testers.

Shortly after this phase we will extend the testing to the ‘Coal Mine’, our long-standing community of beta testers. We then expect to launch an Open Beta in March, which will allow any Netduma user who wishes to become a tester to take part.


Finally, we have started a mailing list for updates on DumaOS development. If you would like to receive these updates, please enter your email address here

#144170 DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

Posted by Netduma Iain on 4 weeks ago

Iain here with a long-awaited news update:


First of all we realise there has been a lot heated discussion in this thread about when DumaOS should / will be ready. It's great to see so many of you are passionate and excited. For the handful of users who are feeling impatient please be assured we are working as hard and as fast as we can to get a version ready for you. We are very confident you will love the results once the upgrade is available. However, transitioning from a small number of testers to tens of thousands of open beta testers is a huge leap so we are doing everything we can to optimise the OS before we do this.


If we rush out a version that is not sufficiently tested then we run the risk of doing more harm than good. You, as a tester, will have to wait on us to fix issues while your gaming suffers. And as developers it puts us under a lot of pressure that is not conducive to creating great router software.


So when will the Open Beta begin? Well the closed beta is already underway and it is going well so far - the feedback has been very positive and thanks to our testers we have resolved a bunch of issues meaning we're getting close to a fully stable version. Once we reach that point we will expand the testing to more of our closed beta testers. This means we are confident we will have an upgrade for you in the near future and we are even more confident that you guys will love DumaOS, but ONLY WHEN IT'S READY!


Thank you for all your support, patience and enthusiasm. And to tie you over, attached is a new screenshot from the UI (left click to expand). This is the 'Dashboard' feature, which allows you to pin your favourite features onto one single screen. This creates one master page from which you can control DumaOS. Have fun speculating what each feature is for!




Iain & The Netduma Team 


Attached File  DumaOS Screenshot.png   852.32KB   102 downloads

#121740 Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 06 September 2016 - 05:37 PM

Here is the first public preview of the new DumaOS. It will be even better once it is finished but we thought we should give you a little preview of how it is looking so far. Let us know what you think!



#138205 DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 29 January 2017 - 12:46 PM

Wait so this isn't gonna be open beta next month? Are you for real?! I thought that the whole closed select few beta was this month what have you guys been doing then. I thought that the previous timeline stated something different. I was looking forward to February for antispike and antijitter.... And I know I'm not the only one who really needs this....I'm sorry but I'm heavily disappointed now.


You're not a developer so you can't know how these things work which is fine, let me tell you. Find bugs > gets fixed > find bugs in new version > gets fixed so on and so forth. In each version you then need to test all the things you were testing before as well as testing for the bugs that should have been fixed in this latest version. As you can imagine this can obviously push back the timeline. I'm sure it explains in the previous thread that timelines are not rock solid. Video games push back their release date all the time - and you're actually going to purchase that product, you're getting this upgrade for free. So I would ask for a little patience as completely redoing the firmware from the ground up is no easy task.


Depending on how the testing goes will determine how fast everyone gets to use it. Would you rather we throw something completely buggy & unusable at you or something more polished that may only have a few minor bugs here and there? I know what I'd prefer. I'm playing a game at the moment that's been fully released, has major bugs like it will just crash whenever it feels like it. I would've been happy for them to defer the release a bit to fix this but because they rushed to get it out for Xmas they have a buggy product that they then have to fix with updates. You deserve more than that.

#95518 *Please read before posting a support thread*

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 09 March 2016 - 03:46 PM

Please read carefully before posting. Failure to do so will result in you being redirected to this post.


Before posting a support thread: 

  • Look at our Wiki, most common questions are answered there. Includes more detail on specific features. You can find the wiki here.
  • Search the forum for your question/issue as a solution may have already been posted. You can search by going here.

After doing the above and your issue still remains please create a thread following this template. This will enable us to help you as quickly as possible.

  1. What firmware version are you on? (Check at bottom of any page on the R1. If lower than 1.03.6 please follow upgrade instructions here first).
  2. What speeds do you get from multiple speed tests?
  3. What is your current setup? E.g. ISP hub/modem (Specify model) > R1 > all devices 
  4. What is your specific issue? (Provide as many details as possible. If it is a lag issue include the screenshots from here in your post)
  5. Any other information (such as settings you may have previously tried).

Do not create multiple threads for your issue - they will be closed.


Do not jump in on other peoples support threads.


Thank you :)

#145385 The best settings (IMO) for the 1.03.06 firmware

Posted by Chive972 on 3 weeks ago

**Pour la version française, cliquez ici: http://forum.netduma...mieux-cest-ici/ **


Hello everyone,

Following many requests, I present today the best configuration (from my point of view) available on the current version of the NetDuma.

I hope this topic can help you before the arrival of the new firmware.

I will expand this topic as best I can to please everyone so do not hesitate to come back later for news (I think add updates regularly enough) and give me your reviews / tips to improve it At best: http://forum.netduma...nd-suggestions/

I'm talking to new users as well as experienced users, even confirmed users playing on COD, Destiny, FIFA, ... on any medium (Game Console or PC).

I would like to point out that these adjustments are the result of my experience and advices I have been able to glean over the months.



1) Configuring your ISP modem – (Modem with built-in Router combo units.)

At first, we will dwell on the configuration of your ISP modem/router combo unit.

I would not dwell on the specificities of each box (DHCP, static IP, ...) and lets you search the information by yourself.

You can configure your ISP modem with your NetDuma in two ways: DMZ or bridge.

A DMZ is a virtual zone designed to accommodate equipment that will not be affected by the security rules of the box (but this is still the main router) while the bridge mode is used to make your NetDuma your router Main and connected "directly" to the Internet.

The DMZ is available in most the ISP modem with built-in routers combo units of the market but this is not necessarily the case for bridge mode. Be aware that some ISPs lock down the modems UI or may not allow access to the modems UI. Contact your ISP for help and information regarding this if needed.


If you want to configure a DMZ (to be done on your modem): For modems with built-in router combo units.

A) Configure a Reserved IP address for the R1 on the Modem/Router

You must configure a reserved IP with the NetDuma's MAC address (this is available on the back of the router on the label.) Example: 56: 2d: 36: p9: 56: b2) on the modem.

B)Enable DMZ

You must activate the DMZ for the reserved IP address you defined earlier. Place the IP address that was reserved for the R1 router into the modems DMZ.

C) Disable UPNP on the modem. If feature is available.

(UPNP allows automatic opening of ports used for your applications and games.

Since the NetDuma will take over this task, it is preferable to disable it.)

D) Delete all port forwarding rules on the ISP Modem/Router and R1 router

If you had previously set up rules for your console, you should delete them



E) If you want to configure the bridge mode: Putting a modem/router into modem only mode.

As for bridge mode, Some ISPs use DHCP to pass the WAN IP address like Cable ISPs or with ADSL, use PPPoE to pass the WAN IP address. For ADSL/PPPoE connections, user name and password maybe needed to input on to the NetDuma R1 so that it can authenticate thru the bridged modem. This is only seen on some DSL ISP services. Cable ISPs do not use authentication and just use DHCP to pass the WAN IP address to the NetDuma R1 router. No configuration needed for most Cable ISP services. After the modem is bridged fully, the WAN IP address should appear on the R1 router if all is configured correctly. Test with a Lan wired PC directly to the NetDuma R1 router and test of internet connectivity.

Users should contact their ISP providers for additional help and information if they need there modem/routers bridged when using an external router like the NetDuma R1. Some ISPs may not support bridging of modem/routers or the actual hardware may not be supporting of bridge mode.

Additional Info:





2) Configuring your Netduma (preferably Chrome or Firefox and AdBlock disabled)

A) Verify the Netduma firmare version

Make sure the Netduma version is the 1.03.06g or 1.03.06h (if you are a new user, you should already be on the latest version).

If this is not the case, please post a message here:


You can also post a topic in our section or ask for help here:




B) Enable "Enable cookies"

To ensure that the options set in your Netduma are backed up, make sure that the option is checked in the "Settings" tab and then "Miscellaneous".



3) Locate your console

Your console may be recognized as an “unnamed device” by your Netduma in the connected devices list.

To find it, turn on your console and go to the network settings.

You can edit the host name of the console within its network settings so that the console appears on the R1s connected device list correctly for easier identification.

Locate the IP address associated with your console and compare to the list of devices on the Device Manager page.

After locating your equipment with the IP address (note this value, it will serve you later), you can rename it to facilitate your needs.


4) Configure host filtering

Host filtering will allow you to delimit a geographical area that will limit the number of players that can connect to your host. You will now be connected to hosts with very low ping and therefore much more fluid gameplay.

To set the host filtering on your console, click the Select service button.

Choose your console then the service that will be associated with it (PSN, Xbox Live, ...).

In the geo-filter section, click on the house icon and click on your geographical area again (you can use the magnifier icon and the zoom factor to delimit a zoom area on the map).

Adjust the radius of the filter with the Filter by Distance bar according to your geographical area (800Km for Europe for example and more in less densely populated areas).

The ping assist can be reduced to zero and you can activate the strict mode option if you are playing Call of Duty.



5) Configure congestion control

This section will allow you to optimize your connection in order to cancel "latency and make the network flow of your gaming device a priority.

In the Anti-Flood section, select the "Reactive" algorithm and then adjust both bars to 100%.

Click on the "Set Bandwidth" button, you will now be able to enter information about your bandwidth.

To best adjust these values, try a test at http://www.speedtest.net and retrieve the values.

You can then type them and confirm by clicking on "Update Bandwidth".

A pop up window appears, click "No".

You can return to the previous window by clicking on the "Congestion Control" tab.

Switch back your download and upload to 70%.

Touch the Device Prioritization section only if you use a computer to stream your games.

If so, locate your computer on the star and adjust the priority level for that device.

For Hyper-traffic, click "Add New Hyper Service".

Select your console then the service (which will be the same as you previously selected in the host filtering).



6) Configure DHCP Lease

Here you will set up a reserved IP address for your console.

Click the "Reserved" button and then enter the last number of the IP address you wrote down.

Once this is set, your game console will always get the same IP address when it is turned on. It should never change.



7) Configure port forwarding

You will be able to define rules and open the ports necessary for communication in your console, the associated system and the game for better fluidity.

Here are the known ports to open:

- PSN:

TCP: 80, 443

TCP / UDP: 1024-65535

- XBOX Live:

TCP: 80

UDP: 88,500

TCP / UDP: 1024-65535

You will need to enter the IP address value associated with your console previously noted for each rule.

(I leave you to find the ports to open according to your game if your console does not appear here (Wii, Nintendo Switch, ...).

Then click "Apply" to confirm.



8) Disable UPNP

Simply uncheck the Enabled option and click the "Apply" button (if the load is too long, click on the NetDuma button in the top left corner).



9) Configure the LAN & WAN part

You can disable IPv6 by clicking "Disabled" and then "Apply". This should be disabled for users that do not have native IPv6 support from there ISP services.

For experienced users: you can define a fixed MTU.

To do this, disable the MTU auto by clicking "Disabled" and enter the desired value (1492 for ADSL, 1500 for a cable or fiber connection). Automatic is preferred is most cases.



10) Configure the Miscellaneous part

Make sure the following options are checked:

- Enable Cookies

- Allow self-feedback (no personal data ever) to help improve the R1

- Allow Remote Access to NetDuma tech support

For Destiny players:

In the Cloud Settings section, uncheck "Enable Auto Cloud" and "Bleeding Edge Cloud".

Then choose the following values ​​in this order: 30, 28, 28.

Finally, validate by clicking on Apply.


11) Configure your console

We now will finish with the network configuration of your console.

Launch a manual configuration et register the following informations:


IP address: 192.168.88.X

Network mask:


Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Proxy (if available): no

DHCP hostname: not specified


For the beginners, use the automatic value for the MTU.

For the experienced users, use the same value of MTU used previously.


My topic is now finished.

A big thanks to Mr. e38BimmerFN who translated the entire thread.

I hope that will help you as well as possible and I remain at your disposal for any additional information. As mention above, do not hesitate to inform me of your remarks and suggestions: http://forum.netduma...nd-suggestions/


See you soon on the forum fellas  :P


**Pour la version française, cliquez ici: http://forum.netduma...mieux-cest-ici/ **


Posted by Jettman on 4 weeks ago

would love to give a shout to Zennon for configuring my settings to make them the best possible for me probably straight after work-  a definite  recommendation if you need help with settings - thanks heaps br0 ;)   

#143742 DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

Posted by RILLA au on 21 March 2017 - 03:06 AM

I feel I can comment here as an outsider who owns a software company (relatively small with 17 developers) 


I can assure you that NetDuma want this to be released as much as we do. I know what it's like to say something will be done and 4 months later it's still going, It hurts more when its not in your budget and you pay the wages from your own pocket. Give these guys a break and be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

#140269 2 years here!

Posted by bagsta69 on 15 February 2017 - 01:49 AM

Wow, ive just noticed I have been knocking about here for two years today.
Seen a lot of advancements and entire attitudes change to online gaming during that time.
I remember looking up details of this new router and what it does and checked out a few reviews and thought,
I gotta get me one of those,
I did and it has been a blessing since I bought it.
I am very excited about the coming release of OS2 like most people are and here is to another two years in great company,
Cheers y'all.

#130207 DumaOS - Development Update

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 16 November 2016 - 04:23 PM

It's looking great so far! Can't wait to hear the theories you guys come up with from some of the sneak peeks in the screenshot  :ph34r:

#144253 DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

Posted by Netduma Iain on 4 weeks ago

OHHHEMMMGEEE! Looks great and can't wait to test it out! Thanks Iain!



Glad to hear it mate :)


No other company would give to the community as The Netduma Team have. Years ahead of the game. No one is even close to developing or even care about the gaming community experience as this team does. So just saying thank you and appreciate all the hard work.


Thanks so much, very much appreciated 



wooooowwwww .... The interface is beautiful XD congratulations



Cheers brother! 


it's pretty evident one is not enough. Simple solution hire more people who can code



lol yeah that's not a problem. Cause all companies start with 300 employees


When we have 300 employees we will offer PapaCheery & ModBox an all expenses paid holiday to our HQ presumably in the UK :D - so long as PapaCherry promises not to hurt me!


Still complaining, after what Iain just said, WOW like C'mon I would rather just have Iain be a coder sense he knows the ins, and outs, of his software development for years, sense like 2014 other coders that would be hired by netduma, most of them would wanna write the code a different way, or just not agree with Iain, and the rest of netduma staff, but maybe they would, and maybe Netduma can't afford another coder, which i'm sure hourly pay for a coder would be in the hundreds if they were to bring another one aboard, that's just my guesses, could be completely wrong, other than that the router works like it's advertised for me, so I don't really need DumaOS, but it's always nice to have a upgraded software U.I with cool features, that beat LAG, if you know how too use it, no human error, and your ISP connection is good. 


Thanks for the support. We've gone from 1 team member to about 12, not all tech. We're growing thanks to the #DumaArmy. Thanks again for all the support


looks like we want be getting this update until the end of the year. 


Don't be pessimistic doesn't the screenshot look like its nearly done? Also we already have non-employees using it. Be patient please

#144190 Iain here with a long-awaited news update:

Posted by dominican_3niz on 4 weeks ago

First of all we realise there has been a lot heated discussion in this thread about when DumaOS should / will be ready. It's great to see so many of you are passionate and excited. For the handful of users who are feeling impatient please be assured we are working as hard and as fast as we can to get a version ready for you. We are very confident you will love the results once the upgrade is available. However, transitioning from a small number of testers to tens of thousands of open beta testers is a huge leap so we are doing everything we can to optimise the OS before we do this.


If we rush out a version that is not sufficiently tested then we run the risk of doing more harm than good. You, as a tester, will have to wait on us to fix issues while your gaming suffers. And as developers it puts us under a lot of pressure that is not conducive to creating great router software.


So when will the Open Beta begin? Well the closed beta is already underway and it is going well so far - the feedback has been very positive and thanks to our testers we have resolved a bunch of issues meaning we're getting close to a fully stable version. Once we reach that point we will expand the testing to more of our closed beta testers. This means we are confident we will have an upgrade for you in the near future and we are even more confident that you guys will love DumaOS, but ONLY WHEN IT'S READY!


Thank you for all your support, patience and enthusiasm. And to tie you over, attached is a new screenshot from the UI (left click to expand). This is the 'Dashboard' feature, which allows you to pin your favourite features onto one single screen. This creates one master page from which you can control DumaOS. Have fun speculating what each feature is for!




Iain & The Netduma Team 



#144057 Si vous souhaitez configurer vous-même votre Netduma ou l'optimiser au mi...

Posted by Chive972 on 4 weeks ago

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Bonjour à tous,


suite à de nombreuses demandes, je vous présente aujourd'hui la meilleure configuration (de mon point de vue) disponible sur la version actuelle du Netduma.

J'espère que ce topic pourra vous aider avant l'arrivée du nouveau firmware.

Je vais étoffer ce topic du mieux que je peux pour contenter tout le monde donc n'hésitez pas à revenir par la suite pour les nouveautés (je pense ajouter des mises à jour assez régulièrement) et me donner vos critiques/conseils pour l'améliorer au mieux: http://forum.netduma...ion-du-netduma/

Je m'adresse autant aux nouveaux utilisateurs qu'aux utilisateurs expérimentés voire confirmés jouant sur COD, Destiny, FIFA, ... sur n'importe quel support (Console ou PC).


Je tiens à préciser que ces réglages sont le fruit de mon expérience et des conseils que j'ai pu glaner au fur et à mesure des mois.

Si vous avez le moindre doute quant à vos manipulations ou votre niveau en informatique, le topic d'aide existe déjà: http://forum.netduma...ue-ça-se-passe/



1) Configuration de votre box


Nous allons dans un premier temps nous attarder sur la configuration de votre box.

Je ne m'attarderais pas sur les spécificités de chacune des boxs (DHCP, IP statique, ...) et vous laisse chercher l'information par vous même.


Vous avez la possibilité de configurer votre box avec votre Netduma de deux façons: DMZ ou en bridge.

Une DMZ est une zone virtuelle conçue pour accueillir un équipement qui ne sera pas affecté par les règles de sécurité de la box (mais celle-ci reste le routeur principal) tandis que le mode bridge permet de faire en sorte que votre Netduma soit votre routeur principal et relié "directement" à Internet.

La DMZ est disponible dans toutes les boxs du marché mais ce n'est pas forcément le cas pour le mode bridge (notamment chez Orange).



Si vous souhaitez configurer une DMZ (à faire sur votre box):


a) Configurer une IP statique

Vous devez configurer une IP statique avec l'adresse MAC du Netduma (celle-ci est disponible au dos du routeur sur l’étiquette. Exemp: 56:2d:36:p9:56:b2).


B) Activer la DMZ

Il faut activer la DMZ à partir de l'adresse IP statique que vous avez définie plus tôt.


c) Désactiver l'UPNP

L'UPNP permet l'ouverture automatique des ports utilisés pour vos applications et jeux.

Etant donné que le Netduma va se charger de cette tâche, il est préférable de le désactiver


d) Supprimer toutes les règles de transfert de port (port forwarding)

Si vous aviez auparavant configuré des règles pour votre console, vous devez les supprimer



Si vous souhaitez configurer configurer le mode bridge:


Pour ce qui est du mode bridge, vous devez renseigner l'adresse MAC du Netduma (celle-ci est disponible au dos du routeur sur l’étiquette. Exemp: 56:2d:36:p9:56:b2) pour pouvoir l'utiliser.

Des manipulations supplémentaires sont à prévoir sur certaines Boxs pour l'activer.




2) Configuration de votre Netduma (de préférence sur Chrome ou Firefox et AdBlock désactivé)



a) Vérifier la version du Netduma

Assurez-vous que la version du Netduma soit bien la 1.03.06g ou 1.03.06h (si vous êtes un nouvel utilisateur, vous devriez déjà être sur la dernière version mais on ne sait jamais  ;) ).

Si ce n'est pas le cas, merci de poster un message ici: http://forum.netduma...ailable-v-1036/

Vous pouvez poster aussi un topic dans notre section ou demander de l'aide ici: http://forum.netduma...ue-ça-se-passe/



B) Activer l'option "Enable cookies"

Pour vous assurer que les options paramétrées dans votre Netduma soient bien sauvegardés, vérifiez que l'option est bien cochée dans l'onglet "Settings" puis "Miscellaneous".



3) Repérer votre console

Il se peut que votre console soit reconnue comme 'unnamed device" par votre Netduma.

Pour retrouver celle-ci, allumez votre console et dirigez-vous vers la paramètres réseaux.

Repérez l'adresse IP associée à votre console et comparez à la liste de périphériques présents dans la page "Device manager".

Après avoir repéré votre équipement grâce à l'IP (prenez en note cette valeur, elle vous servira par la suite), vous pouvez le renommer pour faciliter votre paramétrage.



4) Configurer l'host filtering

L'host filtering va vous permettre de délimiter une zone géographique qui limitera le nombre de joueurs qui pourront se connecter à votre hôte. Vous serz maitenant connectés à des hôtes avec un ping très faible et donc un gameplay beaucoup plus fluide.


Pour paramétrer l'host filtering sur votre console, cliquez sur le bouton Select service.

Choisissez votre console puis le service qui sera associé à celle-ci (PSN, Xbox Live, ...).


Dans la partie geo-filter, cliquez sur l'icone en forme de maison et cliquez de nouveau sur votre zone géographique (vous pouvez vous aider de l'icone en forme de loupe ainsi que du zoom factor pour délimiter une zone de zoom sur la carte).


Ajustez le rayon d'action du filtre avec la barre Filter by Distance en fonction de votre zone géographique (800Km pour l'Europe par exemple et davantage dans des zones peu habités).


Le ping assist peut être réduit à zéro et vous pouvez activer l'option strict mode si vous jouez à Call of Duty.



5) Configurer le congestion control

Cette section va vous permettre d'optimiser votre connexion afin d'annuler" la latence et faire en sorte que le flux réseau de votre périphérique de jeu passe en priorité.


Dans la partie Anti-Flood, sélectionnez l'algorithme "Reactive" puis ajustez les deux barres à 100%.

Cliquez sur sur le bouton "Set Bandwidth", vous allez maintenant pouvoir entrer les informations sur votre bande passante.

Pour ajuster au mieux ces valeurs, faites un test sur le site http://www.speedtest.net/fr et récupérez les valeurs.

Vous pouvez ensuite les taper et valider en cliquant sur "Update Bandwidth".

Une fenêtre apparaît, cliquez sur "No".

Vous pouvez revenir sur la fenêtre précédente en cliquant sur l'onglet "Congestion Control".

Vous pouvez de nouveau ajuster les barres à 70%.


Ne touchez à la partie Device Priorisation seulement si vous utilisez un ordinateur pour streamer vos parties.

Si c'est le cas, repérez votre ordinateur sur l'étoile et ajustez le niveau de priorité pour ce périphérique.


Pour la partie Hyper-traffic, cliquez sur "Add New Hyper Service".

Sélectionnez votre console puis le service (qui sera le même que vous aviez choisit précédemment dans l'host filtering).


6) Configurer le DHCP Lease

Ici, vous allez configurer une adresse IP statique pour votre console.

Cliquez sur le bouton "Reserved" puis entrez le dernier nombre de l'adresse IP que vous aviez noté.


7) Configurer le port forwarding

Vous allez pouvoir définir des règles et ouvrir les ports nécessaires à la communication en votre console, le système associé ainsi que le jeu pour une meilleure fluidité.


Voici les ports connus à ouvrir:


- PSN:

TCP: 80, 443

TCP/UDP: 1024-65535


- XBOX Live:

TCP: 80

UDP: 88, 500

TCP/UDP: 1024-65535


Vous devrez entrer la valeur de l'IP associé à votre console noté précédemment pour chaque règle.


(Je vous laisse le soin de trouver les ports à ouvrir en fonction de votre jeu si votre console n’apparaît pas ici (Wii, Nintendo Switch, ...)).


Cliquez ensuite sur "Apply" pour valider.



8) Désactiver l'UPNP

Décochez simplement l'option Enabled et cliquez sur le bouton "Apply" (si le chargement dure trop longtemps, cliquez sur le bouton Netduma en haut à gauche).



9) Configurer la partie LAN & WAN

Vous pouvez désactiver l'IPV6 en cliquant sur "Disabled" puis sur "Apply".


Pour les utilisateurs expérimentés: vous pouvez définir une MTU fixe.

Pour cela, désactivez l'auto MTU en cliquant sur "Disabled" puis entrer la valeur souhaité (1492 pour l'ADSL, 1500 pour une connexion câble ou fibre).


10) Configurer la partie Miscellaneous

Assurez-vous que les options suivantes sont bien cochés:

- Enable Cookies

- Allow auto feedback (no personnal data ever) to help improve the R1

- Allow Remote Access to Netduma tech support


Pour les joueurs Destiny:

Dans la partie Cloud Settings, décochez "Enable Auto Cloud" et "Bleeding Edge Cloud".

Ensuite, choisissez les valeurs suivantes dans cet ordre: 30, 28, 28.

Pour finir, validez en cliquant sur Apply.


11) Configurer votre console

Nous allons maintenant terminer avec la configuration réseau de votre console.

Lancez une configuration manuelle et inscrivez les informations suivantes:


Adresse IP: 192.168.88.X

Masque de sous-réseau:


DNS primaire:

DNS secondaire:

Proxy (si disponible): non

DHCP (si disponible): non spécifié


Pour les débutants, utilisez la valeur automatique de la MTU.

Pour les utilisateurs expérimentés, utilisez la même valeur de MTU utilisée précédemment.


Voilà, mon topic est à présent terminé.

J'espère que cela vous aidera au mieux et je reste à votre disposition pour toute information complémentaire.

Comme dis plus haut, n'hésitez pas à me faire part de vos remarques et suggestions: http://forum.netduma...ion-du-netduma/

A+ et bon jeu  ;)


**For the english version, click here: http://forum.netduma...10306-firmware/ **

#79027 Netduma R1 Configuration Chrome Extension

Posted by ByMgRs on 30 December 2015 - 08:46 PM

Hey all!
I have been very busy this evening writing a Chrome extension. Now it is relatively simple, so what it allows you to do is click an R1 logo (in the extensions zone) to launch a new tab showing the Netduma config page. So now your interested how do you install it? Rather than babble on I am going to leave the steps below and then some quick notes about future plans.
1) Please read the bottom of the article now! I have made some updates. You can now download an official version form here: 
For custom installs:
1) Download the .crx file, this is the actual extension file. I had never heard of .crx before doing this     
    project but I can promise you it is not malicious.
2) Move the .crx file to your desktop. This isn't required but will make the next steps a bit easier.
3) Open a new chrome tab and enter:  chrome://extensions/    
    This will open the Extensions management page. 
4) Now move the Chrome window to a position where you can see it and the .crx file on your desktop. Now all you need to do is drag the .crx file onto the Chrome page.
5) Release your cursor and a confirmation box will pop up asking if you want to add it. Click add and that is it!
6) You will now see a Netduma logo in the top right of your Chrome page with your other extensions. If you click it a
    new tab will be launched opening the Netduma configuration page.
So eventually I would like to publish this to the Chrome store for more easy use. Can either Iain, Fraser or anyone from the Netduma team message me regarding permission to do this, alternatively I am happy for you to publish it as long as I am given some form of recognition :) Done it!
If you have any questions please leave them below! Hope this helps!
So... I sorta jumped the gun a bit and published it! It's available here for download through the Chrome store:

#142844 DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

Posted by Netduma Fraser on 11 March 2017 - 06:31 PM

I don't think it'll be long before we have some more information for you. I'm trying to get you info/screenshots as soon as possible.

#141778 Just a heads up about EEE...

Posted by I Am MoD BoX on 28 February 2017 - 07:39 PM

I was randomly doing some digging on my PC and came across this in the ethernet driver settings...




It was enabled by default. I know that EEE doesn't play nicely with the Netduma on the modem side of things, so this could explain some issues other people are having with their routers? I don't know, just something to look into.

#138229 DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

Posted by Special_Ed on 29 January 2017 - 03:35 PM

You spent way too much time explaining that Fraser. I woulda just sent a tissue.

#130209 DumaOS - Development Update

Posted by Dillinger on 16 November 2016 - 04:29 PM

Wow - Looks awesome guys!  I can't wait to be a part of this whenever I am tapped to test.  Delays happen, but the guy in charge has now given us an accurate level set and has shared both progress to date and an "expected" timeline.  


If only Call of Duty would take the same approach instead of rushing out half baked ideas.  :rolleyes:


All I can add is *chirp-chirp*